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Labor for Bernie


Labor for Bernie

Steve Early

When I first met Brooklyn-born Bernie Sanders, he was a relatively marginal figure in his adopted state of Vermont. It was 1976 and he was running, unsuccessfully and for the fourth time, as a candidate of the Liberty Union Party (LUP).


I will not forget or forgive the Teamsters for backing Nixon and Reagan. Yeah, yeah it was the “hardhats” vs. the “dirty hippies”, but Nixon, and later Reagan, managed to turn two groups that should have been allies, against each other. I expect much the same thing to happen in this campaign. I’m already getting the, “but let’s be realistic here”, argument from normally very liberal friends and acquaintances about backing Bernie over Shillary. They get downright mad and indignant when I tell them that I would rather cast a blank ballot than ever voter for her, like I owe my vote to the institutional Democrats. NO I DO NOT, nor will I ever consider my vote anything by my own. And neither should you.


The battle between Bernie and Hillary is a battle between the 99% and corporate America. It is quite rare that the 99% are victorious, and as ‘genedebs’ says… “I expect much the same thing to happen in this campaign”. Corporate media has been very successful in dumbing down the populace convincing most Americans that a vote for the two corporate Parties is the only way to go. The difference this time around may come from the younger generation which doesn’t buy into the mainstream claptrap about only focusing on the Dem versus Repub playbook. Unfortunately not enough young people will help determine the primaries which are generally populated by older, corporate friendly, diehart Democrats who will be swooned by the promises of huge corporate donations for their acquiescence. To make matters worse, the corporate media will demonize, ignore, downplay and mock anything that Bernie Sanders has to say.
Sanders has been careful not to piss off the MIC too much as he supports the few MIC contractors in Vermont, but the MIC also knows that if Bernie were ever elected and installed his electoral reforms, it would most likely spell doom for the MIC after a 150 year run. No corporate influence in Washington has had as much success as the military defence contractors have had. This came about by having the MIC purchase the two main parties. If Bernie is somehow chosen over the Dragon Lady, you can guarantee that the MIC will withdraw all of its support for the Democratic Party and throw their full support behind the chosen Republican sycophant.
The primaries will be an interesting bell weather for American politics. I can hardly wait for the fireworks to begin.


Unions “exempting Hillary from any TPP retributions” is tantamount to expanding the mosquito population as part of a malaria eradication effort. Nobody set the stage for TTP and TTIP more than the Clinton family.


“A few union leaders have recently vowed to withhold future support from Democrats who favor President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, but Hillary Clinton will certainly be exempted from any such retribution.”

This sentence alone, in my opinion, is worthy of an article on a deep analysis of Clinton’s history, choices and rhetoric.
Done-deal-clinton; candidate-after-the-fact, a one granny clean up crew for .1% winner-take-all-and-then-some. Gee, its all so why-do-they-hate-us-complex that the only option is to fuel the predatory globalization momentum and put a well scripted bobble-head standee on the wedding cake and claim there will be a ‘honeymoon’. You know, like a “peace dividend”. Golden parachute Clinton who laments how hard this that and the other things are. Never has there been a distancing from “Its the economy stupid”. Yuppers, the economy just gets more and more stupid and TTIP et al looks more and more like a guarantee of intensification of more of the same.

Riiiiiight… What was it she joked about? we came, we saw, he died. Well there’s a titillating bedtime story to add to the intricately crafted buffer-zone untouchable strategy trajectory. No doubt it would come up during some honeymoon pillow talk.

Wooof! (or is it wolf?) Clinton is no Granny D.


While Bernie might qualify as true lesser evil compared to Hillary lets not forget he is a Zionist, and a friend to the military industrial complex. Google counterpunch myth of Bernie Sander, and Bernie Sanders Israel for more details. I would have posted links but CD in its usual censorious way disallowed them.


I disagree. Had Reagan not done his anti-govt. mantras and the Reagan-Thatcher era not succeeded in getting every previously govt. run function & entity into privatized hands (sans any chain of accountability), the Clintons corporatizing the Dem. party could not have happened. You leave out the control of media and commensurate escalated campaign costs that cause all viable candidates to become beholden to corporate donors.

The Clintons put a Dem face on policies that suit the oligarchs. In such a system BIG MONEY controls it all… offering up the appearance of contest where there is none to defuse revolution and placate a substantial segment of the masses through the illusion that elections matter.

You have a NEED to demonize Dems more than Republicans which belies this idea (understood by most here) that all candidates must kowtow to the 1% donor caste.

Every once in a while some candidate manages to shake things up… I hope Bernie Sanders CAN be that one.


And the Teamsters and Building Trades Unions backed Mayor 1% in Chicago.