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Kushner’s Use of Personal Email is No Minor Error


Kushner’s Use of Personal Email is No Minor Error

Norman Eisen, Anne Weismann

The new revelations of widespread use of personal email for official business by Jared Kushner and five other White House advisers are no minor indiscretion.


“Trump, like all presidents since 1978, must comply with the PRA.”

Just another in a long line (and growing) of laws to blow off and/or break.

As for Kushner, the reason for the use of his personal e-mail was to conduct his PERSONAL business masked as “government” and thus, to not set off alarms with his malfeasance while abusing the privilege of his position in the WH. And his omissions of meetings with Russians on more than a few occasions pre- and post election, were not “minor errors.” They were outright lies.


It should be obvious by now that this entire Administration considers itself above the law.
The question is whether the supporters of this President are okay with that. If they are, we
are in serious trouble.


“Our democracy itself is at stake.”

Apparently, the authors believe that there is democracy in the USA. Perhaps they view it as merely tied to that stake rather than already having been burned to a crisp. This entire article is an elaborate discussion of steps for locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen.

Wouldn’t it be a better use of resources, effort and intellect to address how to survive in a post-democratic nation and focus on how to get to real democracy without pretending we are, currently, in a democracy?


Of course they are. Unless the President is of another party, in which case they would NOT be okay with that. Hypocrites are only the least of what Trump’s worshippers are.