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Labor Bureau Admits 'Misclassification Error' Made Unemployment Rate Look Lower Than It Really Is

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/06/labor-bureau-admits-misclassification-error-made-unemployment-rate-look-lower-it


The graphs show clearly that for Black and Asians their unemployment is actually up and more so for Asians–may be due to Trump’s “Chinese Virus” meme as we are witnessing a rash of anti-Asian hate crimes.

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I am sure that the misclassification error was meant to be, if in fact not actually, suppressed from major media outlets until the market closed yesterday. Then, Monday starts a new week and this transgression is forgiven by the market. Old game, happens to work–for the rich. (Just peeked at yesterday’s numbers–big bumps in the three major indices.)


I imagine these rough figures will be subject to further downward adjustment as the months go by. I believe that’s the way this normally proceeds. The need for immediate gratification can lead to errors in judgement.

Before the covid jobs crash trump at least had some basis for claiming a good jobs market. When he gushes this stuff out now it just adds to his big fat liar status.


Throughout the month of May, all I kept hearing was how many more millions of individuals became unemployed every week. Then all of a sudden in June we get this figure that 2.5 million more people found work in May than lost work. How the hell did they pull that rabbit out of their hat? ‘Misclassification error’, or deliberate propaganda by the administration?


I don’t see why they would hold back with the bovine scatology. Whatever is disbelieved is still not questioned save a few instances.
Some reporters have beefed up their challenges to trump, but as yet trump is successful at blowing them off.

I’ll fall back on my suggestion that gets zero attention. Don’t question this slug, just let him spew and then laugh our asses off at him.

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There are also ways to make money by jerking the market around, when you know in advance which direction you’re about to jerk it. It’s tough to isolate corruption when floating in an ocean full of it.


Wow. I knew something was in error.

When it’s too good to be true, hard to believe something good!! comes from orange Mussolini and his corrupted, feted, administration at such nightmarish times as we are in, you have to question first, and truly doubt what you are hearing and reading. Especially when corporations are supplying the media we hear and read!

Why does one ever expect truth from a pathologic lying propaganda leader and his corporate-owners?

Are you saying the low unemployment numbers were false?
While we had a low unemployment number nation wide, it didn’t mean good jobs, or good paying jobs, or safe jobs, or jobs that offer much advancement.

Hell, all one has to do is look at the stock market to see how manipulated we all have been.

There are tens of millions of people who are unemployed who simply are not counted, people who have not retired, but who have realized that many advertised jobs are not advertised because they actually are available just are advertised so it can be claimed they were advertised and that no qualified American was available.

In the early 1980’s recession, Ohio reported 13% unemployment but house to house census = 20%.
Yesterday, Obama’s acting labor sec’y explained that folkes unemployed but not actively looking for work added to those who are brings up the number to 20%

The tragic spike in black unemployment is 5% and now 19%.
Larry Summers, on TV, blamed last hired - first fired, but that is not true.
And this is one of Biden’s economic advisors. Expect double digit inflation ahead.

We see journalists like Ali Veeshi of MSNBC, a business oriented reporter ( specialist ) talk about the " jobs or skills mismatch ". This mismatch is consistently bogging down overall American economic growth. That raw # is about 6 million possible new positions ( STEM mostly ) in any given month ( prior to COVID ). Just think of all the growth and revenue enhancement!
What continues to be the only accurate measure ( study ) of the true emplyment picture in the U.S. was done 140 years ago by the highly regarded Clemens & Twain Company. It reported, " the are are lies, damnable lies and then there are ( gov’t ) statistics. " In POTUS Trump’s world, this is called the unvarnished truth, facts not withstanding. Orwell would call it " fake news ".
In these times of COVID-19, social unrest and division there is a large body(s) of evidence pileing up all over America that all three of the Clemens & Twain Company’s observations are 100% true.
Trust me on this.

If states implemented the State of N.Y.s fraudulent conveyers law, it would help balance the war between credit debt holders and debtors.