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Kurds Strike Deal With Syrian Government to Battle Turkey's Offensive After Trump Orders Evacuation of Remaining US Troops

America has no allies , only victims that must show their unwavering support or be blown up.


Struck a deal with the devil and are now paying the price … again. Need to make peace with your own government for protection.

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Turkey’s Industrial Workers of the World statement against the war

We call on all workers—workers who are exploited under this system, workers who have become increasingly impoverished and who are being sent to die—not to join this war, but to unite against it.


Syrian problems began ten years ago when climate change prevented them from feeding themselves. They went to Assad for help and he used chemical weapons on them. Near Syria is Yemen where the people are so weak and few that fatal diseases are epidemic and contagious. The West of the US and Europe pretend to be “Christian” nations. The area that Bush/Cheney attacked for oil is Muslim. Historically they have no respect for each other and have fought for centuries. Within the US Trump has been so criminal the Departments of State and Defense workers not only have quit but turned against all the Trumpers including the GOP. Everything Trump does benefits Russia. We can expect violence globally and domestically plus the problems from climate change. Perhaps the younger generations can use ability to communicate to begin a better way of life both in Russia and the US.

“Good guys”, “bad guys”, sorry there are no good or bad here just power hungry despots and maneuvering governments trying to put the best of spin on “their” side. Meanwhile the people caught in the middle do anything they can to survive. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be a farce.

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According to experts from all sides of the political spectrum, what Trump has done is to revitalize ISIS. Basically, he has helped free imprisoned members of a terrorist organization. He’s on the side of terrorism.
This too should be impeachable, and used against him in the election.

Now that all of the significant military forces - the Kurds, the Russians and Hezbollah - are aligned and on the same page, Syria and the Russians should be able to dictate the withdrawal of all U.S., Turkish, and other opposition forces from the country. Without Western support, the activities of ISIS, al Qaeda and SDF should soon be curtailed, and some sort of negotiated settlement implemented. It would, of course, be absurd to believe that it will be to everyone’s liking.

The uprising of the Syrian opposition was co-opted and manipulated by the U.S., whose only goal was to destroy the entire country, along with millions of innocent civilians, in order to partition Syria as spoils in the global neo-con wet dream. As bad as al-Asaad may be, perhaps his dependence on the new coalition forces, will allow them to exert moderating pressure toward an acceptable, if imperfect, settlement.

It has got to be better than the U.S. manufactured HELL of the past several years.


Thank you for your kind words. I myself hope you can find some sort of peace too.

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I have an alt theory, but it might be a stretch. To preface it, this from Patrick Cockburn…

It is only when all the multiple conflicts in Syria are brought to an end at about the same time that the country will cease to generate new crises. https://www.unz.com/pcockburn/the-vacuum-left-by-the-us-in-syria-clears-a-breeding-ground-for-isis/

Theory --> The whole scenario was mapped out. They gave some time to see how nutso Erdogan would be. Moscow was right; everybody needed to get out, and they told everyone to get out. To explain this, there’s Cockburn’s observation, and there’s also Peter Ford’s statement that as long as the US was there, that was Iran’s reason to be there. Reason-for-war-on-Iran was one leg of the Mexican standoff. If Iran got out, the reasoning was that deep state could not push Trump too much to go back in (it has been argued that US troops were human shields for the Kurds, but another aspect was that they’d be a stepping stone when Bolton’s dream materialized…so the exit was a fake-out, during which the stepping stone was relinquished). Trump played along, and this time didn’t blab a bunch of stuff. End of theory.

Still, we’re trafficking too much with autocrats. Yemen continues. There are more journalists in jail in Turkey than in any other country in the world…just what has the European philosophy got to do with that?? Later on I’ll come here with the Vox map of the proposed Qatar-Turkey Pipeline versus the proposed Islamic Pipeline (by now the bigger stress may be on Caspian oil; I haven’t kept up with it). But IIRC Turkey already has a few real strategic pipelines passing through.

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Assad invited the Kurds to join his forces to defeat ISIS. The Kurds are Syrian after all. They refused to fight under the Syrian flag and instead, once again chose to be used by imperialist USA.

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Tuesday, oct 15th


Can’t keep up. This’ll likely have me abandoning my “positive” theory up there. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/turkey-syria-news-kurds-deal-bashar-al-assad-sdf-latest-updates-a9154561.html

Now I need to trapse off and check out your AP link.

Did you see the thing about US blocking Syrians from entering Kobane?

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Who in the world would have tried to keep the Syrians from coming up? And why?


If it was “deconfliction,” why weren’t we out of the way? It looks like Trump’s desire to exit was not in response to Moscow’s suggestion, but just…do it on our own schedule?

Anyway, keeping Turkey [and the cousins] from coming down I think’ll get better PR.


I said I’d come back with the Vox pipeline map link, but I see that when I was looking at that the other day [you can find it] I was dwelling in an “old” world. I’m putting things together now, and wondering if the 2nd TurkStream Pipeline was shot down when Turkey shot the Russian fighter down…if that’s true, whether it was ever resurrected or not I don’t know. My first source here is more general than the other and less “doctrine” oriented, also mentions Michael Klare. Second source has some good maps. I wonder if the Qatar - Turkey Pipeline idea got dropped by most drilling strategists, but remained in the minds of the policy making neocons (like some mythology) as an inevitable feature of the winning side (for oil always wins)? So, I also wonder, even after it was dead, if it motivated those guys (and MbS some but a little less) to keep talking regime change for Syria. Anyway, all that bloodshed just for control of the NE Syria fields by themselves doesn’t seem fathomable [though SA seems to like to exert control quite far afield come to think of it].

6/17 https://www.middleeasteye.net/big-story/pipelineistan-conspiracy-war-syria-has-never-been-about-gas


unz.com is interesting site. The owner / operator permits anti jewish comments and I am wondering if the capability to identify the writers creates a list. It is ok to critic the israel gov’t policies and actions but none of us should smack the religion.

thank you for the link. I found an interesting report about integrated schools in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

It’s like Greenwald on Fox. Neglected to do what I usually do…explain that I use it for Cockburn piece links because it’s faster than The Independent; especially with Explorer & W7 The Independent’s been way slower for me. Got stuck in Explorer for a long time, because Chrome wouldn’t play the audio-only stream for “today’s news” at Democracy Now! I did a “step down” from cable to hotspot, and now they will play when I’m using Chrome, don’t know if that’s why. Need to go at least to Foxfire, better Ubuntu. Someday the sparetime ship’ll come in.


On NPR tonight I heard NO recap. Everything major left out. Did you hear that crazy account? Reminds me of when Chavez got back in after the coup. Three days after I heard about it on short wave (receiving only) it was finally reported here. Guess they need time to make up spin.

Well, they of course did has a specific reason. Remember that Qatari pipeline they wanted to put through there, right after toppling Assad?

“Abandonment” is a funny word to be using. We’re talking here about politics and interests, not about weddings. I think the US leaving, thereby allowing for the Kurds to make an alliance with Assad against Turkey, is the best we can hope for at the moment. Whether the Syrians will continue to offer the Kurds autonomy, is anyone’s guess.

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Cockburn at Counterpunch. His stuff comes up at Unz usually prior; what you pointed out about the latter acknowledged. I’ve seen some crazy theses just in the titles, but wasn’t aware of the faith bashing.

again, thank you. a good read.
When we find a good, informed writer, it is wise to follow their writings.
Unlike the cable tv opinion channels who interview each other and say “I think” way too often. Of course, we all dislike 'un-named sources".
History will not be kind to Obama’s intel managers nor Comey & company. The nyc fbi office was the hub of corruption in 2016 with regards to Hilary’s emails found in Weiners lap top. They were duplicates - and everyone there knew it. Only newsweek published the truth about 5 hours after Chaffetz leaked the Comey letter.

Meanwhile, Turkey has ticked off too many.

If/when I jump back into that saga, you’ve given me a good place to land. Thanks.

Any thoughts on the NSA doc Reality Winner leaked? The thing was cooked up, left out unlocked, and Winner ended up patsy?