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Kushner as a Colonial Administrator: Let’s Talk About the 'Israeli Model'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/11/kushner-colonial-administrator-lets-talk-about-israeli-model

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Goebbels smirks from the grave.


Kushner believes the future of Palestine should be decided by the US, Israel and its allies, to the exclusion of those actually residing on the land.

Gee, I wonder where he got this idea from? And Zionists wonder why people call them colonialists and imperialists.

It bears noting that Zionist blindness towards the Palestinians has been the linchpin of their narrative from the very beginning (i.e.their myth about “a people without a land, a land without a people).”

What at first started out as a myth to soothe the consciences of well-intentioned Zionists has over time morphed into the more nefarious “there are no Palestinians,” essentially denying their very existence as a people, if not as human beings.

Zionists on the ground however were quite aware of the presence of this sizable indigenous population, and the need to “transfer” them was at the forefront of Zionist thought. Their solution, which they euphemistically referred to as “population transfer” (trans. ethnic cleansing), came to be embraced by nearly all shades of opinion in their movement:

With this past history, it is not surprising that Zionists (and their fellow cohorts like Kushner) continue to believe that they can act with this same blindness towards those whose land they have designs on yet again.

Like it was with apartheid South Africa, effective international isolation like BDS is the best and only non-violent alternative to this unacceptable state of affairs.


Yes, indeed, Ibid, ‘Their solution …’


If anyone out there has anemia there’s plenty of irony here. “Do what we say, or we’ll kill you.” That’s how you acquire human rights.

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The 1 % favorite line: “We know what’s best for you.”

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one-sided screeds like this do no good. Of course Palestinians won’t give up their national aspirations, but neither will Israelis. Until both sides fully accept the others aspirations they cannit improve their lives or find peace.
And it should be noted that rather than a “colonial state” Israel is more than half a refuges state formed by Jews thrown out of Arab lands (Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq…) Those questioning whether or not Arabs get full rights in Israel should also question whether Jews and other minorities (also women, gays) get full rights in Muslim countries. Not to do so makes their concern for human rights seem hypocritical and teir cause less effective.

Right on the money.

We should add: “Do what we tell you and we will take your oil, ores, and minerals or else.”

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Virtually the only people that (oppose or) question whether Arabs should get full rights in Israel are Jews and Zionists supporters, whilst they demand full rights for themselves in every country in the world. For others, it’s not a question!

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I advance the Palestinian narrative as a corrective to years of unquestioning acceptance of the Zionist narrative. I do not recall many cries for “balance” when the dominant narrative was how “poor Israel was just defending herself” from hordes who were attacking, apparently for no reason whatsoever, without any discussion of the land grab which caused the conflict to begin with.

Despite the natural desire to be “even-handed,” it is difficult not to place blame on those who forcibly triggered the conflict in the first place, took land away from an indigenous population, engaged in a much greater level of violence, and even stooped to denying the very existence of those it displaced with their myths.

I am sympathetic to Jews who were fleeing horrible systematic persecution in Europe. But the entire Palestine/Israel conflict all really comes down to this:

“We took the land without your consent because we had no other choice, we were facing extermination in Europe.” Okay, I get it.

But I insist that Zionists be intellectually honest enough to start with “we took the land without your consent,” rather than repeating their myths about how grateful the Palestinians should have been with forcibly-imposed UN “partition,” or how their resistance to the Zionist project was why their land was really taken.

And while you are correct about the long-term presence of Jews throughout the Middle East prior to the Zionist Project, the violent and tragic expulsions you speak of were triggered by the forcible imposition of the Zionist Project in Palestine, not the other way around as you imply.

For Zionists to now point to these tragic expulsions, without a hint of cognitive dissonance for having triggered the expulsions in the first place, is the HEIGHT of hypocrisy.

The Jews are forbidden to settle and even visit many cities in Palestine.
The Arabs in their own way fulfilled the UN decision on the partition of Palestine.
The institution of unified citizenship :palestinian_territories: for the Arabs of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Lod, Hebron, Jaffa, Jenin, Akko, Gaza, Haifa, Bethlehem, etc. and separating peoples on the basis of citizenship - will be a fair solution to the age-old conflict.

“The Jews are forbidden to settle and even visit many cities in Palestine”.
Get real: Palestine is under Israeli (Jewish) occupation.

“The Arabs in their own way fulfilled the UN decision on the partition of Palestine”.
Get educated: For a start, Google the right of return of Arabs forced to leave what is now Israel in 1948. Blaming the Arabs for the Jewish takeover is ignorant as well as nonsensical

separating peoples on the basis of citizenship
You’re saying, let’s all do the wrong thing, and that way we’ll be even: Separating people on the basis of whether they are or are not citizens derived from whether or not they are Arabs (adopting the Israeli model of discrimination) is akin to countries expelling people who are Jews, and I don’t think you support that.


The Greeks do not give jobs to the Turks.
Azerbaijanis do not build schools for Armenians.
Serbs do not pay pensions to Albanians.
Why do Jews do all this for the Arabs ?

Separating peoples on the basis of citizenship is the most rewarding.
Checked in the past by:
Greeks - Turks, Hungarians - Austrians, Poles - Germans, Lithuanians - Russians, Czechs - Slovaks, Irish - British, Serbs - Croats and so on.

It’s time to release the “occupied” and compare the rights of Arabs in Haifa and Jaffa to the rights of Jews in Ramallah and Gaza.
Palestinian-Jordanian citizenship, Abu Dis and Shu’afat - for Arabs,
Israeli citizenship and Jerusalem - for Jews !

As a supporter of discrimination, could I assume you’re not opposed to discrimination against Jews, that you support antisemitism in all those countries where Jews are a minority? Or are you a hypocrite?