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Lack of Universal Healthcare Should Be a 'National Scandal'


Lack of Universal Healthcare Should Be a 'National Scandal'

Jimmy Carter, Gro Harlem Brundtland

Fundamental rights are denied to millions of Americans because they do not enjoy one of the essential foundations of a fair society: the right to health.

"It is all the more scandalous given the extremely high cost of the US health care system, which takes up 17.1 percent of Gross National Product. This is 40 percent higher than the average for high-income countries, but the heavy reliance on private financing leads to severe inefficiencies and inequalities within the system. Around a third of health expenditure is spent on administrative costs rather than infrastructure or patient care."


It is a shameful nation that makes Health Care a privilege, when unqualified ownership of unlimited Firearms is a right! It is absolute evidence of the inherent corruption of our national “leadership!”


Any government that lets it’s citizens be destroyed, whether by ill health or corporate parasites, has committed war against the citizenry that that government was created to protect. Such a government and its stooges should not be surprised when those citizens band together for their own defense. How long did it take the government of East Germany to fully collapse when the people there said “ENOUGH!”? As Captain Sully Sullenberger told his passengers just before their disabled plane went for a swim in the Hudson River, “Prepare for impact.”


Thank you Gro and Jimmy. I am a big fan of you both.


Scandalous indeed!