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Kushner Family Tells Wealthy Chinese: Invest in Us and You Can Immigrate


Kushner Family Tells Wealthy Chinese: Invest in Us and You Can Immigrate

- Common Dreams staff

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner's family business encouraged wealthy Chinese citizens to “invest $500,000" in their real estate empire and then be allowed to immigrate to the United States.


Ooooh, yet ANOTHER violation of the prohibitions against nepotism and/or the Emoluments Clause!!
Impeachment NOW!!!


With apologies to Cole Porter, I can only think of these lyrics:

Love for sale, appetizing young love for sale
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled
Love that's only slightly spoiled
Love for sale
Who will buy?
Who would like to sample my supply?
Who's prepared to pay the price
For a trip to paradise?
Love for sale.


"Most likely to be impeached" ?

Murkins love their corrupt Trumps as much as the Italians love their corrupt Berlusconis.

Although an approval rating in the 30s may sound bad to progressives, the GOP's control of gubmit at all levels makes that statistic meaningless.


Rich Chinese, or rich anybodies, don't need anybody's permission to immigrate. The USA was designed of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. While it fails at nearly everything except slaughter on a scale never seen before in human history, it succeeds wildly on letting the rich of any race, nationality, ethnicity, etc. shelter themselves and thrive from sea to shining (polluted) sea.


It's the family's government now! We can do what we want. Just leave us alone!


I live in New Jersey....let's find out where in New Jersey...
Ms. Meyer: No, we are not going to leave you alone...
only time we will leave you alone is when you brother's father-in-law is impeached, or
let's make this Trash enablers' lives HELL...
why not? they and their ilk are doing it , and have done it to us for many, many, many years...


Ella does Porter (Warning: Highly Addictive Contents)


When Trump promised to make us rich he didn't say all of us.

BTW, impeachment needs to be off the table for now, unless we want Pence, the American Taliban.

That MF covered all his bases...

Direct Democracy


Love it. I'm addicted...


Every 'love' but real love...Trump-Kushner: The prostitution ring in the White House.


Been reading this:


Trump's appoval is up, approaching 45% !


hope all the impeachment folks are paying close attention to the extended family and all their criminal offers around the world. End this shit NOW! ENUF ALREADY.


So how do we get this out to Trump supporters that Trump/Kushner importing Chinese rich people. How well will that go over with them since they hate blacks, latinos et al, will they love the Chinese since Trump does it?

Do you think Fox will report this? Corporate media?


The Kushners/Trumps are hardly the first to use immigration law to court investment.

That's what the EB-5visac was designed for. EB-5 visas were introduced in Ted Kennedy's Immigration Act of 1990.

This article is meaningless.


I'm afraid you're missing the point -- the Trump family is leveraging their hold on power to pursue their self-interest. It has nothing to do with the appropriateness (or not) of the visa program. It has to do with a significant conflict of interest.

Presidents should not turn the Oval Office into a profit center, which is exactly what is going on here.


Gonna disagree. Kushner's sister isn't breaking any law.

She and her brother courted Chinese investors long before Trump became President.

As for Presidents turning the Oval Office into a profit center, that shipped sailed, and Trump is rewriting the rules and his base loves it.


You're completely off base. It's not whether laws are being broken, it's whether the conduct is unethical and inappropriate -- an opinion on which you apparently agree.

Public service calls for a higher standard and the Trump family is not clearing the bar.


Hitting a "like" button is a misnomer considering the subject matter, which is a history of oppression and racism. Thanks for the source.