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Lancet Study Warns of Global Health Crisis and 1 Billion Climate Refugees by 2050


Lancet Study Warns of Global Health Crisis and 1 Billion Climate Refugees by 2050

Julia Conley, staff writer

"We are only just beginning to feel the impacts of climate change."


Belief in Science = Actions Taken to Prevent a Global Health Crisis

Trump’s Administration = Actions Taken to Deny Science & Expand Elites Wealth


should include those who’s homes have burned in wildfires this year, and who’s homes were destroyed by the succession of massive hurricanes.


The main driver of the coming apocalypse is pollution - 9 million deaths attributed to pollution globally, of the 55 million deaths per year. That’s just about one in six. And it will only get worse.

The second driver is the collapse of institutions that support human life - societies themselves racked by the disruptions caused by climate change, devstation of agriculture, refugees displaced by the endtimes wars for resources, breakdown of medical care, etc.

All predicted in the 1972 study Limits To Growth.

Alas …


Climate change is caused by too many people exceeding the carrying capacity of the biosphere.

Until overpopulation stops being a taboo subject, we will be treating the symptoms and not the cause.


Probably a low ball estimate. By 2050, if things continue to escalate, which they will both respect to global warming and global warming chaos we will be lucky if there are less than a billion deaths let alone refugees.


On the bright side, population growth is tapering off.

On the gloomy side, too little, too late.


A few of them, maybe, but certainly not all.  But who’s to say whose homes?  There would have been SOME wildfires and SOME major hurricanes with or without climate change.  But there would not have been ANY sig­nificant sea level rise without global warming expanding the volume of the ocean and adding to the volume by the melting of glaciers.   (The melting of sea ice does NOT raise the sea level.  Don’t believe me?  Put several ice cubes in a glass, add enough water so that the ice is floating freely {NOT resting on the bottom or sides of the glass}, make a mark to show the water level, and then check it again after all of the ice has melted.)

Close, Skeptic, but no cigar — it’s WAY too little, and WAY too late . . .


2050, might not be available. Hello, Blade Runner 2049 looks scary and grim.


These numbers of climate refugees are clearly poorly researched. I myself know of a half-dozen Puerto Rican’s who have left everything behind in Puerto Rico to live with relatives in the continental US, just from hurricane Maria. They are climate refugees, even though not living in tents and illegally crossing borders, piling up in camps or dying on boats crossing the Mediterranean.


The official “rules”, that starving people must stay loyal citizens of their own dictator-for-life that the CIA installed for them, don’t work that well. Hungry people are often going to try to migrate to where the remaining food is. The Mediterranean Sea is experiencing hundreds of bodies of people who didn’t make it across in horrible boats. The Arizona and Texas deserts are experiencing many deaths by dehydration or migrants are experiencing asphyxiation and heat stroke inside smugglers’ trucks.

There isn’t as much food in the MidEast’s desert areas or in sub-Saharan Africa these days because the climate has become hotter and drier on average. We don’t see that the deserts are going to advance through the world’s wheat belts, that the rice and corn belts are going to malfunction, that California will run short on agricultural water, that most of the world’s forests are scheduled for massive tree die-off followed by massive forest fires and that the oceans are going both acid and hot.

I take a longer view. By 2090 there will be three billion climate refugees trying to get to Eaarth’s remaining good land, or to something that will grow any crop reliably.

The most important other news is that humanity can roll back this catastrophe through practical R&D. We’re going to need a 20% reduction in fossil fuel use through conversion of most buildings to solar-based heat with heat storage. We’re going to need to save heat for nighttime electricity generation (or develop batteries, or build hydropumping, and so on). We’re going to need a new transit system that displaces another 20% of current global fossil fuel use. Then we’re going to need to restore the Arctic’s albedo. We’re going to need to sequester many gigatons of carbon.

Good news: we can do this on a reasonable timetable. Bad news: your local death university isn’t even trying one of these projects. They’re waiting for massive funding from your local death philanthropy, or better yet, from your death state government.


People must learn about MMT very fast in order to deal with this crisis effectively.
MMT = Modern Monetary Theory (look it up!)

Congress can use this tool to fund the kinds of projects that we need and put people back doing productive work!


polar ice does not raise sea level
Ice in cup of water… cup full to rim of water, place ice cube in it
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; What the heck is in there a bit later, Bing!
An iceberg size of New Jersey, with 1500 ft. High walls, is more than a mad hatters tea cup full.
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