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'Landslide Victory' for Climate as G20 Leaders (Minus Trump) Affirm Paris Accord


'Landslide Victory' for Climate as G20 Leaders (Minus Trump) Affirm Paris Accord

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following contentious negotiations that extended into the final day of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, 19 of the 20 world leaders present—the one outlier being U.S. President Donald Trump—affirmed in a statement (pdf) on Saturday their "strong commitment" to combating climate change and called the guidelines laid out in the Paris climate accord "irreversible."


Yes, "stupid and reckless"......the mindset that characterizes the trump regime and its pathological narcissist.

Thanks to the actual world leaders who have some realization and respect for science!


The Australian leader (and government) is demonstrably lying.

So make that the G-20 minus 2.


No, this was not a "Landslide Victory" for the climate. This was a landslide propaganda victory for the "leaders" of the G20. The Paris climate accord is little more than a con job which enables the world's corporatocracy to continue to destroy the planet while pretending to take action. Nothing that has happened at the G20 even vaguely resembles a "strong commitment" to combating climate change. But as usual, the vast majority of so-called progressives will jump on the propaganda bandwagon and claim this is some kind of "first step" or lesser of two evils or whatever other nonsense rhetoric they can come up with to justify their participation in the death of our earth.


You are correct. Australians are the only people destroying Earth at a faster per capita rate than the us.


Contrast this uptick of concern about global warming with Kyoto! The world (sans the corrupt and venal Trump) is finally getting serious about climate change. Yes the leaders have lagged behind but their fellow citizens have not and it is the response of the people more than any one leader that matters most anyway.

This week the car maker Volvo announced a phasing out of fossil fuel for its cars. France announced that it will ban fossil fuel cars by a certain date. These are not decisions made only by the leaders but also by citizens and corporations! The world is determined to do something serious about global warming. Well the world with the exception of "Dump the Trump" and maybe the Saudis.

The critical turning point has been reached where 'everybody' is finally taking global warming seriously. It is very good news over all. Don't worry, people will continue to keep up the pressure on their leaders to do more about climate change. First comes the phasing out of fossil fuel cars and trucks and then expanding the surge in construction of renewable alternatives like solar and wind which will give the planet a little room to maneuver. Think about how much people's attitudes have changed in just the last decade! We are finally winning some battles in the war against climate change.

At this rate, by mid century, the world might just see that the "End is Never" and be glad to sweat out the couple of decades of excess carbon in the atmosphere until it is sequestered either naturally or artificially. Ten years ago there was little hope for mid century. That has changed dramatically. Yeah it will be hot and miserable but that will change with our help.

Good luck kiddies... you can hope now!

'Dump the Trump' would be a good place to start as far as that goes!!!


For the US, Profits trump survival.


While in the congress of the united states ;


I'm glad world leaders are giving a trump but WE have alot of work to do here.


Too little, too late: Will humans be extinct by 2026?


The linked article is pseudo science right up on the same scale of that put out by the worst denialists. Global warming is serious enough and articles like this don't help.


Exactly. Russia too. The entire agreement is bogus - based purely of voluntary "promises" that can be revised - even to zero - at any time.


And actual environmentalists who understand how the Paris Accords are merely a CYA exercise in window dressing will be attacked as 'purists' for daring to point it out.


That's the short and sweet of it Socratizer. Money means more than human life rights.


Coming away from the article with a defeatist attitude is the wrong message although I wouldn't really call what they have on there pseudo-science. They are trying to take all the factors into account. Climate change is like a snowball rolling down a hill, as it rolls down it will get exponentially bigger and faster.


A simplistic view based on a lack of knowledge and minimal research. Do you want a hard and fast promise perhaps? Like if you asked a despot or dictator to promise to do something? Or will an agreement by national governments to targets reducing global warming be sufficient? Should the leader of a democracy promise that they will force corporations to comply with an order to divest or to shut down as if they had the power to command obedience?

Or should governments agree to create legislation and regulate carbon emissions, sponsor alternative fuels through rebates and subsidies etc? The Paris accords are not a hard and fast promise to do or die at any cost. What they are is a public agreement to work towards these goals. Any government who fails to actively strive to meet their targets will have to answer for why they haven't to an impatient public.

Even now ways to implement the targets set are being put into play and beyond as well. For example, France intends to ban fossil fuel cars and relatively soon too. That is more than admirable... it is permanent!

Volvo will stop making fossil fuel cars. Something not part of the Paris accord but even so, a reflection of the seriousness of the situation the Paris Accords seek to ameliorate.

What exactly would be satisfactory for you? What in your mind should the Paris Accords be about?


I think the linked article is what might be called hyperbole science or even conspiracy theory science! It goes way over the top repeatedly and never looks back (literally).

For example like many of these hyperbole science sites, they made dire predictions years back but always seem unable to call up the comparison of those predictions fromback then with how accurate (or not) things actually turned out these many years later!

Hyperbole science!


In other countries policy seems to based on science. With Trump science is not factored in. His policies seem to be based on one principle "If Obama was for it he is against it." His sole short-term mission seems to be to reverse everything a black president accomplished. And his supporters apparently approve. His more ambition long-term mission seems to be to establish a white nationalist country.


A first step would be a mea culpa by the developed world--we have burned fossil fuels for decades, we need to cut carbon emissions more than anyone.

Step two: Admit that the transition will be difficult, require sacrifice, and will be too little, too late.

Step three: Stop pretending that putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound is sufficient.


Pointless exercise, forcing myself to read this article just to be sure there was no mention of Zero Population Growth. Idiot humans will be so surprised when it all crashes and burns. .... but the dumb animal solution to any problem, is to breed more.