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Landmark Ruling by Mexico's Supreme Court Paves the Way for Legalizing Pot



Mexico could lose its "most favored nation" status and America's "help".


Bravo! Mexico will perhaps seize the time and legalize cannabis for personal use as Uruguay already has - the US as usual lags far behind and either tries to empower profits for the well-connected few or hedges, making patients jump thru ridiculous hoops to get their medicine as the hypocrit Andy Cuomo did in NY, and evades de-criminalization with growing and possession for personal use legal.

The advantages are many including research into medicinal uses that will legitimize what many already know. The endo-canabinoid system humans evolved with should be understood, not criminalized and used to benefit a few at the great expense of many.

Viva Mexico!





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Wow...I read this article and could hear John Lennon singing "Imagine", with a new verse.
" Imagine there's no drug war
It's easy if you try ...."