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Landmark Survey Finds Special Interests are Pouring Money into Local Elections



If you were an oligarch would you vote to replace democracy with oligarchy? Would you also try to place supporters of oligarchy into office to have that happen?

Americans have a hard time believing that anyone (including oligarchs) would undermine democracy or try to replace it with something else. How about a democratic form of oligarchy instead, where only the rich and powerful have a say in what gets done!

Everybody else just pays taxes!


I was going to state as much. This stuff has been obvious for decades and more. There seems to be a tendency of the media and those in control to act as if none of this goes on until some Institution funds a study to acknowledge as much.

In other words "we the people" are just not "educated enough" or "informed enough" to arrive at these conclusions on our own and must wait on some higher power to do so. We had that very thing here a few days ago when some person claiming to be a professor suggest I could not make the claim Ms HRC was rotten and corrupt unless it was established by a court of law.

It another form of elitism.


Only a nuclear war, apparently, could prevent Hillary from being the Democratic Nominee, so a potential compounded disaster looms, President Hillary with a triangulatable Republican controlled Congress, both Houses. I think one thing is certain, Hillary Clinton will not have coattails, for example, I expect Senator Kirk to be reelected over Tammy Duckworth here in Illinois, aided by tons of special interest money. Just this morning, unsolicited by me, an elderly, very sharp gentlemen, told me that this will be the first time in his 74 years that he won't vote, he is Bernie or bust, turnout in Illinois will be down.


Haven't had a chance to read the report yet (btw, not a "survey" as most readers would understand the word), but there's also ALEC to consider. The American Legislative Exchange Council is a super-entity of national/international corporations that buys up state legislators and helps them craft corporate-friendly legislation to be carried from state to state. This is a major source of our for-profit-prison crisis, many issues in health care and agribusiness, and various smaller problems that we face.


For a prime example, this tidbit recently showed up in the River Falls Journal. 821 citizens in the small college town of 15,000 signed a petition requesting a ballot referendum which would have given voters the option to explicitly call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. The RF mayor, known for being an accessible 'man of the people' suggested that it was in the best interests of the city for the council to vote down the referendum, in order to "move on to other things." One wonders how much pressure the city government was under to subvert the will of the people on this issue.

Featured editorial: No power to the people

EDIT: such referendums have been successful across many other towns and cities in the state, so for it to be dropped here had many eyebrows raised...


Are there not campaign laws being broken. When Hillary Clinton receives 20% of her campaign money from Saudi Arabia?


Seems to me it is just those trying to keep their special tax breaks and public paid policies and programs that continue the redistribution of wealth upward.


If Saudi Arabia can claim they paid 20% of Clinton's campaign money you know it's out of control. All they have to do is hide it through the Clinton foundation or any other pac she has going.
Colorado was a blue state and now is considered a swing state. That happened when Jared Polis, Michael Bennett and Gov. Hickenlooper sold out to oil and gas companies. Democrats just can't seem to draw the relationship between their failed policies and why they lost seats in both houses. Duh!! It was low voter turn out. Not that it was low because of them but because we just didn't go vote for them. lol
Dull witted and entitled. No self reflection.


which addresses that other establishment political fantasy--that you can take over local parties and such with radical politics and "work your way up".
No. You can't.
If power sensed that an enemy was running for dog catcher, they'd pour a million bucks into the contest to make sure it ended the way they wanted it.
Sawant in Seattle faces war chests more in line with statewide races because she's a socialist. And that's for one seat on a city council.
It's a testament to just how much excess cash corporations and individuals have just lying around.
Fortunately, face to face hustling can still beat these types of assaults. There's only so much to spend money on in a town or small city. But it's raising the barrier to entry for races like these and intimidating ordinary people from running against that kind of influence.

I just don't see how we can beat this system playing by its rules. We have to do this another way.


Trump complains that Wall Street buys elections. Hillary is owned by Wall Street. Who is the lesser evil?


Let me suggest your 74 year old friend view this: https://youtu.be/N4RV1q70gr4 before deciding not to vote. The same goes for all of Sen. Sander's supporters. Although the candidates don't have identical views on all issues, when compared with the alternatives not voting could lead to worse than we might be trying to prevent. Together we supporters of Sen. Sanders could continue something worthwhile that
he started. And, together we outnumber the opposition.


I've pondered whether or not there is from a Constitutional standpoint, an attack that could be made against ALEC.

Wondering, is the existence of ALEC at odds with RICO? Not that anyone within the oligarchy as it stands would venture to take that legal tack against ALEC, even if valid.


You want your country back? Fight for it! The elites will continue their relentless pursuit of full spectrum dominance until and unless they are stopped by PHYSICAL force. The ultimate goal of the oligarchy is to turn the US into a complete banana republic like Columbia, Nicaragua and El Salvador. That's the reason for spending taxpayer's money on surveillance, police forces and electing right wing nuts judges and corrupt politicians. In time perhaps a totalitarian military dictatorship.


You go first.


Fortunately the forces of enlightenment are also gaining steam, information spreads at light speeds and with it awareness. Right kind of mass education is a powerful antidote to ignorance dictatorship and subversion. I am aware of the elites idea of changing school curricula and that's the kind of attacks we the people must repel immediately and forcefully. The oligarchy wants to brain wash at the earliest possible ages and people can fight back effectively by participating in school district meeting parent school involvement etc to ensure nothing bull shit sneaks into our youngsters heads. I for one am proud of doing just that for all my children.


Exactly, that is the problem, " you first", well I have been first, I am known rubble rouser who speaks his mind and spreads the "word" at every opportunity. I see education as the most effective means of countering the elitist dark forces.


Talk about weaseling out of your argument. You know damn well my remark was in response to your call to use "PHYSICAL force".

I'll say it again…

You first!


Public financing paid by a tax on Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc. Those companies are pulling public transit down, hurting the environment, the poor and many other public goods and services needed to run a modern city state and regional bio-spheres. They're really a scam in many ways. Hipsters from the Silicon Valley are very sleazy libertarians for the most part. Leeches have more integrity. They should pay the full load for their horrible attitudes toward the commons.


"Landmark Survey Finds Special Interests are Pouring Money into Local Elections" - this is not news.
It is merely the established code for antidemocratic supremacy and domination.