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Land Loss Has Plagued Black America Since Emancipation—Is It Time to Look Again at ‘Black Commons’ and Collective Ownership?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/20/land-loss-has-plagued-black-america-emancipation-it-time-look-again-black-commons

Thomas Paine saw the issue with land ownership right from the beginning. When part of the Commons OWNED by an individual then persons not owning that land are deprived from having access. Inevitably this leads to societies that promote and encourage socio-economic classes with the rich growing ever wealthier as more and more people became poor.

This has been repeated historically over and over again in almost any society one can name. Inherited wealth just makes the matter worse. In all of those Societies , as that wealth became concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, liberties were eroded, corruption increased and those countries eventually disintegrated into chaos.

John Locke wrote that it was through private ownership of land that societies saw freedoms and liberties extended. He was 100 percent wrong.

All land should remain part of the commons period.


People must realize there is a global land grab going on and that the goal of the ultrarich is to own everything and ownership of something is often defined as a right to deny others use of it.

Where will poor people go?

Exactly. Western investors and the Saudis and other rich countries in the Middle East are buying up land all over Africa as this is seen as some of the last expanses of farmland left not controlled by the 1 percent. Millions of Africans are being turned off that land this forcing them to flee to the cities to look for work or migrate out of the Country entirely. This in turn creates more instability which then is used to justify Western Countries to use Military force to intervene in those Countries.

In order to gain control of the lands in the Americas, the Colonial powers committed genocide against the peoples living there. That is where these land grabs will lead to in Africa.

You’re leaving the US out?

Allowing Americans to live on land they no longer have any legal right to occupy would be framed as discrimination against the African and Indian banks (investors) and we couldnt have that.

We’ll all be treated just like all other poor "idigenous peoples’, you can count on it.

Poor is the new Black.

Thats why they want FS providers from the developing world to come in, we’ll just be numbers to them, if we’re serious about financial inclusion we have to let them loot America equally to US banks which we never prosecuted at all for massive mortgage fraud in 2008. Now that is the kind of freedom the financial class likes.

Trump wants to get rid of the USPS. In part thats likely to help facilitate a total gutting of the American poor and middle class, as most decent jobs are offshored the homes will be foreclosed.

They will become pied a’ terres for Asia and Africa’s upwardly mobile investor class.

Massive mortgage fraud is likely again. Read some recent history.

Extremely important topic, I thank CD and the authors for shedding more light on it.

The latest issue of Harper’s has a worthwhile article on community land trusts – check it out.

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Abandon ownership for Stewardship and caring for the land,air sea and offcourse each other.

Life asks us to take care over that which we have been given stewardship .These things are not our possessions, but simply articles that have been placed in our care.They are ours only temporarily, only for safekeeping. We are asked by life to sustain them.
This is a means to sustain them …The Life Principle of Sustainability we have distorted and built a mental construct around how to do that, we call this social convention Ownership.
We claim ownership over all the things we wish to see sustained, some of our cultures have claimed ownership of people,their own spouse and children ,land and property even huge areas of sea and the Earths resources that rightly must be shared equally for everyone.
Ownership is a temporary fiction. It is an invention of the mind and like all mental constructions, it is temporary, having nothing to do with ultimate reality.
Ownership arises from fallacies that we hold as firm beliefs…in this case that we believe "there is not enough " of whatever it is we think we need to be happy.
The idea that we can own things has caused more harm to our psyche and more damage to our species than we could ever know.

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