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Landmark Study Shows Our Bodies are Rife with Cancer-Causing Chemicals



When DDT use was at its peak in the seventies, I read an article about how if human milk or meat was put into the same stream of interstate and international commerce that cow's milk, beef, pork, etc. were in, the level of toxicity in human milk and meat was too high to legally ship across state or national boundaries.

Consider that tens of thousands of new chemicals have been created since then. No, don't do that, its too depressing.


Because the reaction is relatively fast, the byproducts of gasoline containing lead, and of coal burning are reliable indicators of the deeper systemic problems addressed in the article..

A friend who lived in Mexico City forty years ago for two years had to undergo a year of lead detoxification from just breathing there, she was not working a job or living anywhere that gave her above average exposure.

Another friend who lived in China for two years a decade ago had to undergo a year of mercury detoxification from breathing the air there, Coal burning puts loads of mercury into the environment. Increasing mercury levels in high mountain lakes on the west coast of the US and Canada have been linked to coal burning in China.


Profits above all else in life, even life itself, rules and directs our national directions enforced by government collaborators/principles. ALL of the various industries from chemical to big pharma, that use the public as sources of profit subvert our government agencies for their own advantage at the great detriment - even unto the death of citizens by the tens or thousands annually - selling their damn deadly poison junk!
Anything for a buck from the poison industry and corrupt politicians, and people can just die! Sounds cynical but very true.......


Dangerous chemicals are everywhere. Cleaning, food additives, and agra. Florida and its farm products are saturated with endosulfan. The capitalist industrial revolution has over heated and poisoned the planet. To capitalists our sickness and deaths are just collateral damage. Safety regulation gets in the way of their neo-royal profits and power. The French had the right idea. They put royal heads in the way of sharp blades.


How about fluoride in our water----this fluoride is industrial waste product--it was once use as a poison to kill rats!!!!

It was Edward Bernays(know who this guy is???)working for Alcoa who made it his mission to convince people that fluoride is safe. On toothpaste there is a warning not to swallow because the fluoride is TOXIC! Why are we being forced to ingest this toxic crap-----If people want to poison themselves let them make that choice-don't put it in the drinking water.


"The Race For The Cure" is part of the cancer-industrial complex. Plenty of funding for "cancer research" that IGNORES INDUSTRIALLY INDUCED CANCERS.

How we gonna face down the corrupt toxic profiteers who took over the "regulatory" agencies and Congress?


Good article to help in the needed education of all of us. It's subject points out why nutrition is so important. Nutrition is important for our immune system which surveils our blood for many things
including germs and cancer cells. How healthy and effective our immune systems are is a function
of our nutritional status. The world health organization recently publicized a study indicating that processed meats are carcinogenic as Andrew B mentioned above. Michael Greger, M.D. recently published How Not to Die a book about the things causing so many premature deaths and disabilities.


I suppose determining what disease is caused by what toxin is going to become more difficult given the countless toxic chemicals in the air, water, soil . . . and by default, our bodies. From conception to death we are inundated with the poisonous waste of industrial civilization.

It seems miraculous that anyone has any level of good health at this point in time; physical or mental. Even if you lived far away from civilization, it’s impossible to not be impacted by human created poisons:

“The bodies of Arctic people, particularly Greenland's Inuit, contain the highest human concentrations of POPs found anywhere on Earth — levels so extreme that the breast milk and tissues of some Greenlanders could be classified as hazardous waste.” (http://www.bluevoice.org/news_toxicarctic.php)

The physical chemicals/toxins combined with the toxins of our culture of violence exacerbate all forms of mental illness as well (no link, I guess it’s an imo)

And what about all the creatures and plant life that are impacted?
Too much to bear . . .


"The law that Congress now sends to President Barack Obama’s desk will give EPA the direction and resources to review and regulate, at most, a few hundred chemicals over the next decade — out of thousands used in the market. The new bill will do nothing to require the FDA to review and regulate the chemicals routinely used in food and cosmetics. While pesticide residues on produce have been reviewed, thousands of other pesticides have escaped meaningful government oversight. The net result is that consumers will continue to be exposed to a witches’ brew of unregulated chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems, including cancer."

Keep in mind that what the above paragraph stipulates is PRE-TPP and TIPP!

I've been asserting for 9+ years that it's this body of carcinogens that essentially creates a climate of legal impunity.

It's now impossible to link ONE toxic offender with Cancer. The "reasonable doubt" clause can be applied to the other HUNDREDS of offensive chemicals.

This is one reason why rather than allotting the Presumption of Innocence to the genetic engineers, the food adulterers, and the chemical corporations... THEY should have to PROVE safety over a reasonable amount of time before their products get pushed onto the rest of us... now effectively turned into human guinea pigs!

Or, is this part of the Shock Doctrine? Make people so sick that they're forced to pony up the hundreds of thousands of dollars it typically costs to "treat" Cancer?

The bastards produce it by financing all those politicians who will work diligently to disable the EPA and/or anesthetize ANY form of regulation so that people invariably WILL be poisoned. Then they pocket huge sums when people line up for treatment.

It's similar to the way factories are shuttered and whole communities left to face job deserts. The inevitable outcome is a generation of "lawbreakers" (those who work in a black economy) who are destined to enter the already waiting (with 2.2 million beds, many of them part of the private prisons, inc.) New Prison-Plantation System.

Remember, many of these corporations profit from war and ecocide... THEY are the true enemy to human health, safety, and sustainability.

Vaccines are being used to arguably fight disease the way armies are being used to fight "the war on terror." In both instances, the calamities are SPREAD further through these deadly approaches.

This is NOT a good thing:

"Furthermore, the group points out, "the only concrete agenda related to prevention in the Moonshot Initiative is for screening and vaccination.

However, this is:

"EWG is calling for the Moonshot Initiative to include federal funding for investigation of the environmental causes of cancer and the development of prevention initiatives."

The modern trend is to blame EVERYTHING on genetics and then push vaccines that supposedly can "speak to" this cause. It's bogus! It's just poisoning bodies with a deluge of yet more chemicals the majority of which have never been tested IN combination.

That's why Ralph Nader's organization "Public Citizen" explained that it's pharmaceutical drugs--frequently in untested combinations (since many older people take upwards of SIX prescriptions, each) that represent the 4th leading cause of death in this nation.


Good points you make L4B. You might be interested in Dr. John McDougall's talk which can be found online at https://youtu.be/SkyeHiFRMJs


Good point. Living in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities = 1 pack of cigarettes/day according to the government. (So it is probably worse). Last December, in Beijing, all primary to high schools were closed and children confined to their homes for 3 days. In Hangzhou, the government is paying people to leave the city where the upcoming G20 show will occur there soon. They don't want this disaster to be known and shown to outsiders. The main problem there is exponential explosion in private cars over the past 5 years especially. The brand new subway system (built below sea level) there is excellent, bike lanes and bike rental stations all over the place, BUT it is becoming shameful to ride a bike or even use the subways. This shows lack of success. Welcome car culture insanity.
Yes, you can offshore all the jobs to make cheaper stuff and more profits for North Americans, but the resulting contamination from lax enforcement of Chinese environmental laws cannot be offshored and kept in China.


Well while we are headed down the Rabbit Hole. Let's not forget Fukushima and what it's doing to the Pacific Ocean and the sea food we eat. How many of you besides me. Have stopped eating
Pacific Salmon and other Pacific fish and seafood in general?


Fresh organic juices -- and read the "China Study" to try and avoid cancer growing in your bodies. And if you can avoid stress (ha!), that's a real immune system weakener.


One MD claims that that 'autoimmune diseases' are occurring in epidemic proportions these days. In the last few years, he has seen such a steep increase in patients with these. I have 2 of them -- even though I tried to live and eat healthy for most of my life.


The EPA is a bad joke. Since it's creation tens of thousands of highly toxic chemicals have been created and released into the environment and almost none of them are regulated. The EPA is a fig leaf for the polluters, it was born "captured" by the polluters. It was a way to try and defuse the building environmental movement of the times. It worked. Most people went back to sleep after it's creation believing the issue was now being handled when just the opposite was the case. The truth is the EPA only regulates what Congress tells it to regulate and Congress has steered it away from the polluters because they fund Congressmen's campaigns.


You can thank transgenics for the rise in autoimmune problems.


And what is additionally so infuriating is the way in which the Cancer Establishment, such as The American Cancer Society, stresses treatment, no smoking and aging as the main issues around cancer. The establishment does not spend its hundreds of millions of dollars on investigating the consequences of all these chemicals and the poisonous air and water that results. Why is there so much cancer? Duh.


That is Asia for you. STATUS is all.


The more I read, the more that I think that gluten intolerance is actually 'RoundUp' intolerance......And Everything comes in a bag of Phthalates (plastics) or a can lined with same. Sorry, the shit's too deep, it won't last very long because of same.