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Labor Day 2015: Stand Together and Fight Back


Labor Day 2015: Stand Together and Fight Back

Bernie Sanders

Labor Day is a time for honoring the working people of this country. It is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the activists and organizers who fought for the 40-hour work week, occupational safety, minimum wage law, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and affordable housing. These working people, and their unions, resisted the oligarchs of their day, fought for a more responsive democracy, and built the middle class.


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Bernie would win in a landslide if only people knew who he is and what he proposes. Bernie is the nation's only hope this time around, the rest of the political landscape is an arid wasteland.

The following clip from Dayton, Ohio is depressing and hopeful at the same time. If people know Bernie, people will vote for Bernie:


Right on, Bernie! I'm with you!


Okay, what's your political program to mobilize around the Green Party's policies? What organizing and advocacy are you doing to publicize and agitate for them?


The logic behind a gradual increase in the minimum wage may be a that one time increase to fifteen dollars my cause capitalists paying the current minimum wage to claim they can't pay it and will fire workers thus tarnishing the idea of raising the minimum wage. It's a tactic to eventually get to a $15 minimum wage. But, I suppose the economics you're using concludes an immediate increase to $15 wouldn't have any unemployment effects. So what economic theory do you subscribe to that leads to that conclusion?

How are "many of our people" doing now on the current federal minimum wage of $7.25? What are YOU doing to help them? Most probably have to survive using government assistance. You should know that the high point for the minimum wage in terms of the number of goods and services it can buy, i.e., the real minimum wage was in 1968. The $1.60 minimum wage back then would buy as many goods and services as a nominal wage of $10.69 today.

I suppose Medicare for all and the devastating effect it will have on capitalist insurance companies somehow doesn't fit into your thinking.

It seems you have to keep in mind where were we are, where we're going and how we're going to get there. Senator Sanders' minimum wage proposal is one step on that journey.


The fundamentals of social, economic and political life for Americans have been corrupted by "representative government". One could say it is as hypocritical as the police jingo "...to serve...and protect...". The tiny cabal ruling the United States of America is being served and protected by paramilitary police force. Then we have the federal police FBI, DEA, Fatherland Security, ICE, IRS, CIA, ATF and other secret federal police all deployed for the purpose of suppressing the will of "the People."

The men and women that carved a path for a "middle class" are gone. The few politicians left who protected the Constitution have been overwhelmed by anti-Americans selling out the nation for their own selfish gain. The most deceitful anti-Americans are those in leadership roles in congress. Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, etc. and if ever there was a line up of dirty dealing politicians just take a look at the republican and democrat presidential wannabes.

Bernie Sanders, like Edwards, Kucinich and Nader and others' sincere warnings, for instance, all tried to wake up the body politic, but the system of elections in the United States is now owned by sinister men determined to corrupt elections and cheat Americans out of their birth right. Absent another incredible plane crash as used to kill Paul Wellstone and Mel Carnahan, during the regime of Bush-Cheney, Bernie has a tough road ahead.


Don't suppose anything, my friend.


Well, once again we see supposed 'progressives' lining up to shoot down the best chance to educate U.S. citizens about progressive values.

See, getting out the message about income inequality, diminishing real income, the right to education and healthcare is anathema to them. They figure they're going to organize a revolution without people knowing what else is possible.

To them putting someone in the most visible position on the planet has no value because by working to put him in that system you're supporting a corrupt system - of voting.

Hey radicals - by supporting Bernie we're supporting progressive values. So if you want to get on with your revolution, fine. You don't need to thank us for showing people another way is possible, but you might put a little more energy into advancing your agenda instead of attacking ours.


Bernie who will you run with? Inquiring minds would like to know.


How did you reach the conclusion I'm "really fired up about this models reformist agenda"? Please cite your reasons for this conclusion. I seem to remember writing, "where we are, where we're going and how to get there." This is a step.

What, exactly what are the results of your efforts at effecting change? Please be specific.


With all due respect, I admire and support you, Mr. Sanders, but I'd encourage you to reexamine the certainty of this assertion:

"The economic reality is that while our economy today is much stronger than when President George W. Bush left office 7 years ago, the middle class is continuing its 40-year decline."

The economy (both here and abroad) is actually quite sick with a tapeworm. And that tapeworm, the product of the deregulation of Financial Markets (along with the removal of the Glass-Steagall wall put in place to protect workers' bank held savings from Wall Street's insatiable vulture speculators) has basically devoured the very supports that once nourished its hosts. (This tapeworm analogy comes from Catherine Austin Fitts.)

Translation? Under the influence of global corporatists, a tremendous amount of U.S. industrial infrastructure was shipped to China and elsewhere (in search of cheap labor pools and lax environmental standards).

In addition, the economy has been a lot like a junkie living from drug infusion (Q.E. money printings) to drug infusion.

It IS a house of cards and some very intelligent analysts see an imminent Crash. I happen to agree with them.

While crash--like any shock to a system--can be the most strategic time for creating a new set of operational imperatives (if not an altogether new paradigm), it also involves crisis. And typically, crisis hurts the little guy or gal most.

What's bloating the tapeworm are the continuance of unregulated Hedge fund bets, derivatives trading, and wealth measurements that are all fraudulent. And since these robber barons used their newly created embarrassments of riches to purchase lots of politicians and lots of think tanks and lots of policies (through both), cleaning "house" will be intensive. And no sane, legitimate basis for an economy that serves ACTUAL human needs, and rewards actual human labors, and protects nature through a serious consideration of what sustainability looks like (and requires) is possible until the thieves no longer control The Treasury.

The 2nd imperative is to stop the hemorrhaging, and by that I mean, the fabulous sums earmarked for KILLING innocents while bleeding this country dry of the resources needed to rebuild its infrastructure, make timely modifications in anticipation of further climate chaos, and pay living wages to persons involved in that serious endeavor.

As I've suggested many times, all that manpower employed by numerous armed forces branches can come home and rebuild the cities and in the process, teach unemployed inner city youths building, plumbing, repair, and electrical skills.

A Peace economy is overdue and that would help to reverse this nation's karma and stop the flow of immigrant-refugees into Europe and beyond.


It would really take an imbecile to say NO to any of these 5 platforms. In fact, it would make for a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit.

I would envision the skit operating this way:

ALEC or The Koch Brothers fund a busload of white middle class people to attend a Sanders' rally and they are asked these questions. And when they say "Sure, I support that,"
they receive an invisible electronic shock from their Pavlov-inspired sponsors.

A few would appear to be having contortions in trying to answer in the affirmative while experiencing these invisible shocks for giving "the wrong" answers. A Black kid would come along and attempt to emulate their spastic movements, and it would start a copycat syndrome giving rise to a new dance.

The Sanders shuttle.


Good! Make these righteous radicals PROVE the viability of their position before shooting at what would create far more good than "the usual suspects and corporately-inspired outcomes."


Who is that YOU are hot for, Mr. hog-this-topic "new" guy? And what is his or her platform. What are his or her poll numbers? Where can his or her policies be widely seen and heard? What traction does this better candidate have, and how many people have heard about them? Most importantly of all, since you're sitting HERE most days of late, what are YOU doing to make their campaign a success?


So what is it: That you're a pretend Marxist here to foment street revolution knowing that the gun-power and military hardware brought home from foreign wars are going to make for a picnic here inside the Homeland? As if armed conflict ever truly altered the calculus of societal injustice. (Have you taken a look at Egypt lately?)

How many of your fellow citizens WANT Marxism? How many can differentiate the National Socialist Nazi movement from the benign Socialism that is hardly the private product of Ms. Sawant.

What Mr. Sanders is proposing is akin to Roosevelt being forced to create the New Deal in response to the earlier fiscal devastation orchestrated by Wall St. in l929.

You appear to be advocating for a cure that does not exist.


Sioux, you may have a career in show biz.


Not so fast. These clowns are not Progressive in their views. The very idea of ARMED revolution is anathema to what Progressives believe in.

Secondly, what makes you think they are not agent provocateurs?

Their #1 Talking point is blaming voters.

"To them putting someone in the most visible position on the planet has no value because by working to put him in that system you're supporting a corrupt system - of voting."

But then that would be useful disinformation--to blame voters and then accuse them of wrongdoing for voting at all.

It works a lot like those who say U.S. citizens are sheeple who don't care about anything and just want to sit home watching T.V. Then, when you point out the 250,000 who mobilized to bring U.S leaders' attention to climate change they'll try to diminish the credibility of Bill McKibben, the leader of that event.

Or if thousands and thousands mobilize (OWS) in various cities, they'll critique them for not having one cohesive message.

It's a two-punch system guaranteed to make the Good Citizen wrong in order to protect power and set up the justification for kicking all these ingrates (our fellow citizens) in the head as is the favored position of thugs of all stripes.


I tried when I was young and good looking... but that's about when the Conservatives began their buyout of media and my career took a nosedive it's never recovered from. But think of it this way, this old dame gets to entertain, occasionally enlighten, and otherwise piss off all the troops stationed right here! Stranger fates have happened.

P.S. I have a few hilarious concepts apropos for Saturday Night live. I've been thinking about pitching them to Lorne Michaels or asking if he ever considers "audience idea submissions." I have a cute line for when a certain substance is fully legalized. I tried it out my 9 year old grandson and he cracked up. He gets my humor... his mother, not so much.

It has rained here all day and I'm beginning to feel like Cathy Bates in "Misery."


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