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LANDSLIDE: France Overwhelmingly Says "NON" to Fascism, Trumpism


LANDSLIDE: France Overwhelmingly Says "NON" to Fascism, Trumpism

- Common Dreams staff

Centrist Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidency with a landslide victory over the far-right, nationalist Marine Le Pen of Front National. Macron, 39, a former economy minister who ran as a “neither left nor right” independent, took 65.1% to Le Pen’s 34.9%, according to election projections released after polls closed at 8pm local time (2pm EDT).

Macron’s margin of victory was larger than the lead he had in the latest available polls of French voters. Many Macron voters were voting against the far-right xenophobic polices of Le Pen and her party - Front National.


...and "oui" to Europe.
Trump has set an example of what a rebirth of fascism looks like and neither American nor the rest of the world likes it.
Join the resistence and be active!


Okay well to be fair, the National Front still got 1/3rd of the vote. That's not exactly a euphoric outcome.


I think it is interesting that the French rejected both major established parties.


How long before the regulars here start wailing and wailing about the quoted remarks from Mark Weisbrot comparing Macron and Hillary...


While I'm elated and relieved at the Macron victory over the fascist, Trump-like Le Pen, it still doesn't absolve the global elites from their responsibility for this growing right wing fascism. the election of Trump and Brexit are direct results of the elite unwillingness to recognize the severe harm they've done to their populations and being inflexible in understanding they need to reorder the global system to more equally distribute the mountain or resources being rewarded to the top 1% of the richest people in the world. Too many Americans (democrats and republicans alike) have tried to tie Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and their movement to this fascist movement but they're 110% wrong. What Bernie and our movement strongly advocate is not an end to the global trade, economic and financial systems, but reworking of them for a more equal distribution of resources among the people and not all going to the elites at the top of the pyramid. If the global elites don't understand by now the crux to the election of Trump, the rise of people like Le Pen and Farage in Britain, and the rising anger at globalism and the global eiltes is the immoral distribution of resources, the growing income equality, and the devastation of the middle and working classes in developed nations, then they deserve what they'll inevitably get, people like Trump and Le Pen running our nations into the damned ground. Though many in the Liberal and Conservative media say Bernie is anti-business there's not one shred of truth or evidence to it. Because Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and many other progressive politicians state all of the gains of the last 40 years should be more equally distributed among the workers and elite alike doesn't mean they're anti-business or anti-globalist. They recognize the trade deficits and budgetary deficits have come from the unequal system we have in place. Bernie, Warren, and many other progressives clearly say we need global trade, but there's "free" trade, then there's "fair" trade, which progressives advocate. Bernie is no nationalist, he's no fascist, he's no xenophobe, or any other the worst attributes of Trump and Le Pen. He understands for Democracy and a civilized society to flourish without the interruptions we've lived through since the Regan revolution, we need an economic, financial, and trade system that understands everyone in the society should benefit in the capitalist system, and not see what we've seen the last 40 years with 90 - 95% of all new income and resources going to the top1% to 2% of the worlds richest people. It is immoral and unsustainable to think we can continue with the system we have constructed and think more Trumps and Le Pens won't use the language of economic pain and populism with right wing nationalism to take power and destroy the working structure of civilized society. Either the global elites can adopt the Sanders, Warren, Progressive approach and save capitalism, or they can continue with their head in the sand, corporatist approach and watch society slowly devolve into anarchy. It's their choice! It is up to the Democratic Party to restore this balance in a forceful and profound way because the Republicans over the past few weeks of Trump's presidency have clearly shown who they govern for. The Democratic party had better realize it's the only hope for the future of the civilized society and accept that responsibility seriously.


You are correct. What it represents is there are still millions of people who doubt the center left and center right coalition will take seriously the profound harm they've done to the people with the immoral economic, trade, and financial order they've constructed.


To start out, I object to calling these criminal leeches on society "elite". In my book I count to the elite people who have achieved something outstanding and POSITIVE in their field. And no, Al Capone, although a prolific criminal does not qualify either.
I also believe that these crooks were quite aware of the harm they inflicted on the general population, after all, they engineered it that way, but they do not care one hoot, as long as it lines their pockets.

In the whole, I find your post well informed and observed


You make a lot of good points, but if it isn't too late to edit, you need to break it into paragraphs so it is more readable.


Merci La France, merci d'avoir choisi la raison au lieu de la rage la peur. .La raison et la liberté sont encore en vogue. Vous nous avez montré le visage du courage


Yuppers. I agree, their blind allegiance to a global agenda has essentially eviscerated the laboring class, from Nixon, whom I voted for twice to Reagan to Clinton, even the big "O" was a devout globalist. Even reasonable fourth estate sycophants fell into the trap, all the while supporting laws that blind sided labor and allowed greed a avarice to control the agenda with precious few defending the vast majority of working families. Thanks to the few voices of reason like Sanders and Warren. Thank you MADPROGRESSIVE, you have my vote, please run for something.


Nah leave it alone


Russians must be dissapointed.


Here you go, Yunz:

"But one significant difference is that if Hillary had won the US presidency in 2016, she would most likely have tried to win some net improvements in the living standards and economic security of the majority of the electorate — including working class and poor people — who voted for her. The same cannot be said for Macron in France. His public platform has been vague, but insofar as it has a discernible trend, it is in the same direction that the country has moved over most of the past decade. That has included large public pension cuts, labor law reform that has weakened the bargaining power of unions and made it easier for employers to dismiss workers (including the Macron Law, as it is called, of 2015), and spending cuts."

Weisbrot hits the nail on the head but for one point: that Killary would have "most likely" tried to win some net improvements in the living standards and economic security of the majority of the electorate" etc.

Talk about magical thinking! Though you gotta love that "most likely" phrase! Speaks volumes. A little doubt, Mr. Weisbrot? Well founded indeed!

I can't stand Macron (hereinafter referred to as McRon, as the international-finance puppet and pro-US stooge he is), but empty, hollow, and odious as he is, I sincerely think, as the resident of France that I am, that even he has more concern (ever so slightly more, mind you!) for the "working man" than does the Queen of Kaos, who really has none whatsoever.

That said, this French prez campaign, while accompanied by far less brouhaha (it's the law here), was every bit the same exercise in impotent, vomitworthy pseudo-democracy that the Killary-Drumpf contest was. Two candidates nobody wanted.

Silver lining: McRon's lip-service, at least, to an open society should make it easier to wreak havoc on the streets in protest than probably would have been the case if La Peste Blonde (Le Pen) had won, since a great many goons in the "forces of order" are National Front supporters and would have enthusiastically enforced any crackdown on dissent she might have tried to institute.

At any rate, there will be fireworks. Promise.


Really Lerenarde? I don't think so. Had you said, the best of two evils won, I may have agreed with you. Raison et liberté en vogue? Je ne pense/crois pas. The election was nothing more than a total charade. That simple.


You could vote, same as the U.S., for the right wing or the right wing. Have fun with your business class goon.


I totally agree, madprogressive. One thing, however. As contemporary French philosopher Michel Onfray said a few days ago, the prominence of these far-right candidates, even (and especially) at this high a level, is by design. The establishment needs these bugbears to shake at the electorate, Grand-Guignol fashion, to scare them into voting for their candidate, as exactly happened in today's French election. You even have deeply conservative finance capitalists financing some of the fringe left candidates (like Lasalle and Poutou, this time around), specifically to siphon off the first-round left vote for candidates who would be far more appetizing to the general electorate. Without those candidates, Melenchon would have been in this final round for the presidency, and he probably would have beat McRon. Instead we get the unsavory Marine Le Pen, who goes down as expected. And cardboard cutout McRon ensures the kleptocrats another five years.

Expect a lot of unrest in the near future.


Another crap choice that was a loser either way.

Enjoy your austerity baguette, France. You're going to be eating a few.


You're exactly right. Killery would not have given any help to struggling people. That's why they rejected her. Her vague policies were all about the status quo which has been detrimental to most people. Exactly what this article is saying about Macron. The authors obviously have a blind eye to who Killery was and what she would have delivered.
I'm glad Le Pen lost. I think she was far more dangerous than Trump is. I'm glad Killery lost. I think she also was far more dangerous than Trump.


This makes HRC and the DLC/DNC Dems look even stoopider. Not to mention people who actually voted for Trump or Clinton. In any case, the big issue in France is the parliamentary elections coming up in June. It's time for the French left, independents, democrats and radicals of all stripes to fight to make it impossible for Macron to govern as he exposes himself as just another neoliberal fascist.

If the U.S. ever gets around to a parliamentary-style democracy, then we can actually take elections and political parties here seriously.