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Kushner Under Fire for Receiving $30M From Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy


Kushner Under Fire for Receiving $30M From Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Are you comfortable with having Jared Kushner be the beneficiary of huge amounts of Israeli financing at the same time he's overseeing U.S. foreign policy on Israel?"


This entire family is thoroughly disgusting.


It should become a family tradition for the Kushners to experience jail time. Like father like son.


It’s not a conflict of interests, it’s a confluence. How convenient.


And then,nothing done about it


So what is the democratic party doing? Playing checkers or playing chest waiting for Mueller to bring down this crime family and repug party? As usual a do nothing party or are they taking bribes to be quiet?

I am tired of just hearing from Bernie on this site, tired of getting emails from dems asking for money.


They tell us we are poor because we don’t work hard enough, hmm? Seems to me it is because we are not willing or able to sell ourselves to the highest bidder for special favors. What asses they are!


Take yourself off the dem mailing list, and when you do, they give you the opportunity to tell them why–I enjoyed that a lot. :slight_smile:


Let’s just follow the money, shall we?

You and I pay our taxes. Congress takes our tax money and pays Israel about 3 billion every year, no strings or accountability required. A few millions flows back into the U.S., to Congress, to weapons makers, to high profile special interest organizations, and to unnamed private persons. In this case, thanks to the NYT, we know of one: it is Jared Kushner.

More than our money, we lose our ever shrinking credibility, and our vital national interests. In time, we will lose our very souls.


Agree. And in addition the rest of the world is getting fed up with our, “American Exceptionalism”…real fast! We now have the president we deserve…greedy, narcissistic, money grubbing like too much of the rest of “corporate America”.


Foreign policy experts agree: accepting Jerusalem as Israeli in toto is worth A LOT. We could have bargained for many things in our national interest in return, but Trump/Jared just gave it away. ‘Art of the deal’, indeed!


Yes, and they are getting away with it and flipping us the bird and laughing all the way to the flippin’ bank. We have come to the point where it is obvious that our government and the rule of law have ceased to function.


Hmm. . .the headline says “Kushner under fire”, but I’m not sure criticism from Glenn Greenwald constitutes “under fire”. I’m seeing this more and more on CD that the headlines say Trump or his buddies are, in one phrasing or another, “in trouble”, and you’d expect a Congressional hearing, or at least someone with a high degree of Congressional authority speaking out on the floor, but. . .nothing.

The inaccurate headlines are only one thing I’m criticizing. Where are Congressional democrats on this? Is it really all about being cowards in order to appear “bipartisan” and not lose potential votes from people who aren’t sure yet about how evil Trump is?


But its okay for the Clinton’s to receive money from Jews, correct?

I’m sure you all have some good, valid reasons why this is okay though, right? LOL. EVERYONE in DC takes money from Israeli’s, etc. Get over it.


The entire family is corrupt. I say the whole family needs to be locked up!


Who said it was okay for the Clinton’s?


The corruption of this trump & co/family regime is beyond all bounds! Let’s tell it like it is; official actions taken to benefit a client or state and receive millions from the party/state is performing an official action for a bribe!

Official conduct and policy made for profit should be seen as criminal warranting indictment and imprisonment plus fines by the many millions!

Taking official/national actions to do the bidding of a foreign power, or aiding their criminal expansionism, regardless how packaged/rationalized IS treasonous!

The extremist right-wing Israeli regime and the corrupt trump regime & family - perfect together…doing life without parole! MoFo’s



As it has been reported the Russia connection is a diversion, the real culprit has been Israel all along.


Just did. Quite enjoyable. Thanks.


I do not know if karma is true or not, but from what Amerika has done in the past, it sure looks like it! At any rate, in my view, just like the Third Reich got Hitler, the Fourth Reich now has their Amerikkkan Hitler.