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Labor Unions and Green Groups Sue Trump Admin. for 'Failure to Protect Frontline Workers From Covid-19'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/labor-unions-and-green-groups-sue-trump-admin-failure-protect-frontline-workers

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Finally, SOME coverage of what’s been ignored throught the “election,” people being forced to work thru this preventable nightmare; basically being fed to a virus by OUR political party, unions, the lying media and parasitic medical sector.

A life-long Democrat, it’s EMBARASSING how often ONLY WSWS. org covers walkouts, UNION & regulatory capture, MURDEROUS conditions and gigantic outbreaks that these “lefty” blog aggregators blithely ignore? Pro Publica and CounterPunch I’ve always loved. But, looking at how local, state and federal government have simply fed us all to a fucking virus for fun and profit. I’ve really been appreciative!

~https://inthesetimes.com/article/nobody-seems-to-grasp-how-screwed-we-are (also, getting involved, again).

~https://paydayreport.com/over-44000-meatpackers-tested-positive-for-covid-osha-hasnt-issued-covid-fine-for-more-than-30000-philly-firefighters-protest-trump-endorsement (new blog aggregator from cancer valley)



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