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Lacking Trust in Their Government, the People of Flint are Staging a Revolt

Lacking Trust in Their Government, the People of Flint are Staging a Revolt

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Fed up with an administration whose policies caused the devastating water crisis and subsequent health epidemic, advocacy organizations and community members are calling for nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way government works in Michigan.

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The model of “business” that is being implemented with the so-called ‘emergency manager’ of cities that have fallen victim to centuries of predatory capitalism is fundamentally parasitic. Derived from a set of embedded extractive criteria as old as royal colonization charters the world over, those subjugated by it have, with each generation, unfailing struggled to counter the multiple bait-and-switch, the brute force and insensate framing of the pathological legacy of profligate ‘privilege’ which defines itself as first - even before the laws it defies. It is the ‘stockholm syndrome’ model of first holding its own hostage.There is no discernment of cause and effect, no historical factual integrity.

Compromise means one thing in terms of ethical negotiation, but compromise from an unethical legacy of sheer power through brute force is strictly an intent to establish power over the ‘other’.in order to compromise integrity and dignity. These are essential elements through which diversity reflects, enjoys and produces more than the sum of countless different parts.

The corrupt model masquerading as ‘governance’ is being called to task by billions of people all over the world, documenting the breadth and depth of the variations of manifestation literally eating the planet alive.

The sheer strength, breadth, adaptability, creativity of all that has been ‘externalized’/declared non-existent by predatory capitalism is more than sufficient for the birthing of a renewed planet. Our generation is in many senses is being called to the tasks of the midwife.


They’re a lot worse than " bean counters ", I’m afraid. The vast majority of these unelected " deciders " are much closer to " benevolent dictators " who have been placed inside our gov’t by the invisible hand of the free market. With lots of help, of course, from the invisible hands of secret campaign contributions. " Politics, noun. A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. " Ambrose Bierce

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Okay. I know Michigan. It’s a can do place with corporatists suddenly in charge.

Forget the rich. Get down to basics.

Water, affordable housing, sanitation. Democracy is the organic tool used to focus distributed human intelligence.

Nobody can concentrate when basics are full time hurry up don’t stop to think.

Start with water and flycatcher compost toilets. Tell city hall and the state capitol to move on over to the next town. Now michiganders can build sculptured and safe affordable housing for less than $10/sqft.

Think how much rainwater runs off the nearby church roof. Bottle water and sell it for 2¢/Liter and pay back the costs in 5 - 7 years. Match that wall Street!

check http://www.ferrocement.com

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Seeing how most “benevolent dictators” have left the populations of nations (or other jurisdictions) they lead in better shape than when they started, characterizing Snyder as such is very charitable.


Let the lawsuits begin! Let the trials (and convictions) begin! May all the Flint and Sebring victims soon be financially able to either move or rebuild in addition to having enough funds to cover ALL future health issues that are inevitable with lead poisoning (or any other toxins that were in the polluted Flint River water). Snyder and his henchmen are toast and should be severely punished both by incarceration and financially (sued personally for their wanton malfeasance).

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They have not been poisoned by policies. They have been poisoned by people, who’s sole interests was money, not the health and lives of poor people. Twelve are dead already and the children with lead poisoning may have learning disabilities the rest of their lives. Everyone who has been exposed to lead may in time develop a long list of health problems that will lesson the quality of their lives and lead to an early death. Every person who had any part in allowing a hole city of people to be poisoned for the sake of their own convince should be locked up and never let out. All of their money, property, and holdings should be confiscated and used to help deal with the enormous problems that they caused.


Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 4:04 AM

When I look into my crystal ball…I see this is just the first in a long line of events that are about to take place in this country. Not just poisoned water and Legionnaires disease…there will be cholera and other such water borne diseases braking out because of a broken-down system.

Just like the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, everyone will be rushing in too late in the game to help and many deaths will occur that did not have to happen. Because some people think some lives do not matter then this kind of thinking will put us all at risk.

What we all hold in common is this country and how it is governed. It belongs to us and it is in our hands to take care of it and right the wrongs being inflicted upon on us all. Who would allow children or anyone’s child this fate?

This is not just a Flint Michigan problem it is OUR problem and we must rise and make this country serve ALL of the people. Time is fleeting and we must act now or we will never recover the opportunities to save more lives.

It is the time to bring home our warriors and turn our attentions to our own country. Peace starts at home. You cannot have peace while your own population is being destroyed from within.

There are terrorists running the offices of our governments. In all offices of our governments, the “elected” officials have a sworn duty to serve the people and to provide a system of governance that is to elevate and improve the daily lives of their constituents and to improve the human condition. They instead put the people at risk by governing the people as if they were a business where the “bottom line” is all that is important. At their own whim, they put people in charge that would see to cutting corners to save money.

You cannot support life by starving it to death. These people must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity and we must be about the business of immediately correcting these ills before there is a total collapse of society.


Unless your a rich guy, it is clear that the neocon experiment in Michigan has been an abject failure.

Snyder out! Democracy in!

when you look at this its a terrible thing to have happened but you should remember to ask yourself how these ppl got in public office in the first place and or why did they keep getting re-elected

Excuse me…The Governor may have been elected but his minons were appointed by him…aye there is the rub. Please read more carefully the people’s complaints.

Please see my remarks above.

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There is another petition calling for prosecution of Snyder, from Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein.

Dr. Stein is a medical doctor, and is the co-author of “In Harm’s Way: Toxic Threats to Child Development,” published in 2000, and “Environmental Threats to Healthy Aging,” published in 2009. She has received awards for her work from Clean Water Action and the Toxic Action Center.

From her campaign newsletter today:

If the drinking water in Flint, Michigan was poisoned by ISIS, rather than
corporate-sponsored politicians, how do you think President Obama and the
Republican-Democratic duopoly would respond?

Lead levels in Flint’s drinking water are so high that the EPA considers it
“hazardous waste”. No human being should be condemned to drink water contaminated by
a neurotoxin.

It’s an outrage that public officials knowingly allowed this to happen. To prevent
this kind of criminal neglect from ever occurring again, we must demand

Stand with me to call for the prosecution of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and
other public officials who knew about the water poisoning in Flint but failed to
act. http://www.jill2016.com/flint

We need immediate federal and state intervention to resolve Flint’s water crisis, as
well as a massive federal investment in our nation’s crumbling water system, which
I’m calling for in my Power to the People Plan.

After Flint’s water supply was switched two years ago to save money, the problems
were immediate and included high levels of E. Coli and trihalomethane, a carcinogen

  • even before the detection of lead. The governor and other state officials failed
    to take action, despite knowing about the lead contamination.

The Flint water crisis shows what happens when governors such as Rick Snyder end
local democracy in order to serve corporate interests.

In fact, this crisis is the logical outcome of decades of betrayal by the bipartisan
political establishment serving the economic elite: deindustrialization and
disinvestment, abandonment of democracy and neglect of the lives and well-being of
poor people and communities of color.

Bottled water will not solve Flint or America’s infrastructure crisis. Instead, a
Green New Deal - complete with adequate public infrastructure spending, living wage
jobs, a just economy, and the end of poverty - is what Americans want, need, and

Stand with me to demand accountability for Flint’s water crisis - and to call for
massive federal investment in safe drinking water infrastructure nationwide.

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"As Flint native Art Reyes III explained, “The emergency manager law gave unchecked power to the governor in the name of helping these communities emerge from financial distress. But in reality, it unleashed a series of devastating austerity and privatization measures adopted in the name of progress, and took away democratic rights from poor communities of color.”

Sounds like fascism. .

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I repeat the ppl elected them and if they accept the propaganda and brainwashing then maybe they deserve what they voted for as they are not capable of understanding it. IMHO these hacks should go to jail but then when they talk the sheeple’s eyes roll back in their heads and they softly bleat yesssss. then theres the ‘big game’ its on somewhere.
and then when the appointees and the ‘emergency manager law’ came into effect the ppl allowed it to stand rather thyan starting a recall

I have to say I am really surprised the response or is that lack of response of the poisoned citizens of Flint. In many places around the world, in fact the majority, there would have been a high risk of a mob forming and actually lynching politicians, those politicians would need to be arrested for their safety.
I can not think of many countries where the politicians involved and the contractors who carried out the work would have been arrested within the first week and then criminal charges added one after another.
Americans have become fearful cowards, barely able to take action to protect themselves and their families. They were poisoned, they will suffer for the rest of their lives and they are still being poisoned. Seriously where has the backbone of the American people gone and where is the cry for justice and where is the justified rage.

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The fact that the criminal governor and his entire staff are actually still able to walk, talk and breath is a living testament to the complete and absolute cowardice of the general public…

The psychopaths are deliberately and knowingly poisoning kids and yet not a single person is held personally accountable, what a bunch of cowards.


Read Jill Stein’s campaign literature with a bit of skepticism.
To contest just two points early in the piece,

From President Obama’s past responses, he would do his level best to deny that ISIS was involved. After all, he says they are the J.V. team and we have them on the run.

Interesting statement, since for months the local EPA office would run Flint tap water for 5 minutes, to ‘flush it out’, and then test it and the water passed the EPA tests.
Flint’s water has already been switched back to the Detroit system. I would bet that running it for 5 minutes before drinking it would pass the EPA’s safety tests.

I can see at least two comments worth making.
I can sympathize with the rejection of the Emergency Financial Manager, and the ‘austerity’ that he (a black person) imposed. But that doesn’t change first facts. Flint was spending rather more than it was taking in in revenue. And has been for years. And a Cloward-Piven wish to get money because you need it doesn’t mean that you actually will get it. Without an Emergency Financial Manager it would have been the mayor and city council who would have had to make those decisions. Or not, and then suffer the consequences as the city is unable to pay police and fire, and those workers go on strike, and unable to pay the electric bill and the electric company shuts off power, etc.
Second, most news reports aren’t telling the whole story. Here is one of the few other stories that tells more.
Flint’s water crisis isn’t a failure of austerity. It’s a failure of government.