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LA Times’ ‘Independent’ Education Project Bankrolled by Charter School Backers


LA Times’ ‘Independent’ Education Project Bankrolled by Charter School Backers

Molly Knefel

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times (8/18/15) announced an initiative called Education Matters, “an ongoing, wide-ranging report card on K-12 education in Los Angeles, California and the nation.” The project will cover educational issues, including “the latest debate on curriculum or testing” and “how charter schools are changing public education.”


Great reporting Molly Knefel and FAIR.

In a rational world, this kind of reporting would swiftly result in an end to the slimy funding relationship to the "news" reporting.

But in the real world, the slime is shameless, and there is vanishingly little accountability.

The vast majority of over-worked, exploited, propagandized, drugged and "entertained" people will never even have this on their radar.

Here's the link to submit a Letter to the Editor of the LA Times.


This is important, but it leaves something out:

"Their rhetoric often directly attacks teachers unions and even public education as an institution, in favor of “market-driven” “school choice” solutions. And the organizations funding the LA Times’ new project are no exception."

Just as the mantras in favor of privatization--given its false claims to grow prosperity--succeeded in taking down the firewall known as Glass-Steagall that was set between conventional banks and Wall St. Speculation and the results still reverberate all through our now imploding global economy; the mantra of "choice" is not only being used to make school privateers and standardized test companies rich, it's also taking down the firewall between church and state.

So few commentators dare to touch this 3rd rail: but enormous charter school sums are being funneled into Christian charter schools. As if this nation needs more people following authoritarian church creeds that link full-scale murder with holy war, or see in the dissolution of climate systems, some fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

There is little mention of how thoroughly this Christianization of the U.S. military has become; or that the code word for the mass of Conservative, commons-crushing white male clones also happen to accord with this "brand" and thus have a gigantic voting demographic to support their nefarious (to life, liberty, Democracy, and public institutions) agenda!

The merging of church and state and corporations means fascism. The only thing missing are the jackboots which the slow creep of militarism into U.S. police departments could be well preparing to deliver.


Every time I see "sponsored content" in a publication or on a website, it makes me shiver.
Are we really to believe those who claim the best "solutions" are always "market-based" and "competitive" really don't expect anything in return for their money? Their whole ideology boils down to little more than dog-eat-dog self-interest.


Indirectly, this article makes a point:
Education that does not teach kids to question is just indoctrination.


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Excellent report. I think every reader here should read the tagline of the person contributing the article and see what organization if any s/he represents.

Then go to that websites home page and see who it is that funds them.


FYI Dr. Rudy Crew became president of Medgar Evers College, the Brooklyn-based campus of 7000 students overseen by CUNY, in 2013..


Another part of the commons being commodified for the benefit of the 1%. Now it's the education system being turned into another profit scam! The standard is just that, standardization. Uniforms, required, but not provided by the school. Curriculum, Standardized across the nation, a little reading, a little ritting and a little rithmatic. Just enough education so that your child will be able to figure out which buttons to push and just enough education to know how to fill out the production sheets!
Just remember how business is run in this country. They will tell you that they're are providing your child with a quality education, BUT, when it comes down to your child getting a "QUALITY" education and the corporation meeting Wall St,s expectations, who wins and who loses when push comes to shove? Still confused, well then listen to Saint George of the church of the dyslexic dog!