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Labor Secretary Advised Clinton To Cast Sanders As Candidate Of Whites To Turn Off Minorities


Labor Secretary Advised Clinton To Cast Sanders As Candidate Of Whites To Turn Off Minorities

Kevin Gosztola

Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who has spent a considerable amount of time boosting Hillary Clinton’s campaign, offered advice in February on how to change the narrative so people of color were discouraged from supporting Bernie Sanders.

The advice was sent in an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, which was published as part of a third batch of emails released by WikiLeaks.


We have electoral fraud evidence at the highest level. The Justice Department, a knowing participant, can't be depended on to prosecute this high crime. Who will initiate a class action lawsuit against the perpetrators?


I read that kind of narrative in the press too, and I have no doubt that the Clinton campaign was feeding them that stuff. Shades of Orwell.


We must also remember that most of the machinations and strategic approaches are usually made outside of the email systems - via phone and so on - and that what we see in these emails, is just the tip of the iceberg.

So it is remarkable how well Bernie (us) did, despite these well organized and powerful behind the scenes forces.


Because of so many manufacturing jobs outsourced during both Democratic and Republican administrations since the Reagan years, the labor secretary's post is to keep the illusion that we have somebody representing labor's interests. Also, during Labor Day in September the corporate news media centers on children going back to school, shopping, and anything other than labor.


Thank you, again, Kevin, for your insightful and concise reporting.

This same smear is now being used against those who support the Green Party. Despite the VP nominee being Ajamu Baraka, a Black activist, and many Black leaders supporting Dr. Stein, like Cornell West, Yahne Ndgo, and Mike White & Will Gaillard of "Let the Madness Begin," the accusation is that voting Third Party is an inexcusable exercise of White Privilege.


This CounterPunch article really puts it all in perspective (it's about the Podesta Files): http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/10/11/elevating-trump/
The author lays out his argument and reaches the completely reasonable verdict that "a vote for Clinton is a vote for Trump," this article needs to be spread all over the net b/c quite honestly, I don't see how we can survive a Killary presidency even if it's only long enough to impeach her.


You ain't the only one! It disturbs the hell out of me to realize that worthless piece of political pandering could have that much effect on me, but until she is safely out of public view and ear shot I will just have to accept that I am only human ... :sob:


Nevertheless, the "plantation" owners will use the 'house' servants within the Black clergy to assure their 'field' workers to continue the 300-year tradition of serving the masters' importuned assurance of kindly disposition -- for a few dollars of "walking around" money.


The DNC Lawsuit is moving along. At least there is a legal action against what the DNC did to undermine Bernie. The Justice Dept. and Obama are complicit in the illegal primary so I don't expect they will lift a finger.


I have written multiple articles over the past month on the Green Party and liberal efforts to further marginalize those who would dare to vote for Stein. Unfortunately, Common Dreams has declined to republish them, even though there is wide interest here in coverage of her campaign.

Thanks for your support.


People drunk on the artificial happiness of television are unable to tell when the bartender has slipped them a mickey.

On TV, it's all mickey, all the time, and I ain't talkin' about no mouse!


Gross, of course. Typical Clinton...

But... Had Bernie Sanders spent any time at all during his many years in Congress building real bridges with the Congressional Black Caucus, we wouldn't be stuck with Hillary v. Trump right now. That's just a fact. Bernie spent more time in Congress than Hillary, so in theory, he should have been able to cultivate more meaningful relationships with Black leaders. He never bothered to do so.


Somewhat fair critique. There are volunteers who complained Sanders was far too willing to cede black voters to Hillary, especially in southern states.


I don't know if I would agree with that, Bernie walked the walk and Hillary's "superpredators" comment alone should have caused her some harm. What Hillary has going for her is Bill, aka the "first Black president" long before Obama. And too, the Black community has been very forgiving about the Clintons welfare reform casting millions into the street and extreme poverty.

In 2008: Former President Bill Clinton was honored as the nation's first black president Saturday at the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Annual Awards Dinner on in Washington, DC


The Clintons must employ a small country while fueling and operating their power machine to soak the world of money and lives.
They do a lot of good, don't they?


Kevin continues to do great work. He's a true diamond in the rough. Here, he exposes another Clintonista Clan cynical exploitation and shows the likes of Marcotte and other MSM stenographers working as Fluffers for HillBillary. As the Wikileaks e-mails show our country is broken by elite cynicism . And, the Beltway Bunch who support the status quo of SOSDD ( same old shit different democrat ) are not at all progressive. They are nothing more than professional lackeys for the PTB. Stay Clear, Stay Strong, Stay Clean, Vote Green in 2016.


He had the support of Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalava of the progressive caucus---maybe this says more about the Black caucus----How can members of the Black caucus take money from the private prison industry??????


Did NBC and the Washington Post put this story out on Trump because of these leaked e-mails. We are for the first time getting information about these wall street speeches, and it is being buried. CD????

So the Labor Sec is more focused on getting Clinton elected------These unemployment numbers are cooked!

I see homelessness everywhere--The LA Times has numerous articles of the growing homeless population-

Trump(who I don't support)is right when he says that Clinton is all talk ----I am sure Paul Ryan will be voting for Clinton?????


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