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Landmark Look at US Charter System Reveals Waste, Fraud, 'Ghost Schools'

Landmark Look at US Charter System Reveals Waste, Fraud, 'Ghost Schools'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A year-long investigation by the Wisconsin-based Center for Media and Democracy has revealed a severe dearth of public information about how federal and state taxes are being spent to fuel the charter school industry in the U.S.

"Unlike truly public schools that have to account for prospective and past spending in public budgets provided to democratically elected school boards, charter spending of tax monies is too often a black hole."
—Center for Media and Democracy


Arne was definitely one of Obama’s biggest gaffes.


Look no further for the truth of this for-profit education scam than at New York and collusion between the ultra wealthy and Governor Andy Cuomo to privatize education and destroy public ed! The conspirators are flooding the New York TV airwaves with rubbish, lies, and scare tactics! Hedge-fund managers putting big-bucks into privatization gift Cuomo with campaign-contribution bribes - predictably he gives his support. Andy Cuomo, best DINO politician money can buy!





And rigged 'rithmetic


Public education K through 12 is a 650 plus billion dollar industry and the rich want it. Notice all the calls for public school accountability and none for charter schools.


It goes back farther than Cuomo. Rudy Giuilani fired the Superintendant because he didn’t want charter schools which would interfere with education corporation’s profits. The sharks found a way to gut public education and make money doing so.


The wheels of justice are turning. Can Republicans throw a monkey wrench?

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Seeing how Bill Gates spent millions getting the voters to approve his charter school initiative in Washington State there must be good profit potential in charters.


Neither Arne nor Rahm Emmanuel were “gaffes” – they were the direction in which Obama wanted to go.
Obama began betraying those who voted who elected him immediately after the election.


I suspect Obama fully embraced Arne’s education philosophy from the start. No gaffe.


You nailed it.

Two birds with one stone. Destroy a union and make a pile of money while doing it.


Those of us that recognize what Obama has done don’t want a repeat, or worse, with Hillary.


You have identified the essence of the school privatization schemes. This, like the attack on the US Postal Service, is first and foremost an attack on organized labor. It has been an undying goal of moneyed interests to destroy the labor rights and justice that was won with so much struggle and even bloodshed. This very important fact should not be forgotten when the destruction of our public schools is discussed. Because the unions, into the 60’s and 70’s came into a symbiotic relationship with the industries they served, their subsequent corruption has been used to vilify the very reasons for the necessity for organized and defiant labor.


Suprise! Who would have thought that selling off the public school system to crooks would have brought about such abuse and cheating and outright stealing money?


The K-12 budget represents hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars… The power broker- monopolists in the U.S. want that money. They have monopolized media, banking, food, healthcare… now they want the kids.
If we see public schools as mom and pop grocery stores… Charter schools, common core, testing, teach for America are like Walmart… We’ve seen this already- Walmart coming in and the mom and pops going down. I co-wrote this book on the matter of how the power-broker billionaires want to destroy our schools. Much of it is free here. http://weaponsofmassdeception.org/ I’m a college instructor and have been teaching more than 30 years. My alarm bells went off since the GED got taken over by Pearson and has become almost impossible to pass…which started the research. We have a problem on our hands!


Whenever a public good is privatized the predators, parasites and scavengers come out in droves. They recognize easy pickings when they see them.

Pity the children!

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Exactly true – and we see that right wing propaganda still works its evil …

The right wing very quickly in its attacks on Teachers and Post Office workers has demonized them and suggested they are people only worthy of America’s hatred.

This is how the greedy among us work to project their own evils upon others.

The highest union representation the US ever had, I believe, was about 39%.
Today I think it’s near 7% or less. And every means has been used by Elites/Capitalists to destroy unions and their members. Including using the Mafia to infiltrate unions and take over leadership, intimidate members, etal.

It has been an undying goal of moneyed interests to destroy the labor rights and justice that was won with so much struggle and even bloodshed

Americans have been taught to distrust and fear unions – the organizing of labor – while Capitalists are united and organized in a million different ways to work together in their own interests via hundreds of organizations and interconnecting company Boards. Not only in their own interests but very specifically against the interests and aims of democracy, equality for all, consumer rights, regulations on industry, safety in the workplace, taxes on the wealthy.

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I recall back in the late 1990’s and early 2000 when the GOP and their right wing thief cabal were accusing the public schools as a failed system. Thousands of hard working teachers were laid of a over the country when Obama first took office and this charter school phenomenon was being heavily promoted by the same thieves as an alternative to the “broken” public system. Public schools have served my children’s educational needs extremely well. If those critics actually were interested in improving education in America they would have offered their services in the form of tutoring, participating in the children’s educational enrichment process instead. However their motivation was to siphon tax dollars to their private, personal coffers.


Don’t think our country can get much worse? Continue defunding the “commons” for the sole purpose of privatization and we’ll witness mass segregation between the ruling class and the common (working class) people.

How anyone can defend capitalism is beyond comprehension.


The privatizing of public education piranhas have utilized MSM to vilify public education with all their false facts and scurrilous propaganda. GWB gave the movement its biggest push with NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and rampant standardized testing with one of the worst offending states for over- testing being Texas (shocking? No) that spends billions on state and federal testing in schools. His brother, Neil (crafter of the savings and loan crisis/scandal in the 1980’s who only received a sentence of community services for his role in that debacle) bought out one of the nation’s largest testing companies (in New Jersey or New York) right before NCLB was passed then implemented nationwide. Coincidence? No way. Why have hedge fund groups rushed to invest in Charter School enterprises: free public money, opportunity to scoop up real estate and buildings at bargain basement prices, unsuspecting parents jumping on the “academy” for their kids bandwagon, huge tax breaks, and large short term gains with virtually no risk! All the while preying on the youth of our nation for profit.