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'Kushner Must Resign': Calls Intensify for Trump Son-in-Law to Step Down


'Kushner Must Resign': Calls Intensify for Trump Son-in-Law to Step Down

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Calls are mounting for President Donald Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner to resign or be fired from the White House amid heightened concerns about conflicts of interest with his family's real estate firm following a series of alarming reports this week.

"This simply can't go on... Slick, compromised, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
—Charles Pierce, Esquire


Plutocratic punk.


I wonder if that’s why der fuehrer ein didn’t have an extended family in his government? He was in enough trouble on his own!
*“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”
*This entire mob of greedy gangsters must go, in their entirety, and soon, before they take all of us, and most of the world, with them in their rush toward the goal of the uber-wealthy. “He who dies with the most toys wins!”
(Insert taps here.)


He who dies with the most toys is still dead !


Have you noticed that “[c]orrupting our government” and ‘potentially’ endangering our national security" is not of any consequence to Congressional Republicans?
That is how much they care about our country (flag pins aside).


I know, and so do they.


Executive producers of Monty Python:

“We wrote this script but were told that it was too hyperbolic, even for our troop.”


Not much of a problem for Dem’s either. Unless they want to hide something. Then it’s “National Security, National Security!!”.


From the first moment I saw Jared take the reigns with the Knuckle-Dragger-in-Cheif, all I could think of was Damien from the 1976 movie “The Omen.” The guy creeps me out. Thank God he’s been stripped of his security clearance. When I learned of his property in New York with an address of 666… I could only cringe. Does the Devil walk amongst us in these weird times?


Trump and his relatives in the current situation are wide open for criticism. We didn’t elect his entire clan. As for Dems in this context? That is a BS desperate attempt to take Trump and all of his relatives out of public scrutiny for basically slobbing around with the White House.


From Pierce’s Esquire piece (referenced in the article - full of hoots):

It is important to note for the historical record that this story broke at around quarter-to-Maddow on a Wednesday night on which the news had been dominated by the departure of source-to-the-stars Hope Hicks from the highly temporary job of White House communications director. (I hear veteran rock drummer Stumpy Pepys already has submitted a resume.)

Everything’s falling apart, to the point where even Jeffrey St. Claire is sounding sympathetic in his essay And Then There Were None:

But what about Trump? The big question in Washington is: who will read to the President now? With Hicks and Kushner exiled and Ivanka under FBI scrutiny for shady financial dealings, who can be trusted to summarize and sanitize the Presidential Daily Briefing (aka, the Deep State Digest)? The inscrutable Melania, the most intriguing resident of the White House, doesn’t seem all that eager to lend her husband even the coldest comfort. Will the Mooch, who has fingered Kelly for instigating a Stalinesque purge of Trump loyalists, be summoned back?


With Ivanka’s marriage to Jared, two criminal families were joined.

Isn’t there something in all the legal writings about “even the appearance of
wrong-doing”? And they are so beyond that.

We need to impeach Trump and Pence together – not likely that Pence doesn’t
know the criminal basis of this administration. Or that Pence himself is clean.
From what I see of Pence, he too is a cross-waving “White male supremacist.”


If we were “really” a nation of laws, the father and son team would be in jail. But obviously we are not a nation of laws or these two would not be in a position that they are.
The Trump Family Swamp, did anybody really expect anything different. Yes, my religious brother, lamestreet media watchers and fools.


But has he really been stripped of security clearance with Trump at the helm?


The Stand ,incarnate


If we were really a nation of laws instead of a nation of lawyers liars, Tweetle-Dumb would’ve been sent to prison many years ago for his shady business dealings and stiffing of numerous contractors.  His father’s money enabled him to buy his way out, just like his father’s money enabled him to grow bone spurs . . .


One party, with two right wings.


Kushner is one of the biggest pieces of shit ever to work for a President and that is HUGE considering all the pieces of shit who have.


Two cheeks of the same ass!


. . . and the sooner, the better!!