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Lame Duck TPP Push Hands Trump A Powerful Issue Against Clinton


Lame Duck TPP Push Hands Trump A Powerful Issue Against Clinton

Dave Johnson

More and more the word is getting out that President Obama, along with the giant multinational corporations and Wall Street, will launch a push in Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the “lame duck” legislative session following the election.

President Obama should put a stop to this talk right now. It hands Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a powerful issue to use against – and embarrass – Hillary Clinton, should she become the Democratic nominee.

TPP In Lame Duck


Why would Obama "put a stop" to his number one second term agenda item ?

During his second term Obama has spent more time promoting TPP, TTIP and TISA than any other issue. Had they not been kept secret so long he would have spent more time on them during his first term.

Nobody needs to GIVE Trump any ammo against Obama and Clinton, they have already handed him all the ammo he needs on a silver platter.

Since they are blaming Sanders for all of Clintons woes, isn't it time to blame him for making TPP and issue in 2016 ? Had Sanders not addressed the issue, no other Democratic Party or GOP candidates would have gone near it.


These free trade deals are the legacy of a Democratic White House to begin with, and just another in a long list of egregious legislation to assist corporations in world or wealth domination. While the Obama administration has been ruthless in its prosecution of whistleblowers by charging espionage, who will charge him with treason for selling out our sovereignty for a few pieces of silver?

Should Clinton take the nomination, it's time for the Democratic Party to take the hit it deserves. The political revolutionaries that have risen up in this election cycle must be prepared to take to the streets should Congress even consider passing this trumped up global corporate constitution.


Look this is what the Clinton Obama corporate wing of the Democratic party does.....I wonder if he is looking at the Clinton"s and speech fees. Does anyone really think this deal is honestly oppose by Hillary.....If so there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


A Clinton victory is nothing short of the solidification of a global corporate coup.


Clinton didn't say she opposed TPP, just that it no longer met the "gold standard that it did" when she was working on it.

An inconsequential tweak to the document on January 21, 2017 will magically push it over the gold standard threshold and President Clinton will sign it in a New York minute.


The Donald has said he would not approve the TPP. Who knows what he would really do but he seems adamant about changing trade and getting us out of the huge trade deficits. While Clinton, who has worked hard for it for years, says she won't sign it without tweaks. Don't believe her. We know what she will do.
She's the devil we know.
Mr. Johnson is correct, Trump will beat her badly over this. I don't see how she can win against him and at this point I don't care. If Sanders doesn't win we will be in the streets whether it's her or Trump.


Truth is it is the only thing some democrats and all the GOP agree on....It shows us which democrats are not democrats and those who vote yes on it should be voted out of office including the republicans...Obama is really just a POS.


The Donald tells lies even about his own lies....He would knuckle under to the GOP bandwagon make no mistake...he is only pandering for votes his real agenda is nothing but 100% GOP bullshit.


Damn right Dede. To tweak the agreement in any significant way would be to reopen the negotiations. That simply is not going to happen because it opens up the can of worms again. Either Clinton will sign it just the way it is or she will not. In the case of the latter happening, the odds are probably about the same as a bolt of lightning hitting her. We can only hope.


As I've mentioned, when the Oligarchs finally destroy what's left of the New Deal era, when they increase their control and oppression to 1984-ish levels, further concentrating power, it will not be the crazy right-wing that does it. It will be a traitorous, lying, pandering, delusional neo-liberal like Obomber (or Clinton) that does it.

btw, I'm not judging Oligarchs, imo, that's what happens when people get too much power and wealth. It should be prevented from happening by taxes and regulation (like it used to). I don't care how much 'freedom' has to be taken away to do it.


I'm not interested in what Trump will do in opposition to Hillary, if that is the case, I'm taking a hike.

Bernie in Oakland last evening, 30 thousand. A more helpful article would be one pressuring the so called Superdelegates to make the right choice,vote Bernie, or vote Hillary and their own ultimate demise.


I heard from the radio on the Warriors game, that Bernie was at the game! No mention of this from TNT (the tv network carrying the game), for those who don't know this was a playoff game 7, with probably very big ratings, thanks for the photo, 30K, incredible!


If Obama is successful in getting the TPP through Congress, he will effectively take Clinton off the hook, should she successfully get the nomination and win the election. She can just say, 'aw shucks, guess TPP is already through, darn it. Guess we'll just have to live with it.'


The author writes: "Clinton is also (unfairly) seen by many as sharing her husband Bill Clinton’s political views, including his successful efforts to push the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which has become a shorthand term describing all of the “free trade” agreements and the damage they have done to American wages."

Is this actually an unfair criticism - did she fully support NAFTA when she was first lady?


Well said. My ears pricked when I read "(unfairly)" as well.

From Day One, these two rose to power as a pair. It was their "2 for 1" sales pitch to the public. They are still a pair, and it is not only natural, but entirely justified and reasonable to link her to the policies coming out of the Clinton White House. Yes, she supported NAFTA.

Are we expected to believe that she will undo much of the legacy she helped Bill build? In this election, she ain't selling 2 for 1, but you can bet that's what we'll end up with.


These two rose to power as a pair - like Claire and Francis.


Obama needs to pass the TPP to seal the Faustian bargain he made with the corporations to become president.


The primary purpose of his Japan visit was to promote TPP.


Yes, and you won't read that in the papers.