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'Landmark New Research' Links Neonics With Collapse of Fisheries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/01/landmark-new-research-links-neonics-collapse-fisheries


A scientist says this report should make it impossible for the Trump administration to ignore the problem of neonics. The problem isn’t that Trump ignores the problem through ignorance of the facts but that even with the facts in hand that Trump doesn’t give a damn. He knows. He knows about all of it, global warming included. He just doesn’t care.


But why are they being used?

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I am having a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we purposely killing our life support system(s). We know world over we are killing ourselves, it is a mass suicide do what we are doing and we just can’t seem to stop ourselves. The planet will survive without us, altered yes but it will survive. Are we then recognizing our evil? and can this then be considered an assisted suicide? Maybe so.


The sickness of man, with all his greed, knows no bounds.

Only Nature will, in the end, make it clear.


Isn’t it amazing how it’s all coming together in some sick pre-apocalyptic symbiosis?
The earth warms out of control. The fossil fuels start to run out. The fresh water disappears. The topsoil washes into the sea. The oceans become acidic so shellfish can’t reproduce. And now pesticides run off causing the bees, insects, and spiders to die, and the fish to disappear.
Out of control wildfires! Incredibly powerful hurricanes! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!
(Sorry, fell into Ghost Busters there for a second. Oh well, we may as well laugh as the whole thing goes to shit)


Because $$$$!


It as if they believe nothing could grow before these chemicals invented. In fact a person on these very boards alluded to this in another topic suggesting that it was OIL and not soil that creates our food supply.

People are THAT uninformed.

Ancient Sumeria kept accurate records of their grain harvests. The yields in bushels per acre of the crops they grew were marginally lower then those pesticide and herbicide laden crop yields of today.


That’s why Vandana Shiva wrote a book titled: Soil Not Oil.


Which is why the Union of Concerned Scientists published their tract Failure To Yield specifically about the failed promise of genetically engineered crops.


From the article:
“Just awful, what gruesome harm we are inflicting on the environment,” Matt Shardlow, CEO of the invertebrate conservation group Buglife, wrote on Twitter in response to the new study.

What we should see, if humans were mostly a sane species:
“Just awful, what gruesome harm we are inflicting on the environment,” Mark Shadow, CEO of the pesticide industry group Chem-Ag, wrote on Twitter in response to the new study. “We will immediately cease production of these ecologically devastating chemicals, and work with farmers worldwide to implement workable and sustainable pest control methods that do not undermine life’s existence on Earth.”

Dream on…

A VIEW FROM CANADA. I’ve written about neonics in CA for a few yrs. now. Evidence of the harm they’re inflicting is truly terrifying. Thanks for your coverage, Common Dreams! ! If anyone is interested, here are links to 2 of my stories.

New Studies Show Farm Chemicals Are Affecting More Than Bees. Bird Populations are Declining, Too. Is modern agriculture’s toxic hold on nature becoming a death grip?

Will New Research From Europe Nudge Canada Toward a “Neonic” Ban?

Canada will ban 2 neonics. But not for 3 or 4 yrs yet. "Til then, I guess they’ll just be “gifts that keep on giving!”

Comments welcome!


And add birds to the list, too!

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I was saying to the wife earlier - I bet there are people in the big cities that don’t even know where milk comes from.


No, No, they know, the grocery store.:)))

Seriously, what people know even less, is about the soil that produces their food. All agriculture chemicals turn soil that’s alive with thousands a living organisms in every handful, into dirt that’s essentially dead.


We traveled from Winnipeg to Dryden in a rental last June. Didn’t have to debug the windshield once. Not a good scene.


Is it suicide by greed, or suicide by foolish indignation?

Great question, I think the shame of self awareness plays a roll but the indignation element cannot be denied. It is a bizarre thing we are doing to ourselves, isn’t it?

I’m afraid he doesn’t believe there is even such a thing as “truth.” The only thing that’s “real” is whatever you can get away with. It’s called “psychopathy” in case you didn’t know.

I do know… sadly enough. The essence of ‘Trump’s truth’ (a singularly unique category all his own) is the redefining of facts according to what suits him. He is surprising adroit at this form of deceit particularly in the way that he focuses on how something will sound on TV and in the creation of blunt force quotes specifically for the benefit of the press. He has no qualms about saying outright lies and repeating amoral slurs racial or anything else, even if only for the effect it has on his base.

I think about a third of America simply can’t accept that someone who is the President would ever lie that much. Another third knows he is lying but have literally become used to politicians lying anyway, nevertheless, they can’t bring themselves to face that they got (and get) conned just like everybody else over and over again and again etc… The other third shout lock him up and boos loudly.