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Landmark Measure to Repeal 'Racist,' Anti-Choice Helms Amendment Hailed as Step to a 'More Equitable World'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/landmark-measure-repeal-racist-anti-choice-helms-amendment-hailed-step-more

We must widely expand sex education and contraception methods world wide because human population expansion means the death of our planet. We are burning too many forests and building too many homes and structures where once was a thriving wild world. Open spaces and expanded wilderness areas only help improve quality of life for all. We cannot turn every square inch of forests to make farms and structures for human activity, nature must be restored before we all vanish with global warming.


Jan is throwing some mis info around.
The Helms was a congressional decision based on
morality, not skin color or dollars or to limit available
health treatment for ladies. Simply to not have government
directly involved. Federal Dollars go to Planned Parenthood
who do provide abortions. The story implies denial of health
service in USA and that is not a fact at all.

Plus, the ditz is up for re-election and she is the person
who hired and retained DNCC employees of white skin color.

Please be careful applauding her.

She had the audacity to tell the DC campaign consultants to NOT work for any progressive democratic candidates when they are running against a sitting democratic house member.

On pain of the consultant being barred from all future semocratic candidates employing them.

Sound like a progressive?
Not to me.
More like blackmail.