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Lame-Duck Trump's "Middle East Arms Bonanza" Continues With Approval of $290 Million Weapons Sale to Saudi Regime

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/lame-duck-trumps-middle-east-arms-bonanza-continues-approval-290-million-weapons

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The Saudis are spreading around a lot of money trying to buy the Biden administration. Let’s see how this goes.



The US weapons contractors will sell WMDs to anyone and everyone who can come up with the cash.You got the money they can get you the stinger, patriot missiles, rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles you name it it’s for sale. Absolute zero moral fiber.


"Murder Inc." is doing very well when so may are not.

Hope they’re paying their fair share of taxes.

How many here think Jesus would support either of these two Corporate Warmongering Political Parties that support this type of Weapons Proliferation?

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We are just following the Israeli model. When all you do is make weapons, but suddenly have no enemies, you have to make some new ones or your economy goes in the shitter. The easiest way to do that is to sell monkeys guns, and let nature take its course.


That little piece of child like brain that still exists way in the back there, the piece that learned about the exploits of fictional Jesus in Sunday school so many years ago, would probably be warped by trying to equate the teachings of Jesus with the modern consumer culture.
Fortunately, my adult brain knows that it matters what Jesus would do today about as much as it does Billy Pilgrim, or Holden Caufield. They are all fictional characters so they just wouldn’t give a shit about our problems.
We have to solve them ourselves. And apparently we’ve decided to do that by selling guns to any nut with a check book.


I thought his name was Brian:


Hopefully they sell and use many of the anti-tank weapons… How about those supersonic Aircraft Carrier destroyer missiles too? Shouldn’t take too many of those to sink some of our Titanics.

Bogus, endless, enemies; for evil, endless war profits. Like I have posted before, if the Amerikan war profiteers had no enemies they would have to invent them…AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!


soon there will be no more foreign enemies to fight, only domestic ones.

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“Don’t listen to him! He’s not the messiah, he’s just a naughty boy!”

I think my mother may have yelled that at me once or twice (well, not the messiah part)
Now I’m going to have to go watch it again. Thanks wings:)

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“La Vida de Brian”. Even funnier in Spanish.

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A very perverted form of christianity is practiced in the US. One that praises wealth and anoints the ultra wealthy since according to their bible “God /Jesus loves the wealthy”. They have created a designer cut cult “Christianity” that conforms to their selfish deeds. When confronted they rehash the fictional old Testament trash XXX gory fables.


Very,very true! I am sure of it. When the US has millions of Evangelicals supporting Trump, that has to be the epitome of perversion and hypocrisy.

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I wonder if Liddle trumpie and his baby North Korean butt buddy have been discussing arms sales in recent weeks??

We Arm The World. = plug this in to google for more information …

Presidents have too much power that needs reined in …


Two things are clear; 1) Those who make and sell guns have no “higher power” other than money, and 2) Those nations that buy weapons made for killing also have no “higher power” other than a will to kill.

Who is to say a child’s brain is any different than an adult’s other than the lessons one gains from living longer.

Let us also have some respect for other’s beliefs.

Or not, which might be a reflection of another’s lack of learning any life lessons from those times in Sunday school.

Do seem kinda hypocritical to mysteriously forget Hillary, high-fiving Huma Abedin, over dumping F-15s & cluster-munitions on the Saudis, so to speak? Oh, this is typical CommonDreams? NEVERMIND, we’re back to NORMAL!

~https://fpif.org/hillary-clintons-state-department-armed-saudi-arabia-teeth/ (turn the other cheek, HRC style)


~https://theintercept.com/2016/02/22/saudi-christmas-present/ (they murder us, we attack their enemy… Iraq?)

~https://mobile.twitter.com/MarkAmesExiled/status/1343678648281427968 (Krystal modulator app, anybody?)

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