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Landmark Youth Climate Suit Moves Ahead as Supreme Court Rejects Trump Admin's Request to Halt It

Landmark Youth Climate Suit Moves Ahead as Supreme Court Rejects Trump Admin's Request to Halt It

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The nation's top court on Friday turned down the Trump administration's latest attempt to put the brakes on a landmark lawsuit brought by a group of young people who charge that the federal government has violated their constitutional rights by actively causing climate instability.


Maybe there’s hope yet for our now right-of-center Supreme Court??


If the supreme court wasn’t so corrupt it would have gone straight to a guilty finding and sentence of the US. Justice would include taxing all fossil fuel emitters sufficiently to completely resolve the issue within 12 years. There must be punitive damages for Exxon and Exxon executives, including all of their past profits for the last 50 years, payable immediately or life imprisonment, without fossil fuel heat, or fossil fuel electrical service, and the garnishment of all their assets. Politicians who received monies from them and voted against green legislation should be treated exactly as those executives as well, and disbarred for conflicts of interest.


Yes, the Chickens are coming home to roost — their ‘Negative Externality Cost’ exploding eggs.

Luckily, here in Maine (BTW, the home of Common Dreams), we have a great young progressive Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Zak Ringelstein — who has already pressured our old IINO (Independent In Name Only) Angus King to stop taking any money from the dirty, (‘Brown-Cloud’) fossil-fuel corporations and has convinced King to return lobby money to Exxon, and not take any more.

Of course, King won’t be able to take any more Exxon money when we all VOTE for ZAK and get this young progressive DSA Democrat into the U.S. Senate from Maine — the Dirigo state [“To Lead”].

If Bernie would get off his arse and come to Maine to “BACK ZAK” we could have the two MOST PROGRESSIVE Senators coming from our Revolutionary New England States!

Here are two commentaries in the NYT on basically the same theme of ZAK getting Angus to get off the fossil-fuel bandwagon and commit to ZAK’s “New Green Deal”.

Anyway here’s a link to both versions of the NYT blurbs that I used to promote ZAK’s bona fides on two different NYT pieces and commentary strings:

So far, millions have headed to the polls or mailed in ballots, showing more enthusiasm compared with advance voters in the last midterm election.

Educated, prosperous whites repelled by Mr. Trump’s strident language on race and gender are turning away from Republicanism, a boon for Democrats.

I’m still hoping for Bernie to take the bait and promote ZAK as another Senator on the progressive left!

And as a commented and questioned to Paul Krugman on the NY “Times”:

Paul, there’s still no accounting or diagnosis of the massive impact of, as Bernie would say, the “HUUUUUGE 'negative externality cost dumping” from the fossil-fuel, weapons, chemical, and financial industry scams which act like massive hidden corporate taxes on our government, our people, and our environment.

Where’s the serious economic research and GINI Coefficient of Negative Externality Cost Inequality — from these looting/hoarding bad economic actors?

Where are the serious economists’ calls for a ‘Wealth Reform’ timely claw-back of hoarded trillions in supposedly corporate ‘surplus value’ ?— when the stranded and hidden ‘negative externality costs’ are already far greater than any faux-profits of this cost-shifting class?


Slight correction in the ‘terms’ of this monumental problme:

(Hard to change a nightmare in this EMPIRE to a dream come true in a real democracy of a country, eh?)


Yes indeed, I’d love to see all who have profited from destruction of our collective environment lose every penny they have scammed off of us for almost a century.


Are there any industries willing to step forward to join the fight against global warming? Anyone? Anyone?


I don’t think so. If there are any that say that, they might not be saying what they mean.

I have just contacted via email Bernie Sanders to back your Zack. Try getting other young people to contact him. His hometown phone is (802) 862-0697, (800) 339-9834 and his fax: (802) 860-6370

I tend to think weŕe currently stuck in a rhetorical backwater dug into a corner of the swamp by massive extraction corporations. The golden key they dangle is that it is claimed to be hypocritical to demand accountability because they have configured a degree of addictive dependency on their activities.

I wanted to know what it felt like to give up my “desires” manufactured by advertising - starting with the automobile. Sold the car 10 years ago and have never looked back. Most people cannot envision life without car - maybe thats part of why we cannot envision life without planet.

The Tao te Ching speaks of the ancient concept of ‘doing nothing doing’ or wu wei - sort of the equivalent of the western admonition that if you find yourself in a deep hole, one of the first things you need to do is stop digging. A vast horizon opens up if energy is put to getting eye level above the rim of the hole.


The reality is were not going to get a handle on the climate problem, but long after its too late we’ll all fall behind some right wing democrat who claims to want to take some token measure on climate, but in reality is just a false flag candidate for the republican agenda. Meanwhile all of us will look on in horror and disbelief at the exponentially increasing wreckage that is our life and the lives of our families and loved ones.


What a great description of our home, puts it all in perspective so eloquently.

YES! Let’s move forward with this suit. Finally!

These people don’t care about their own children, let alone ours.

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The US does not meet the definition of Empire.


Hope that the humans on the Supreme Court are human.

Well, that’s a concept we all have been hoping for.

Perhaps, this court cannot be swayed by the root of all Evil.


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My kid is 14 years old and scared for his future. He asked me why our leaders don’t care about the environment and why they don’t think climate change is something that needs to be addressed. I told him there are many evil people in the world whose eyes are clouded by dollar signs. The only way you can make anything happen for the good is to get involved as much as you can in changing our system of government and don’t be afraid to speak out. What else can I do? My heart, my stomach, my entire being aches for young people today. They are being denied the happy care-free existence most of us adults experienced as children. They are really scared for their future. Trump and his greedy, spineless, bigoted minions only make it worse.


Thanks for posting this…brought tears to my eyes AGAIN. And reminds us all that we must defend this Blue Dot with every fiber of our being - together…

It’s kind of hard to want to speak up when I am so harshly criticized for doing so by you. who cares what the court can and can’t do - I’m pissed off and venting, which is definitely as it should be. My question is why are you angry at me, does it bother you to see citizens upset with the status quo? You say the government has no role to play? Is the Manufacture of a gargantuan nuclear arsenal and the intention to put it to immediate use every chance they get not of some concern? Are the foreign ventures of our imperialistic regime not a threat to all humankind? What part of reforming the most dangerous government in western civilizations history is a threat to your agenda, and more specifically what is your agenda? Am I to assume that you are of good intentions just because you post vitriolic criticisms against those who post here in good faith, or is it possible you are a right-wing troll?

Guess what - the Earth’s climate doesn’t give a damn what sort of “realistic schedule” people might envision. The largest scientific consensus ever assembled says we have only 12 years. They however have been consistently wrong in their estimates over the years, observing instead a far more rapid and severe warming progression than they ever anticipated. The fact is that stopping emissions completely tonight, wouldn’t probably be fast enough to prevent catastrophic and devastating consequence.

What did you have in mind, a 1000-year gradual reduction? The fact is that a few Norwegian teenagers are immeasurably more intelligent than all the fascists, and Christians, and democrats and globalists put together. They have to be because it Is unlikely they will be able to live full lives due to the half measures suggested by the moderates and their beloved status quo. We cannot play by the rules because the rules have to change, isn’t that what you heard.