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Landmark Look at US Charter System Reveals Waste, Fraud, 'Ghost Schools'

Precisely! Our children and grandchildren (those who don’t have a say/vote) are the ones paying the consequences in the privatization of our schools.

Exploiting children for the sake of profits is … evil.


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Clearly it is wrong for elites/corporations to be permitted to spend huge amounts of money supporting candidates and parties.
Basically, the Supreme Court has legalized bribery.

But let’s remember that labor and unions are the under-dogs in the battle against slave labor and child labor and that only much bloodshed on the part of labor brought about the five day work week and overtime – and recall that it wasn’t so long ago that we had child labor in factories.
My feelings are that if either should give … it should be labor/unions.
However, I would prefer to see contributions only by ordinary citizens with strict limits.

AND, a total overhaul of this mania we call elections.
Imo, we should have a 6 month limit on campaigns.
And they should be financed by the people’s government with the public deciding on how much is to be spent, where debates would be held – and how.
Only on what’s left of PBS, for instance – but no commercials.
Or C-span. There are probably hundreds of great ideas for doing this.
Certainly not CNN and Cooper to degrade the process even further.
And, most importantly, get rid of the electronic voting machines which are merely hackable computers.
No personal money from any candidate who happens to have huge sums.

But you are naïve if you don’t understand that unions certainly are targets of elites/corporations – they’ve also always used Mafia to infiltrate unions and later as they became even more aggressive in their attacks, they used Mafia figures to
arrange “mediations” – and also to intimidate and threaten those trying to start unions and those already involved in unions.
These things didn’t happen because union members wanted them to happen.
I know there are at least three books written on this subject which can probably be found at your library. Unfortunately, in this case, I can’t supply titles.

Without doubt, elites/corporations – which are united in about every way possible – up, down, and sideways – do not want labor to unite in any way.
The teachers’ union I’ve always thought was excellent.
Nothing much wrong with the Post Office either except the desire of the right wing to privatize our mail system for the profit of the few.
And it was done very deceptively to destroy the PO –
I’m sure you are aware that the PO had always paid it’s own way –
Costs were not paid by government. And they took care of their employees.
The right wing Congress decided on a very definite way to harm them which was to force them to pay for employee benefits far, far into the future – like 50 years.
And, they forced them to make these advance payments in a time frame of something like 10 years! Of course that’s been destroying the PO and its employees as other situations were also forced upon them, such as cutting employees and overburdening other employees with work. Common practice.
There are many details on all of this probably available on the internet.
Many employees at various websites write about what was actually going on, as well.

True – we have corporate-fascism today …
Not a pleasant thing to consider.
And the GOP – and much of the Dem Party – are doing the dirty work for elites/
While PO employees and teachers and our kids and our public schools are being seriously harmed … in order that the few can have control and huge profits.

Re Global Warming – friend sent this to me today, just happened.
Gag Order
Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees


The first day after the Obama election 2008 – he appointed Rahm Emmanuel as his #1 in the White House – I knew at that moment that we were all about to be seriously betrayed.

Rahm was also always pushing GOP-lite candidates in the Dem Party –
and then onto Chicago and more charter schools.

“Run from the left, govern from the right” – the new corporate motto for candidates.

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And much more – i.e., Global Warming

A friend sent this to me today – off subject – but thought one or more posting on this thread might be interested.

Gag Order
Government Implements Illegal “Gag Order” On National Weather Service And NOAA Employees

I’m sure Hillary will step right in and take care of this.


This is austerity, American style. The corproate masters across the globe are privatizing everything they can get their hands on, even in the Scandanaivan countries. The right wing is using the same tactics here and abroad. This is an international fight, not just an American one.

This is an Republican goal NOT a Democrat goal. Republicans are out to privatize everything they can. They are working for the corporations NOT the people who keep electing them! Wake up stop listening to Republican lies. They control most of the media and thus fuel the lies. The people keep electing the people who are planning their downfall.

As a retired public school teacher who taught one year in a private school, I can tell you the USA’s democracy depends on public education, the backbone of our democracy. Of course, it could be improved but not by the people who look for profit not the childrens’ future! For a reality check, just look at the Republican controlled states!

DO NOT keep electing those who are out to close down government and let the 1% and corporations rule this country.

Take note of public goods that fail to perform for the public. Then the public looks to reform it. That can fail, enough that the adjective “often” fail can be used. And the public looks for alternatives, going private for what public administration is failing to do. (That is what economic freedom is about.)
– When we want ‘public education’ to succeed, the important part is ‘education’. If ‘public’ can’t or won’t do it, succeed, then the people will look for what does succeed.

I read this article and the comments to it. I read several like it from time to time. It is good to see criticism of charter schools and private schools. Note the key word in this article = “Transparency”.
I also read articles from the other side, from the Friedman Foundation, Institute for Justice and The Cato Institute. Those articles are about the good that charter schools and private schools provide, serving as a substitute for certain public schools that fail badly. Those articles are meatier than the critical ones I have seen so far. Note that parents are so dissatisfied from certain public schools that they flock to alternatives. The goal is education. That comes first, over any issues some people have over public vs. private or unionized vs. not unionized.
I have a very liberal aunt. She told me, notwithstanding her liberal beliefs in public education, that she was very grateful that her grandkid was going to a private school instead of the mess that Seattle Public Schools was then providing.

It is one thing if a public good fails because it is not in its nature to succeed as a “public good,” but it’s quite another thing for a public good to be accused of failure when it has not been given the chance to succeed. American public schools are in need of “reform,” in many respects, but privatization is not reform of the public schools it is their de facto abolition. Public schools in the USA are segregated by “race” and class; they are unequally funded; and they are unequally administered. The system as a whole has not been given the chance to succeed by wider politics. In fact, many schools in the USA are not failing or underperforming; most of the problems with education are located in areas of high poverty. NCLB was a monstrous act precisely because it was designed to make more schools look like they were “failing,” as measured by sterile and moronic standardized tests. The implementation of NCLB created the necessary “crisis” in American public schooling to open the door to privatization initiatives. That is how school “reform” came to be. It wasn’t “the public” looking for “alternatives,” as you put. In fact, a key element of NCLB was forced school closings. This policy created the clientele that was necessary to get private schools of the ground, as children have to go school by law.

The equation of privatization with “economic freedom” is nonsense. Consumers are not freer in the health care market or in the public utility market or in the housing market because of privatization. In fact, the opposite is true: they are more constrained in their choices, because privatization often leads to monopoly without even he accountability options that are present when something is in the realm of a public good. The question should be asked: what does it mean for a school to succeed? Does it mean that a school is doing right by its students when it forces them to cram for a mindless standardized test? And, by the way, every reputable study disputes the claim that private/charter schools do better than their public counterparts at educating children. Charter schools tend to work with selective populations, and manipulating results in this regard is easy enough to do. They can always force out troublesome children, and indeed this is exactly what that they do. School privatization is proceeding apace because some very powerful people would like to take hold of what they call “the educational marketplace.” Educating children is a secondary concern. Can’t you see that?