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Labor and Environmental Groups File Legal Petition Demanding Trump Solve 'Unconscionable' Shortage of PPE for Essential Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/labor-and-environmental-groups-file-legal-petition-demanding-trump-solve

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I hear the gurgling sound of government drowning in a bathtub.


Trump is playing {-}od and every morning he sniffs the air for the scent of his most recent sacrifices.
Nothing will ever ‘add up’ to this occupant of the WH. No matter how much gilt (or guilt) he surrounds himself with, as his niece notes - it will always be too much and never enough. He epitomizes the derogatory characterization of the ‘tool’. All he has is the creativity and insight of a sack of hammers, without any hands of true craftsmen- of any sentience… and he frustrates his base until the sack of hammers reads like promises of gold gilt heaven - but its a hall of mirrors.

In the military the old expression “Shit rolls downhill” has been hauled off the bases (way off base) and flung far and wide and upstream leers the pied piper of predatory capitalism and empire collapse…


Who was it who said they’d shrink government until …

Here we go with those demands again, this time in petition form (much more convenient to deliver, and to ignore). The situation with PPE, like everything else needed to combat a pandemic, will continue to be dire. We’re off the end of the diving board, plunging into uncharted waters with unbelievably lax public health standards versus a novel virus in the 21st century. Even if the people demanding exclusive focus on medical equipment were in charge, they’d never catch up. All this stuff is for warding off endemic infection. Once the bug has been allowed to run wild for half a year, you’ll never catch up.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/17/2020          13          13
>  10.  03/23/2020      44,325      44,338
>  15.  04/27/2020     936,908     981,246
>  20.  06/01/2020     821,224   1,802,470
>  25.  07/06/2020   1,130,126   2,932,596
>  30.  08/10/2020   2,131,575   5,064,171

I’ve switched to 5-week segments in this, as our pet microbe is sluggish, but persistent. The past 5 weeks average 60,900 new cases per day.



It’s an ongoing problem.

You have reached the office of Donald J Trump, greatest President of all time. Please listen to your choices of topics, then choose from the following:

Press 1: to hear the greatest job I’m doing killing 160,000 and counting fellow Americans.
Press 2: to hear the most fantastic job me and my administration is doing to fleece taxpayer billions, including the covid vaccine due any day now
Press3: to hear how my administration is going to relieve you of your money, your privacy and lose your mail by privatizing that corrupt USPS. Floridians: you are safe.
Press 4: to hear how many woman I have raped, sexually assaulted. Sorry…this line is busy.

Press * to repeat your choices.


60,000 per day? Are there that many tests being performed?

Press 5: To hear how i’m doing with my bible studies.
(Come on guys and gals. I’m sure we can get up to 20.)

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At base, the administration, through failure of proper action, has created a grave nationwide PPE shortage for essential workers

Yes, and after he created an unnecessary SARS-CoV-2 crisis through his denials and obfuscations and late response if we can even call it that.

Grover Norquist.

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I believe it was yesterday, on TV, trump said the covid-19 pandemic is not a natural disaster. I guess that means less help will come from the government. Less help although the death and distruction far outweighs a hurricane or tornado.

Biden just picked Kamala Harris as VP pick.
Very disappointed by this news; she is a much an insider and tool as Biden has been over the years. She refused to prosecute Steve Mnuchin for the crimes he committed against American homeowners foreclosed upon during eh 08-09 housing crash.
Very disappointing.

I wanted Susan Rice or Stacy Abrahms or Elizabeth Warren.

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‘At a time when the skills of registered nurses, other healthcare workers, and essential workers are most needed, it is unconscionable that they are being treated as if their lives are worth less than others with this utter disregard for their safety," said NNU executive director Bonnie Castillo. "Nurses are willing to be at the bedside caring for Covid-19 patients; their employers and their government should be willing to protect them with the PPE they need to do their jobs safely.’

Which to me means they need less time near the reactor (for same pay), and TONS MORE BACK-UP STAFF TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE.

"The polio epidemic in Cork supposedly ended abruptly in mid-September 1956 when the local press stopped reporting on it, but that was at least two weeks before many children like me caught it. In a similar fashion, right now, wars in the Middle East and north Africa like the ongoing disasters in Libya and Syria that once got significant coverage now barely get a mention much of the time.

“In the years to come, the same thing could happen to the coronavirus.” Patrick Cockburn 8/7/20

Would somebody like to try proving to me the “same thing” isn’t happening to the coronavirus right now?! I walked into a hospital the other day, and the place seemed relatively empty (not the ER).

Here’s my suspicion: If Common Dreams can’t find an article that says something about staffing
too…the same thing is happening to the coronavirus right now. We’re inundated with rosiness and nothing burger news reports seems to me.

“How Can Hospitals Overcome Staffing and Supply Shortages Amid COVID-19 Surges?”
8/7/20 ~https://www.nationalacademies.org/news/2020/08/how-can-hospitals-overcome-staffing-and-supply-shortages-amid-covid-19-surges

“Hospitals Emptied Out by Pandemic Push for Patients to Return” 6/4/20 ~https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-04/dear-patient-we-want-you-back-for-that-knee-replacement

Well, are they telling us to come back?? NO! Only for dental.
7/9/20 "It’s safe to go to a hospital during the pandemic, but people are still afraid"
[can you blame them?!?!]

They aren’t telling us to come back. What I’d guess is that they’re doing non-ICU-staffing as the “market” demands. That to me wouldn’t/won’t ready us for more spikes [and BTW they continue with additions but are they advertising having done anything regarding improved/appropriate ventilation??]. To me there doesn’t seem to be a central, rational, comprehensive plan. You need a frigg’n CCC army. But what was the deal with the patient-overload-ship in NYC (the one for not-coronavirus-patients)? I’m gonna conjecture the ship arrived but THE STAFF didn’t. Or that there was always an excuse of having no specialist germane, or that whatever patients considered were too likely virus-contaminated? Libertarians’ field day.

1EdBenti: It really doesn’t matter, does it??

There isn’t and never would be anyone that everyone!? is happy with. There are more important things to be concerned about.



My conjecture: Don’t be deceived by the dark blue & light blue lines dropping prior; the real deal is demonstrated by the recent “low” lines. The thing raged like Black Plague until Americans & Brits [not Trump] put 2 and 2 together and started wearing masks. THE PEOPLE themselves countered bad governmental policy [some], but in Brazil it’s so bad they can’t counter it? Or going from bad to even worse? Deaths per 100K in UK are 70.18, and deaths per 100K in the Dominican Republic I calculate to be 85.97 (can’t find Haiti numbers).

Thanks to incompetent leadership the bug here took off like crazy, but I do think a serious 6 wk lockdown would have an effect on the current rate of acceleration.

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Either of these two international comparisons (from JH or OWID) show the history and trending of the three worst outbreaks: India, USA, and Brazil:


India has just pulled ahead of USA (and Brazil) in new cases per day – the growth-rate of the outbreak. With all three (especially Brazil) you can see a weekly rhythm in the new-case reporting, which makes only administrative sense, I suppose. I regard the disease stats from everywhere as roughly comparable to somewhat crooked election results – hopefully not messed with too much to make out the winner (which is India, in the new-cases contest, for today).

Wonder why your 2nd link doesn’t have UK.

Click “death” rectangle ~https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality

Which is why there’s medical tourism in India? Not to say under Modi things couldn’t have deteriorated fast (that their care delivered’s gotten a bit worse), or are deteriorating fast. Yet & still, if JHU is up to the moment, India’s case fatality rate is low.

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I see now with your second link, Aleph, one can pull in other countries…looks like any/all of’em.

This quack President did nothing to make sure we had enough masks, ventilators, or PPE equipment for health workers. I wonder whom that pleased the most?