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Lame Duck Power Grabs in The Midwest


Lame Duck Power Grabs in The Midwest

Jay Riestenberg

Voters should have the final say in our democracy. But right now, Republicans in charge of legislatures in several Midwestern states are trying to rig the system — because they didn’t like the election results. Make no mistake, the blatant power grabs by these legislatures in the lame duck sessions are an effort to ignore the will of everyday voters. We cannot sit quietly by and let them get away with it


To you republicans: “Hey, hey, you, you, get off of my cloud.”


Tom I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. You seem to be describing gerrymandering per se. The thrust of the topic here is stealing authority from duly elected political officials, legislators. Duopoly, agreeing or not, fair minded people want fair elections with all conditions taken into account.

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Yep. Let’s just note, if not for the gerrymanders, the legislatures in these states would likely look different. It is a travesty to see Blatant post-election power grabs like this going on.