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Landmark UN Session Falling Short of Lofty Goal to End War on Drugs



Just WAY TOO MUCH MONEY being made by keeping it Illegal.

Plus the added bonus of keeping the people kow-towed is always a plus
for any government that rules by abusing the masses.


Hey, and think of all those poor DEA and enforcement agents who would have to get haircuts, take out their nose rings, put on something besides jeans and a t-shirt and go get real jobs like the rest of us.


Mexico and Canada are about to legalize pot--yay. It will be interesting to see how the DEA and law enforcement deal with two porous borders, and if a wall goes up on two borders instead of one. Legalizing marijuana will do a lot for Mexico's drug related violence and bite into the profits of its cartels. Mexico is looking better all the time. Inexpensive prescription drugs, legal marijuana, and really cheap to live there.

It is disappointing that the UN ignored the human rights angle here. But they are a dues paying organization after all, and as noted in above comments, there is far too much profit in it for the nations who have invested in the wholly unrealistic and unenforceable war on drugs. Humans have been self-medicating for almost as long as we've been reproducing, and that will never change, especially in societies where it's A-Okay to take mood-altering prescription drugs.

The war on drugs is a major double-standard created for the pharmaceutical industry and the MIC, and has spurned the industrial private prison complex, at the expense of mostly poor people and taxpayers. Treatment for addiction is so much cheaper and humane. I say legalize it all, rake in the profits and provide necessary treatment as needed.


it's insane and infuriating that alcohol is deemed "legal' but not marijuana or psychedelics. look at the scores of lives that have been adversely impacted by alcohol. the incarceration system and pharma industry would take a big hit if weed and hallucinogens were legalized. what appears to be sanctioned by "leaders" and policy makers as "legal" is often harmful (e.g., prescription drugs, Monsanto, flouride, etc . . . )
it essentially boils down to ignorance, control and profit.