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Labor Leader Sara Nelson Demands Stimulus Package That Bails Out Airline Industry Workers—Not Shareholders and CEOs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/17/labor-leader-sara-nelson-demands-stimulus-package-bails-out-airline-industry-workers

BUT HOW WILL WE PAY FOR IT!!! My god, lawmakers are the most hypocritical people in the world. From henceforward, all bills that are written to bail out the wealthy, and leave the rest of us fighting for crumbs, must have a large middle finger image prominantly on the first page at the top of said bill, with the words ‘Fuck the Workers’ right underneath typed in blood red.


People first, corporations last.

Corporations cannot contract Coronavirus.

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No concerns about that now. They are going to bail out the entire global capitalist class.


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If Congress wasn’t a bought and paid for subsidiary of corporate America, average workers would be their only priority. And airline execs and shareholders would get “creative destruction” and here’s why:

The four biggest U.S. carriers — Delta, American, Southwest and United — have collectively spent about $39 billion over the last five years buying back shares, according to a tally from S&P Dow Jones Indices.


Nancy Pelosi presents a half-assed bill riddled with corporate-friendly loopholes and hemmed in by her “paygo” mentality while airlines get $50billion (out of $850billion in Trump-proposed stimulus) and Wall St has already gotten $4.5trillion from the Fed.

And not a fuckin peep from Nancy about $trillion deficits as far as the eye can see.


Why are you on Pelosi so much? Trump’s the president who was tweeting and pressuring his friends at the Fed to act, not Pelosi. Right now, he and his buddies are continuing to delay a massively important bill that would partly reverse SNAP cuts his administration is undertaking and that includes Medicaid expansion, testing and treatment for the virus. Supposedly, a one-time $1000 cash payout to people is what they want. We have yet to see the strings attached to it though—and there will be.

I will say this: I owe you and @dpearl an apology though. Given the bullshit delays McConnell is pulling, Pelosi should have sent the bill Democrats wanted forward first.

Emptying the treasury in favor of socialism for the .01% has started. Bush Jr. did it with the Clinton era surplus. Obama did it for Wall St. But those will be a walk in the park compared to what’s coming. Biden would do the same. Recession nothing- worldwide depression is on its way. We can make a lot of noise but not lots of hope here. Unless by some miracle Bernie gets in.

“BUT HOW WILL WE PAY FOR IT[?]” I know! I know! Sister! Sister! Pick me!
All we have to do is cut the military’s budget in half–which would then be the same as the military budgets of only three countries combined–and give it to all of the people affected most by the outbreak; i.e. the working-class; the poor; the middle-class. That way hardly anyone would suffer. Oh; OK; the fat oligarchs would, but who cares about them? Not me. You?

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I’ve heard so many different kinds of bailout ideas, but not a single one, will positively affect my situation. And my situation is probably pretty similar to most WORKING peoples situations. After working hard over the past 25 years, paying off all of my debt, paying off my student loans and house, not taking vacations, not eating out, not saving a lot for retirement. I am faced with NOT being able to work for at least 3 months but possibly more. The business I’ve worked for just told everyone on friday, you’ll have work when we are able to operate our business again when the general public is able to return as patrons. NO pay until then. And since our work is considered a “freelance” or part-time seasonal position, we are not eligible for unemployment. Nevermind the fact that I’ve paid into this government and economy flawlessly for the past 25 years. Even at times paying more than the average citizen because of self employment tax. So now, in my time of need and by NO FAULT of my own- the government that I’ve paid into for 25 years WILL DO NOTHING to help me. They instead want to help out the industries and big business that keep jobs like mine, part of the gig economy, freelance, or part time. They want to bail out the companies that underhandedly play the rules and laws of labor against the workers to stop them from receiving benefits and wages that should be a part of any fair working society. WHY DOESNT CONGRESS DO WHAT IT RIGHT AND THE MOST PRUDENT THING TO DO? Give these same business that I work for the money and have the business pay it’s employees their after tax wages until the virus quarantine has ended. Seems pretty simple. The business will remain They won’t make money, but they wont loose money either. They will stand still. Just like they are while I’m not working for them. The money I receive will go immediately back into the economy to buy things and pay bills. The money they give to industry will go where? To buy back more of their stocks? To buy equipment? More money that will not have any tax paid on it? Until Americans wake the hell up and understand, OUR SUPPOSED LEADERS ARE TOOLS OF INDUSTRY. THEY DO NOTHING FOR COMMON CITIZENS!! What happened to the party of FDR? TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM


And they should be made to bail themselves out by selling those shares first.

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Hallelujah, praise the lord, pass the corn bread.

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No, the US taxpayers should become owners of one big nationalized airline…
And the current shareholders should take a total bath…
And the current airline boards of directors should get shit-canned.


Works for me

But if they’re made to sell all those shares first, it will drive down the cost of taking them over.


Delay action for another week except for paying wages to airline employees.

By then the stock prices will be at rock bottom. Boeing’s, too.


How do we feel about socialism today?
We will bail out the railroads, the bus lines, the taxi companies, and the guy who plays guitar in the square with his hat on the ground.
Bailout is about to take on a bigger meaning.


About time shareholders are spotlighted as part of the problem.

warren buffet has been buying up large amounts of shares since January, banking on another bailout for himself like he scored in 2009. Take a peek at this, not too long but an eyeopener:sultanknish.blogspot.com/2020/03/a-50-billion-airline-bailout-for-warren.

Spread the good news…