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'Landmark' Victory for First Amendment as Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-BDS Law

'Landmark' Victory for First Amendment as Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-BDS Law

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a decision hailed as a "landmark" victory for the First Amendment, a federal judge on Thursday struck down a Texas law requiring government contractors to sign a pledge vowing not to participate in the pro-Palestinian boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement.

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So much for Israel and dual citizenship American Jews’ Stateside “hasbara” campaign to silence the righteous. At the risk of dating myself, all I can say is “far out, man”.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, I feel that Texazz will pursue this up to the Xtreme Kourt to seek the outcome that they desire. Once they get there the “fab five SKUM” will do their best to give Texazz a win!


The Russians spent $35 Million to swing 2016 for Trump but Israel managed to swing Congress into giving them $38 Billion last round of foreign aid. Funny how little mention of Israel’s influence over the American government in the corporate MSM.


It’s exhausting, having to fight the same battles over and over again. I’m reminded of an old curse:

“May you be party to a lawsuit in which you are in the right.”

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From another perspective, the “coercion” is also indicative of diplomatic incompetence, preceded by conceptual incompetence due to denialism, and denialism due to the incapacity to see beyond the material shortcomings of the aggregate of the preceding. The Ouroboros / Mobius strip version of the nation state seems to be order of the day. The chessboard globalist machinations that always imagine that power goes in only one hegemonic direction seem a prime poster child for the same. Walk-ons for this “fine tuned machine” stage are are the dead Bolt(on), Mnew chin, Con-way, Pomp-eore, etc.

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bravo! and in Texas no less. first amendment alive and well. my right to boycott protected for today at least.

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Israel is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host, the US.


One of the few that are willing to go a long way in support of the oppressed (Palestine), need our vigilance as our government challenges them at every turn.
It’s the "Don’t go to war with Iraq protest all over again with a new name (Iran).

This court victory has me wondering how these battles will end in the future with an increasing number of right-wing appointments being drawn by Trump.


The judge must be antisemitic! The judge must be antisemitic! The judge must be antisemitic.

Uh huh.

You remind me that I often take up for the underdog. But in this case the bad dog is not the underdog. I hope you are not too awful right about BDS being seen as antisemitic.

This is great news for Chik-fil-a! The San Antonio City council will be required to change their ban based on Chik-fil-a’s freedom of speech… not to mention religious freedom. And before all you lefty loons say they discriminate, please provide evidence of Chik-fil-a discriminating against any employee or patron.

Don’t you wonder how much of that ‘Foreign Aid’ winds up back here as ‘donations’ to congress reelection campaigns, PAC’s and lobbyists?
I do.


When will people, especially alleged Christians, realize that Israel. chosen as the final battleground for Satan and Jesus to duke it out, will have to convert to orthodox Christianity (not necessarily Catholicism…) to be “saved” or “raptured”? Those who don’t convert will be wiped out, with the rest of the bad kids. This would also include those Jews who fail to convert. Take the Cross, or be bulldozed into a ditch and immolated. That’s what the so-called Christians in the southern U.S. are trying to do - save Israel, and the Megiddo valley, for that big final fight. Billions of dollars are being sent to Israel in order to keep that final battleground in order. And, if American Christians aren’t the right kind of Christian after all, they get torched as well. So says the largely fictional book of Revelation, which is a fever dream hallucination at best.


Thank God someone is protecting our Freedom of Speech from a foreign state.


I heart you for the profundity but confess blithering idiocy to your meaning. I think I agree whole heart-edly!

Welcome to the den of progressive iniquity Sherri_Cherry, post long and prosper.

No wonder for me at all. Any elected official who finds him/herself at odds with AIPAC suddenly finds their opponent’s war chest adequately funded for victory. Cynthia McKinney et al…


Having to be baptized into the blood in order to get the “The Great Reward,” is not unlike forcing union membership.
To be clear, I am saying that volunteering to be a union member is great. And if you don’t join, if you have a choice, you should not be allowed any future union garnered benefits.

Making rules to go heaven other than living a clean, honest life are not acceptable. Especially when the “Saved” sin all they want, and then apologize to another man, and are somehow exempted from their sins. Go my son, and sin as much as you want, just come in, say you are sorry, drop a few coins in the plate, and go on your way.


"One two three four, what are they fight’in for.
Well I don’t give a damn, they’re going to send them to Iran.
Five six seven eight, open up those pearly gates.
Don’t ask for reasons why, whoopie we’re all gonna die.

Get a little strange on Saturday nights, and lost money at the casino.

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