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Landmark UN Report to Show 'Transformational Change' Urgently Needed Save Humanity and Natural World From Nightmarish Future

Landmark UN Report to Show 'Transformational Change' Urgently Needed Save Humanity and Natural World From Nightmarish Future

Jon Queally, staff writer

A new landmark United Nations report on biodiversity set for release on Monday will say that a perilous and miserable future awaits the natural world and human civilization unless we rapidly bring an end to humanity's destructive "business as usual" approach to the economy, food production, and energy usage.

I live in west central Oregon and the last ten months have been HORRIBLE and nothing like I have ever seen before.

1.) Had to evacuate my home/property because of wildfire due to lack of rain and EXTREME drought last Summer.
2.) Got heavy, WET snow in the Winter which took out MANY trees/branches and also the electric. Was snowed in for four days, got severe dehydration due to no water, and was hospitalized after being plowed out by a neighbor.
3.) It started raining in early spring and seemed to be endless. Result: Severe flooding and MORE trees near the creek taken out and fields flooded.

So when those fucking politicians say there is “no climate change” I want to 1.) Tie them to a post and light it on fire.
2.) Put them out on an iceberg (while there still are some) nekkid!
3.) Tie an anvil to their necks and toss them in a river.

Vengeance? Ohhhhhh yeah!!!


some day someone will tell the world what must happen to save our planet. it will mean the end of capitalism and so civilization as we know it
n more growth no more gdp no more shop till you drop- not even trips to he mall cuz the mall gonna be shut down


“Transformational Change” needs to be put in quotes, because nobody has thought transformational change through.

First off, no one has ever seen a free market fire department. The federal government, the state or the town handles fire departments. If a legislative body tries to free market climate change inhibition, we’re going to have most of the world’s cropland fail.

We need to make decisions, and when I say “we”, I don’t mean politicians handing out money to their friends instead of getting the job done. In other words we need a commission of climate change activists to make hard decisions. We need to exclude well-financed lobbyists and their political friends from the decision-making process.

We’re going to have future research and development avenues on the order of the photovoltaic and wind power development processes. We need merit-based decisions on promising funding avenues. How many gigatons of carbon, what are the odds of success?

We need to pull the commission together now, not in 2050.


I’m story to say, but it will take a complete change of consciousness to change the course of human-made apocalyptic climate change. The ideological materialism, that is the prevailing dogma of modern (neoliberal) culture, is in a collision course with biological/ecological reality. Humans are too arrogant to recognize their dependence on the health of the biosphere and they will pay dearly for it.


The united States will never change, because if change were to occur, the United States by definition would have to have been replaced by a representative government, and undoubtedly that radically different organization would have chosen a different name rather than go by the moniker of the fascist regime it replaced.


Mother Nature is ill because of the garbage and gases that humanity emits in its’ pursuit of “MORE” stuff to be MORE comfortable and make life “MORE” convenient. Unless we stop pursuing “MORE” we will soon be left with NOTHING … not LESS but NOTHING. Those with wealth who figure they can weather the coming storms need to consider that all of the aging Nuclear reactors on Earth will be vulnerable to a number of catastrophic situations that will render the Earth uninhabitable for anyone because there will be nothing left to eat or drink or breathe.


I lived in Madrid for a while and one can still see the tiles set next to the front doors of several hundred year old structures where the first fire services were started as private ventures. No contract with a fire company no help for you. They quickly found out that having an “insured” house next to an uninsured raging inferno didn’t help out either party. Thus socialized fire brigades were created and have been the norm ever since.
If we can keep our Imperial mitts off Venezuela we may learn a thing or two about true citizen involvement from their political system. Probably one of the reasons they’re in the crosshairs.


"Anyone who denies that we are in a human-induced extinction crisis is either lying or not paying attention.” No. Problem is, Nothing is being done about it! Who’s job is it to enforce Regulations on Polluters in this Country? Who’s benefitting from the Problem? Who are the Liars? Who are the Psychopaths who are not paying attention? Answer: It’s our corrupt Leaders We Elected to do right by us. Since they have Failed all of us for Decades, they need to be thrown out. Answer 2: We have a choice to take matters into our own hands or die. Since I don’t see either answer ever happening, get used to reading about this Extinction Event coming anytime soon.


The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues finished up on Friday. The theme for the 18th session - yes this has only been conducted for 18 years - “Traditional knowledge: Generation, transmission and protection”
Imagine your linguistic integrity cut off because your community is razed by a mining company - and the spectrum of the predatory model plundering “raw materials” where you make your life…
Listen to what the indigenous peoples are calling for - faced with this ongoing genocide

Read some of the statements submitted to the Documentation Center


I have a solution. Let’s vote for the lesser-of-two-evils capitalist party again. This is no time for anything radical. Let’s not let perfect (a habitable planet) be the enemy of good (I can’t think of anything good about the Democratic Party, but I’m sure there must be something).


The end of capitalism as a financial process will not take great effort as so few control so much. Limit their max private assets to a few million, nationalize the balance (it is said eight families control 50% of the worlds wealth. Create the green dollar to replace the petrodollars … ironic, go back to the green back and save the world.

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Reality check! Climate chaos and civilizational collapse is a done deal. It’s time to stop with the articles about how we must act now or bad things will happen. Look around! For decades we failed to act. Today we will fail to act. Tomorrow we will fail to act. Yesterday, today, tomorrow: people and land were/are/will be washing away. Most wild animals are dead. The coral reefs are more than half dead. The atmosphere in which we evolved is gone and not coming back. The storms we see today are breezes compared to what’s coming. At this point, there are no changes we can make to avert what’s here now and what tomorrow will bring. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s what I believe; it’s my truth.

Case in point: recycling. Fifty-plus years ago one of my older brothers organized a recycling “event” around Earth Day where a group of high school kids volunteered to sort glass by color and smash it into bins if only people would bring the glass to the high school parking lot. I remember watching him in safety gear gleefully smashing bottles. The local paper saluted the kids for their vision and leadership.

Fast forward. Today, every community recycles, and tremendous effort has been put into special bins, outreach, and equipment to handle and sort materials. We have different trucks drive by to collect our separated garbage, recycling, and compost. It’s arguably the most pervasive change in environmental behavior we have undertaken as a society. Almost everybody sorts and disposes of recyclables every day. Bottom line? Put simply, it’s all well-sorted garbage. There is no market for our recyclables. China stopped accepting it some years ago, and it’s been stacking up in our ports and other facilities ever since. Why? Because we don’t do it right. It’s all so contaminated that it’s useless in “the market.” In a recent interview, a recycling facility spokesperson said that if people aren’t willing to do it correctly, they’d best not do it at all. After decades, we can’t even get recycling right.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal–the periodical of record for the elite capitalists driving collapse–published a full-page opinion piece stating that only the “free market” can solve the climate crisis (just as it solved our need to recycle materials, right?); that government intervention and regulation cannot work. Of course, we all know that this is capitalism as religious fundamentalism (“invisible hands” and all that malarkey), but that is the dogma of those with the money and the power (and the police and the armies).

So much for “transformational change.” So much for saving humanity and the world. Let’s be real. We are in collapse. Now. Today. Just look!

Now for the part where someone righteously and rightfully exclaims, “Well, we can’t just give up and do nothing! We have to try!” Yes, of course. All we can do is try; that’s what makes a good life. Try to live well. Try to survive. (Hell, keep recycling.) “Do not go gentle…” But do not for a moment think that the world we live in now will be the world awaiting us ten years hence.


To change consciousness, people must be conscious in the first place. Most are not. Ask their screens.


Steven Pinker, and others leading many academics to embrace the “evidence-based” case for optimism paradigm, are arguing that these are just other problems that science and capitalism are solving.


Or even less than 10 years. It is spring here in spain. All my plants are flowering but there are hardly any insects. The few i see are dying on the ground. A few butterflies, a few wasps etc. here and there. But of course the trees/orchards/avocado plantations are all being sprayed with herbicides. The swallows and swifts have returned but not in the numbers of last year. The weather changes from day to day. In february it was hot enough to sunbathe. Last month i was wearing a winter coat!!! Today it was 21deg c at 10.15 am. BUT this report was not mentioned on the main uk news websites!!! Brexit (ad nauseam) was the main feature.


Updated april 2019:


Steven Pinker is an ivory tower elitist who cherry picks data and ignores reality. I tried to read his latest Pollyannish tract (Enlightenment Now), but only made it through 200 pages before I cast it aside. Pinker and his ilk are well-heeled sycophants pushing bromides for neoliberals who want to continue living large while pretending everything is really OK because technology will save us. Their bullshit will pass, and soon.


Not to mention the nuclear waste recycling!!!

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One happy note: the blackbirds are singing their little hearts out down by the stream and in the surrounding “campo”.