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LANDSLIDE: 'Quiet Revolution' As Ireland Ends Abortion Ban


LANDSLIDE: 'Quiet Revolution' As Ireland Ends Abortion Ban

Common Dreams staff

Ireland, one of Europe's most socially conservative countries, has voted by a landslide to liberalize the world's most restrictive abortion laws.

Votes are still being counted Saturday but both sides agree with exit polls showing a 2-1 nationwide vote to #RepealThe8th.

"The public have spoken. The result appears to be resounding... in favor of repealing the 8th Amendment" constitutional ban on abortion, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who campaigned for repeal, told journalists in Dublin.


Just keep on singing gals, youā€™re right on point!


From the article:

ā€œDespite money flooding in from US anti-choice organizationsā€¦ā€

Butbutbutā€”I thought the US was against outside interference in elections?


Never mind.


Yesterday Ireland became a democracy ā€“

The crash we heard was the fall of the Catholic Church and the Church-State
in Ireland.


Now thatā€™s Womenā€™s Rights and a nation that supports Womenā€™s choice.


Meanwhile, Dump and his evil little elf, Mike Pence, are furiously trying to pull the USA back into the bad old days of back alley abortions with coat hangers.




nice to know that sanity prevails somewhere on this planet. Will have an Irish coffee to help celebrate the end of one form of womenā€™s oppression in Ireland.


My great respect and admiration for Ireland and its activist majority!

such a vast difference between Ireland and the US, where the ruling regime is partnered with ā€œreligiousā€ extremist zealots that demand all follow their dogma and restrictive oppression, regardless the harm to the greater public! the ā€œoppositionā€ party shares the status of sycophant lap-dog to TPTB and the big-money behind them - money talks and the rest of us can just hopeā€¦that BS ā€œhopeā€ and ā€œchange we can believe-inā€ was shown to be just words, absent any integrity or gumption behind themā€¦ deceit and lies about being ā€œprogressiveā€ used then to gain office and then show the true colors of betrayal and that MO of self-interest and service to the status-quo and business-as-usual!

But if ā€œweā€ canā€™t have a victory here, I can celebrate with the Irish majority for their great victory for freedom and justice! KUDOS!


Defeat the Natalists!

This is great!


And then i read this and my temporary joy evaporatesā€¦Guatemalan ā€œ20-year-old Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales, was shot in the head by a Customs Border Police (CBP) agent on Wednesday in Rio Bravo, Texas, close to the border with Mexico.ā€

She was coming to Americaā€¦the land of the free and home of the braveā€¦to look for a job to fund her educationā€¦sadly and infuriatingly Claudia Patricia met fascism, hate, racism, and her murdererā€¦brave indeedā€¦you know the cop(s) are pathological liars, and their ā€œaccountā€ of the ā€œincidentā€ is a lie from giddyup to whoaā€¦sad for her senseless death and loved onesā€¦


Somebody tell the Pope that death control without birth control defeats itself.

Direct Democracy



It is no surprize to me, Indigenous people have never been treated well in the U.S. My friendā€™s brother was shot in the back over a couple of hamburgers. There is a lot of violence at our southern border, on both sides.


I spent nearly 3 months in Guatemala traveling around (on the cheap) after a massive earthquake killed 10,000 people, mostly in the highlands - I was always treated well by the peopleā€¦the fascist government was quite another thingā€¦


When I was a kid we lived in Panama. My mom who spoke Spanish and could blend in would go to Guatemala to buy fabric because she made our clothes. I still have one of skirts, it is really the best fabric you can imagine. She was not suppose to do that but she was never harmed in any way. It is was long ago.


Pelosi and many other Democrats are giving Trump anything he wants. They are not even speaking out against Trumps outrageous lies and policies that are rapidly turning this country into a fascist oligarchy. Democracy has been dead here for quite sometime.

Nancy Pelosi, Diana Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and many other Dems are, in affect, giving Trump a political blow job every time they vote on a bill that supports the military/industrial complex over the needs of the people. Especially on the many that Trump supports.

Two party system? Bullshit. Thatā€™s just an illusion to make the more weak minded among us think we actually have a choice.


Yes! More freedom and better healthcare for women and less power for the corrupt, authoritarian, dogmatic church which used to burn to death women and little girls just for the hell of it. I support womenā€™s right to choose and I support giving women and all of the rest of us adequate free healthcare. We donā€™t need trillions of dollars going to a handful of corporations who have and continue to make obscene profits off of the United States National Offense Industry.

We have to get rid of the Trumps and Pelosis and take back our country from the rightwing fanatics and the crazy son of bitching, brainless Christian fanatics. First thing we to do is start taxing the churches. They broke the covenant between keeping church and state separate. WE HAVE TO STRIKE BACK OR LOOSE EVERYTHING.


America celebrates the culture of death from the womb to the bombing of anyone we deem an enemy. MLK 's speech at Riverside church was prescient.


would that be ā€˜justiceā€™ for the unborn to whom you are referring ?


You should know me better than thatā€¦justice for women to control their own bodies rather than the church or stateā€¦