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Lame-Duck Republicans Are Waging War on Heartland Democracy


Lame-Duck Republicans Are Waging War on Heartland Democracy

Nicole Braun

For millions of Americans, there’s no “making it” if you fall beneath a certain social class line. And the Michigan GOP, which was roundly rejected in the last election, is determined to keep it that way.

In neighboring Wisconsin, Republicans decided to show voters there that their voices, votes, hardships, and pain don’t matter. They passed a series of lame-duck bills making it all but impossible for newly elected Democrats to implement their agenda.


Democracy in the US is threatened because the Republican Party has put party over country to get its conservative agenda. Democracy doesn’t guarantee that a political party gets what it wants so the Republicans are trying to get what they want by destroying democracy. They are doing this at every level. They are trying to stop people from voting particularly African Americans and they are gerrymandering so votes to not lead to winning elections, they are doing what state legislatures have done in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan by taking away the powers of newly elected Democratic governors, and they are packing the courts with right wing extremists who are making decisions based on partisan politics rather than the Constitution. And they ran a man for president who is a fascist.


They took the lil’ Jimmys’ schools.
They took the lil’ Jimmys’ clean water.


The “pro-business” democrats want to cut deals with the “pro-business” republicans.


Isn’t it Lame-Duck Republican open hunting season yet?


There has been a large culture of pervasive Xenophobia, racism and white supremacy in majority of the country. The people who belong to this subculture neither understand democracy nor want it. They are accustomed to a certain position of privilege in social and monetary status. This is confirmed for them by a rabid right wing media, their cloistered churches and compliant judicial system. They have no reason to believe otherwise.

The many republicans, and democrats who have been elected by this subculture simply fall in lock step of the moneyed hierarchy, so that their gravy train is life long.

These non democratic actions are direct descendants of the fascists, the slave owners, the pinkertons and monarchs.

This has been in the works since the civil war, but has been an unstoppable juggernaut since Reagan.

Accountability as currency is the only solution, and nothing else.


“But who can afford to take time off their jobs to do that ?”
I know everyone is hurting financially (working class), but people have to prioritize their actions, or lack of actions. Would you rather lose a few weeks of pay, or lose pay the whole year ? Would you rather risk arrest, or become a slave ?
I still believe, had their been enough citizens at their state capitals, they could have removed the traitors from the citizens capitals in MI and WI. Some say, the National Guard would have been called, to that I say, everyone of those Guardsmen have family members affected, those family members could have applied a lot of pressure to them, to have them stand down or join in. If you’re going to worry about these things, nothing will get done, or changed. I lead actions that had consequences as a firefighter local president, once you get the upper hand, the first thing you negotiate for is amnesty for all of you’re personnel. It works.


Fvck the heartland. They voted these douchebags into office.


I’ll bet you enjoy fillet of duck PonyBoy. After the goose is cooked. MAGA is not what it was quacked up to be. That’s just ducky Donny, you will look just great in stripes or solid orange. You will be able to join your flock soon, after all, birds of a feather, serve together. Donny, take a GANDER over your shoulder. Yup, here comes Mueller.
What did Donny duck say to MIKEY mouse. “You dirty rat, you dirty rat.” That should be enough of that?


G, I told all the naysayers here to be patient, that this assault on our country by the Orange Hitler could not last.

Sit back and watch him and his brood squirm.

It’s going to be lovely G.



If I had a dollar for every time I played HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN I’d be hundreds of dollars richer. Thanks man, I haven’t heard these guys for a while.


God I know I’m one, too.


Well, why in the hell do we have prisons? This country loves having private prisons to fill with young and black folks, while we leave the true American criminals to run loose across America and prey on her citizens!