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Kushner's Company Got Hundreds of Millions in Loans After White House Meetings With Top Execs: Report


Kushner's Company Got Hundreds of Millions in Loans After White House Meetings With Top Execs: Report

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Jared Kushner's rough week got a little worse on Wednesday, when the New York Times reported that the family real estate company of President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser received millions of dollars in loans from two financial firms after Kushner met with their top executives at the White House.


When people say “Gov’t ought to be run like a business,” I don’t think they mean this; but isn’t this the exact way DJT has always run his businesses? Next up: the US goes Chapter 11.


How is that “hundreds of millions” in loans to kushner (who “works for free” and is still overpaid) not a conflict of interest crime? This is the definition of corruption! IF there were any integrity in the trump regime, which there is not, this would not happen! If there were a real Atty Gen, kushner would be indicted - not to mention his status as de facto Israeli agent!


I’ve yet to hear this dude speak. Does he have a voice?


Well I am sure Kushner must have said something like this to Trump : " I was just loaned millions of $$$$$$ on a sweet, bank business deal, best business move you ever made was becoming POTUS"!


Trump has benefited greatly from his connection to the Zionist billionaires and banisters while the game of distraction to Russian connection plying out. Both Israeli government and the wealthy Zionists are backing Kushner and Trump.


That crock of shit I first heard from Al Gore VP of Clinton. Government’s job is to regulate business to serve the people , not the other way.


Reagan started this feeling bad for the" poor wealthy corporation that used to pay taxes, provide free health insurance or almost free health insurance, pay over time, allow for breaks, etc…good worker benefit. But then that son of a bitch smiley clown looking devil got down and dirty with the unions, fired sticking air control operators, closed almost all mental health facilities, libraries an$ attacked worker unions. That trend has been on rapid increase ever since.


Crony capitalism at its most naked, bold level. Citibank is a company that is tied in with the CIA so who knows where this all leads.


Reagan was a demon who these Neanderthals worship like a god. If the people ever get control back from these neo-liberals I hope we can gut the Reagan name from National Airport.


Hard to go chapter eleven when you own the fucking money-printing machines!!!

Wouldn’t it be great if, when we saw our checking accounts reaching the red, we just added MORE DEPOSITS and went merrily on our way?!


Thanks to BOTH sides of the corrupt aisle of congress!


Yes, And also remove the fascist, Edgar Hoover’s name from the F.B.I. building in Washington Deceit!


Yes, definitely. it is gross to have his name associated with the FBI building which allows a smell of abuse and racism to linger. At this point, I believe it is time to get rid of the things that honor any slave holders and that includes Washington, Jefferson, et al - not just the confederate generals and leaders. It is time to trash the fakeness of the past and move into a new reality based on human rights and dignity not human oppression.


Well said!


I know it won’t happen, but just think for a moment if Kushner went to prison for say even two years. Think about it for a moment.


Think the American public might begin thinking about law suits and maybe
starting to get some experience with them.

Seniors would make an interesting block for a law suit, especially since they
could easily be joined by every citizen who has paid into the SS system or
still does. Or, we can wait to become Puerto Rico and watch our debt being
sold off and being forced into “austerity” programs which further add to profits
of Elites.

LABOR does not require approval of government nor corporations to unite
together in their own interests. We are now down to something like 50.6%
of employment . . .

and we are still watching the Federal Reserve Board which we do NOT elect
make major decisions over full employment of nation … or NOT.
And over interest rates. These are all decisions for our Senate/USHR which
we allegedly do elect. This is simply about the Dems and Repugs not wanting
to debate in public these issues which are political. Same with many other
issues – where corporations are even actually writing the legislation.

Pollution of the planet – exploitation of Nature is also firm ground for law suits.


Trumps aren’t exactly a family of predators, they seem to be an organized criminal
gang, Mafia like.

private equity firm Apollo Global Management, as well as Michael Corbat, chief executive of Citigroup, before each lender gave millions in loans to Kushner Companies, of which Jared Kushner remains a part owner.

Harris reportedly came to the White House multiple times to advise the Trump administration on infrastructure policy and to discuss with Kushner the possibility of a position in the administration. In November, Apollo lent Kushner Companies $184 million to refinance a Chicago skyscraper.

And after Corbat met with Kushner last spring, supposedly to discuss financial and trade policy, Citigroup lent the Kushner Companies and another partner $325 million to finance Brooklyn office buildings, according to the Times report.


Thank you for saying this, because it seems to be the reality no body will accept even thou it been said by Alan Greenspan, Bernanke, and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Stephanie Kelton, Phd. in economics calls it a Zombie idea because it won’t die, this idea that the government cannot afford anything it wants to.
As Alan Greenspan said, “the goverment can create as much money as it wants to and give it to somebody”.


On Kushner: he’s probably done but these loans are chickenfeed next to those newly passed Corporate tax laws which are really just tax cuts.
The next giveaway will be destroying what’s left of Dodd-Frank, dismantling CFPB ( Warren’s Dream ) and cutting back on the cash reserve requirements for The Big Eight Banks ( Too big to fail ) under the guise of helping the small community banks grow.
With so much money sloshing around in the system right now, trying to regulate this wild west show is like trying to empty the swimming pool at Mar-A-Lago, with a colander.
When the guano blowback ( your future discretionary money financing corporate tax cuts ) machine hits the big fan ( interest payments on the debt ), having a wet suit will be mandatory to surviving the shitstorm, imo.