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Landmark UN Report Emphasizes Crucial Role of Regenerative Farming Practices to Address Climate and Food Emergencies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/landmark-un-report-emphasizes-crucial-role-regenerative-farming-practices-address


From the article: “For agroecological and regenerative systems sector-wide, we must achieve widespread public understanding of the productive, environmental, and economic legitimacy of these systems; invest heavily in them, in the farmers designing them and in the rural communities in which they prosper; and reawaken ourselves to the cultural and societal significance of our agriculture and food systems.”

Now imagine Ammon or Ryan Bundy trying to read that out loud. Or the majority of Christian clodhoppers in the so-called “heartland” trying to come to terms with it. Nah. They’re just gonna arm themselves and vote for the GOP, like they’ve done all along.

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“It’s imperative, too, that we think far beyond single-note dietary changes. For example, consumer campaigns focused on the importance of reduced meat consumption should not rest their case with individual consumer choice, but instead, recognize the role of corporate influence in the system, as well as promoting the importance of livestock to regenerative agriculture systems. A simplistic [no meat] message can too easily and swiftly fall into a populist and misdirected movement harmful to farmers worldwide who are, right now, responsibly building our agroecological and regenerative agricultural systems.”

Please all of you who propose “no meat” in the system, ponder this paragraph. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reduce our meat consumption, but farm animals are very important to revitalizing the soil and maintaining a sustainable system.

You can still use farm animals to revitalize your soil if you want to, but that doesn’t mean you have to kill and eat them.

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I wonder if ‘Rights for the Environment’ could play a role here - for farmland - for ranchland - for all types of land. A forest could have rights too. Or an entire watershed - ecosystems, etc…

Rights for the Environment is open-ended, and might counter the rights of corporations, until we figure out how to defang them.

Here is an article by George Monbiot on this topic - interesting - it appears there is much more to learn about this !

We can’t keep eating as we are – why isn’t the IPCC shouting this from the rooftops?

Financial viability does mean you have to kill them and eat them.

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TRY to picture our media-brainwashed 9% “creative class” Right & NeoConfederate, taking this as seriously as Trump’s latest tweet, Media’s latest diversion, DNC throwing another election, worsening debts, etc? If we’d begun, during Carter’s administration, we’d still be facing some scary unknown-unknowns. But, we’ve learned that both parties exist to serve their oligarch constituency, extractive industrial agriculture, multinationals who’ve poisoned (or stolen) our water and destroyed the soil, killed the pollinators, preditors, beneficial microorganisms, destroyed resilient diversity. Did you see anybody at the Miami debates even mention that the frigging Everglades were burning, or the Gulf Stream stalling, or the oceans spent as a carbon/ heat-sink? It just “kills ratings.”

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Here’s an idea that might help save the environment some day