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Labour's Manifesto Is "Long Overdue" Blueprint for Leftists Worldwide


Labour's Manifesto Is "Long Overdue" Blueprint for Leftists Worldwide

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.K. Labour Party's election manifesto, officially unveiled on Tuesday after a draft was leaked last week, could serve as a template for the left-of-center political sphere worldwide, columnist Owen Jones wrote for the Guardian.


Mixed with Rev. Barbers announcement of the Poor people’s campaign here in US , there is hope.


Exactly so! Common Good, NOT common greed!


Please compare this manifesto with the people running the Democratic Party (such as Pelosi, Feinstein, Clinton and her minions, as well as Obama) refusing to even support single payer or to come up with a coherent economic policy that breaks from the trajectory Reagan set us on. We really don’t have a progressive party in this country, and most of the people in charge of the DNC are the ideological brethren of the Blairite faction that have been undermining Corbyn since he took over the Labour Party. You remember those people, they were telling us all to stop imaging a better world and to only accept the rotten choices and ideas that fall within the narrow range of opinion among those in the corrupt DC bubble. How would those running the DNC and the media here respond if people were pushing for this plan?


Don’t worry the billionaires that own us will stamp out this virus.


The big problem is, the British Labour Party under Corbyn may have the far better platform, but they will likely do even worse and lose more seats than the US Democrats last November.

You can thank the hostile British corporate media for this.

Then again, only the polls over the next few days will tell…


WOW! WOW! WOW! Corbyn is a Mensch!


Whoops! Wrong reply. Meant for the article’s author.


WOW! WOW! WOW! Corbyn is a Mensch! We love you, Jeremy! (At least we Mensch!)


Might as well join you as I came in to post that Establishment likely won’t abide Corbyn for very long.

They will find him dangerous to have around and certainly his liberal “think about this” messages which will
need to be stamped out.



To quote Oddball: “no more negative waves man”.


The fakery of sopcial democracy is that first it is still democracy for the capitalist class, not the working class and that it is hides behind nationalist ideology to do the will of the capitalist class. The Laboiurites in Britain have a long history of betryal of workers in supporting BOTH world wars and supporting the imperialist wars for oil in the Middle East. Their main goal to to stave off communist revolution and fill the workers minds with reformist notions. Notice that Labour has jumped on the nationalist Brexit strategy of the neo-fascist UKIP party and the Conservatives. Manifesto or no manifesto Labour has once again shown that social democracy is in truth social fascism. Just as the Democrats in the US, a party of Wall Street, paved the way for the neo-fascist Trump Presidency by betraying workers interests both in the Clinton and Obama Presidencies, Labour in the UK has skillfully played into the fascist rulers plans of war, racism, and fascism. Remember when the major anti-racist rebellion erupted in Britain several years ago that Labour called for law and order and strengthened Cameron’s hand in promoting racism repression and in delegitimizing the rebellion against racist murder.


How to the British vote – and who counts the votes?


Worldwide blueprint for labour should include global economic enfranchisement

Simply allowing each adult human to claim an equal Share of the fiat credit that backs our currencies will not only enfranchise each in the global economic system, but by requiring the Shares to be deposited in trust with one’s bank, and requiring sovereign debt to be backed with these Shares…

…we provide each with a quantum of secure capital, that is a limited right to loan a specific value of money into existence for investment in sovereign debt, returning an equal share of the interest paid on global sovereign debt

…we provide each deposit bank holding Shares with a surplus of sustainably priced credit to finance sovereign projects at each level of government, and certain secure investments of individual sovereigns, worldwide, proportional to population

Please do consider the value of this small change, and thanks so much for your kind indulgence


Why can’t some of the leadership in the UK and US face the fact that with global warming now accelerating, our species is likely doomed? What makes this likely is that not only are the causes still acting, but leaders fail to realize if our species is to have any chance to survive. swift and decisive action will be necessary.


Thank you for stating what most do not recognize … a social democracy is nothing more than “reformed” capitalism – the very system that has oppressed and exploited the working class for several hundred years. Social democracies are all smoke and mirrors that protects and benefits the capitalist ruling elites while throwing just enough socialized benefits to the working class to keep them docile and subservient to their capitalist masters.

Look at the different times in history when capitalism has been reformed in the USA – particularly under Roosevelt and Johnson. Now … look where we are today! The very idea of being able to reform capitalism to be more humane is absolutely ludicrous.

  • Capitalism serves and protects capital.
  • Socialism serves and protects society.

There is no common ground. Capitalism and (real) socialism are extreme opposites. As such, they cannot co-exist.

Personally, I will spend my resources and energy on supporting and working towards real socialism – not reforms to capitalism that are here today and gone tomorrow at the will of our capitalist overlords.

“The basic law of capitalism is you or I, not you and I.”

  • Karl Liebknecht


Labour has said the Government’s punitive four-year freeze on benefits would continue. The freeze – due to run until 2020 – is widely recognised to be a key driver behind forecasts of rising poverty to come, as the bottom 20 per cent of society sees its incomes fall. The freeze targets jobseeker’s allowance, income support, employment support allowance and housing benefit, as well as child benefit and tax credits - affecting 11 million families across the UK. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation charity said the freeze unless reversed, would add to poverty. Institute for Fiscal Studies also pinpointed the benefits freeze. “Cuts in the real value of benefits will reduce incomes among poorer working age households,”

As someone said, if we want Tory policies, we’ll vote Tory.


Another well-directed comment by you, MBROWNEC.

Debs also explained what was at stake very clearly
“The issue is Socialism versus Capitalism. I am for Socialism because i am for humanity”


Feinstein is a war monger and a billionaire who has built her fortunes using her position as a senator. I vividly recall her aggressively pushing congress to vote for war on Iraq claiming WMD hoax in line with her AIPAC and Zionist neocons. Feinstein should be tried for war crimes and for enriching herself for among countless others buying public property such the old Berkeley post office building at bargain priced government auction.


They realize it alright but deep down think hmmm it maybe true but that will only impact poor nations and poor people which means more business opportunities for the rich. Have we noticed how the wealthy bastards have been grabbing natural water resources and turning what was once community owned utilities services like water and electricity into private hands mostly quietly? They know global warming is real but won’t acknowledge it publicly because disaster and wars is what will ensue and they are in best position not only to ride it of but to use it for generating greater profits. These are not humans folks they are monsters with one track minds that value profits over everything else.