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Landmark Ruling Will Finally Allow Victims to Hold CIA 'Torturers to Account'


Landmark Ruling Will Finally Allow Victims to Hold CIA 'Torturers to Account'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a landmark victory for torture victims, U.S. District Court Judge Justin Quackenbush ruled on Friday that a lawsuit against two psychologist CIA contractors who helped design the agency's brutal interrogation program may move forward.

It is the first such case to proceed since before the terrorist attacks of 9/11.


Hopefully this is a positive beginning and Dick Cheney and George W Bush will finally get to take their walk on the "Dark Side", along with all their rogue counter parts! May the bright light of truth shine on these monsters.


Please sue that SOB Cheney and the others Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and that stupid bone head W before they die on us.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Rightly so! Cheney was the ventriloquist, W just sat on his lap and had his lips moved. :slight_smile:

Cheney claimed water boarding was not torture. I can think of an effective way to prove to him different. :grin:


I doubt, that the judge was intending pretense, While you may be correct, that "it will come to nothing", it will be noticed by some of us. The big test is if it will make the MSM. So far I have seen no evidence of that, but the ruling, presumably passed this p.m., is still brand new. So we will see.


Good news. Especially since these were people in a profession that is supposed to help people. I hope the ACLU also sues the American Psychological Association who actively supported these two sickos until some of their members finally got the courage to stand up to their leadership.


I am so glad these former prisoners can get some justice. It is a disgusting chapter in American history. One that needs a bright light shined on it. To think that those two were paid $81 million to come up with all that abuse. That is sick and depraved. At least there are names attached to the torture and there IS someone to sue, because Bush criminal will never get caught. I hope these former prisoners find some peace in their lives now.


So far it is far from resolved that these people get any justice. This is just the green light for the case to proceed. There are so many ways to fix that from here on foreward. :frowning:
However there is still some hope, that this ruling will generate some attention, providing it gets into the corporate media.
We will know by tomorrow


This is a positive step. We'd need a lot of them to see justice done and, if history is any indication, it won't be.

But this is still a positive step.


This is an interview of one of the torturers in question. Hey according to his own words he just an All American kinda guy doing what he did for his country when called on.

He even donates money to HRW since he so concerned about human rights.

From Wikipedia.

On December 9, 2014 the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a report confirming the use of torture and SERE tactics in interrogations.[2] The contractors that developed the "enhanced interrogation techniques" received US$81 million for their services, out of an original contract worth more than US$180 million. NBC News identified the contractors, who were referred to in the report via pseudonyms, as Mitchell, Jessen & Associates from Spokane, Washington, which was run by two psychologists, John "Bruce" Jessen and James Mitchell.

So i guess when called on to "serve his country" he needed 81 million dollars first!


That's why they call it Mass Media. They all get to regurgitate the same mass of daily garbage.
* Also, after watching it, you might want to say, or attend, mass.
* It beats puking, I think...


If you believe that the OSS never did anything not funded by Congress, please read David Talbot's "The Devil's Chessboard", for an eye-opening account of what transpired in Europe during WWII, via the OSS. Allen Dulles, who became first director of the CIA, was hard at work in the OSS, Europe, pursuing his own personal foreign policy goals, contravening the orders of FDR. The CIA is indeed the organization from hell, but it all started well before the CIA's formation.


bone head , you are being kind. If any journalist had the least bit of integrity to confront the coward shrub, imagine the idiocy that would spew forth. Expose that little bastard before he chokes on a pretzel and takes his lies of 911 with him.


Forget the right to sue. Go for a Nuremberg type trial along with prison sentences and death sentences if indicated. Make the trial public and not shroud it by too secret to proceed bull crap. Let's discuss the rights of all individuals on this planet. Let's also get to some basic truths about the root causes of terrorist attacks, not just 'they are jealous of our democracy and freedoms'.


There is a moral crisis in America that goes far beyond these two creeps and makes all US citizens complicit. The chain of guilt runs up to the White House, through the Congress and military, and lands square at the feet of the voters who, decade after decade, elect war criminals to the highest offices in the land. And they do this KNOWING FULL WELL that these leaders are pro-war. Americans should not be allowed to sleep well at night given the death and destruction their votes and passive enabling have let loose upon the world. The next election will bring more of the same -- and no one will be able to say that they didn't know Hillary Clinton was pro-war and pro-regime change.


yes, i'd like to see John Yoo indicted. can't believe he is shaping minds at UC Berkeley...


Now, if we could just put on trial the ones who ordered the torture, we would begin to see some justice served.


This is a good step. Many people are responsible for these despicable tortures, and they should all face justice. But top federal officials will never face justice under the current system, which allows them to invoke the sacred mantra of "national security" as a cloak for their evil machinations. The whole shibboleth of "national security" needs to be deconstructed and shown for the fraud that it is--for the very people supposed to be providing "national security" are the ones who are undermining it.

It strains the imagination, why anyone would authorize, encourage, aid or abet the torture of anyone, human or four-legged animal, or indeed, any sentient being. And can we even be certain that such tortures do not still go on, in the Byzantine byways of the National Security State?

About the only thing one can be sure of is that torture was not condoned to keep us safe, or to obtain vital information for national security. For, as is well known, tortured persons will say anything, true and false, to get the torture to stop. And that is well known, even by soulless thugs like Cheney who continue to defend torture.