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Labor for Our Revolution


Labor for Our Revolution

Rand Wilson, Peter Olney

The unions that supported Bernie Sanders unite in a new network.

The most important challenge for Our Revolution and this new labor network will be to contribute meaningful political support to shaping the outcome of the 2018 mid-term Congressional elections. There is real potential for the Democratic Party to recapture the House of Representatives.


This is an extremely important and exciting announcement. The national unions that are listed here are on the left of the official U.S. labor movement – which is dominated by the ideology of business unionism (“What’s for Business is Good for Unions” and Labor-Management Cooperation).

More importantly, the fact that 300 local unions are already involved, creates a potential for a bottom-up surge to push Sanders and Our Revolution from the current mooring in the corrupt and rotted carcass of the bankrupt DLC/DNC-Democratic Party. Great News!!!


Looks to me like Labor for Our Revolution is just another funding source for Democrats.

Weak tea. No thanks.


I hope you’re wrong. I base this hop on the involvement of local unions and rank-and-filers who have the political wherewithal to see thru the co-optation possibilities of OR leaders and their flunkies. This is reflective of what is going on in the union movement and the working-class itself: democratization (through these organizations or creating new ones) is a necessary component of the path to power. The key is to switch power flows in nearly all situations from top-down to bottom-up.


Bottom-up is better, of course, and the only way for average citizens to seize power.

But sadly, I hold zero hope for bottom-up agitation to actually work until the Dems are backed further into the corner of irrelevance. The corporate money provides too many lavish lifestyles for establishment Ds to budge from their current oligarch-friendly stance–and Labor for Our Revolution will be blind-sided when Bernie is forced to back a "What’s [Good] for Business is Good for Unions” candidate like Kamala Harris in 2020.

I hope I’m wrong, too.

On a more personal level, I’m getting too old to accept being trapped within binary political options.


Well, one thing is certain: the Dems are running full-speed into the corner of irrelevancy. Hopefully Bernie, OR and suchlike figure that out.


Yes, I agree- and I am pro union from a union family. The dems actually look down on the working class. Actually anyone who works is working class! How silly is that. Even some people on this site seem to look down on “blue collar workers” and trades people. Guess they too are stuck in their ivory towers. It’s one one of the reasons that unfortunately Dump won the election. The people stuck in their ivory towers “forget” about or disrepect the very professions that we actually need every day to survive. Not everyone needs a financial advisor or a IT expert every day but they sure benefit from a farmer, builder, factory worker etc.