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'Largest Act of Organized Teacher Political Action in State History' as North Carolina Joins National Wave


'Largest Act of Organized Teacher Political Action in State History' as North Carolina Joins National Wave

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Drawing inspiration from a wave of public education protests that have swept across several states in recent months, nearly 20,000 North Carolina teachers descended on Raleigh, the state capital, on Wednesday to "march for students and rally for respect."


This is wonderful to see. Teachers are taking the lead in this country to fight for a more just America.
We are living in very strange and troubling times in both this country and around the world. We see hatred and contempt coming from leaders of powerful countries. We see innocent people, including young people being horribly treated and murdered. Yet we are seeing many instances that show people are ready to fight back. We see that today in North Carolina. Thank you dear teachers.


“North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) said in a statement that laid out a list of expectations for lawmakers.” A truly inspirational statement (sarcasm). According to the NCAE statement, the Association’s highest goal is for NC to become average. The stated goal is to reach the national average in 4 years. Sounds like they took their playbook from the DNC. Be practical. Forget about inspiring our students to be all they can be. Just teach them to be practical and be satisfied with average. This really gives NC educators something to rally around. Something for which to put their careers on the line.


The public schools are basically where the resistance is going to have it’s first big wave. The neglect of schools since Reagan has finally reached critical mass. The horror show of DeVos is in large part with her evil, endless privatization, uber capitalist, and idiot stuff. She is too fucking stupid not to realize–her presence is making this happen. And there are shills in the Department of Education who are right now covering for her. Not teachers. They have daily deal with all of it.


Right on, NC Educatgors!


Teachers are interrupting what is in fact an attempt to overturn public education.

"We saw Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona, of course, and that momentum that has been building in these ‘right-to-work states’ is inspiring," Kristin Beller, a teachers’ union leader in Wake County, North Carolina, told the Guardian, which noted that Wednesday’s mass action is "a bold move for North Carolina as teachers in in the state lack collective bargaining rights—something they hope helps launch a political movement."

What of teachers unions? Are they still supporting the Democratic Party?

How are their interests different from the owners of the Democratic Party – the Koch Bros?

When will we see the public facing the reality of “Charter Schools” which are being used to steal the educations of children in public schools in all of our states?

The longer the right wing holds power the more boxed-in we all are.


Get your priorities straight!

Fund education not tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires!


I truly feel for those teachers in NC. What an uphill battle they face!

Truly shocking that teachers there have NO Collective bargaining rights and they have to take a $50 cut out of their own pay whenever they need to take a personal day off, on top of being paid $9,600 less than the national average! Does the Superintendent have his/her pay docked every time they need to take a day off? I would think not, because no salaried professional would consider that reasonable!


I think we should all take inspiration from this and seriously consider using this as a springboard for a national workers’ strike. I know it’s a pipe dream (and I like my pipe dreams!), but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we just shut this mother-effing country down for a day or two?


If you lived in NC, you’d understand why they are trying to get students to at least be average. Too many people are so downtrodden and feeling hopeless that they don’t even bother trying. As one of my college professors used to say “there’s a culture of mediocrity in this state” meaning that they don’t try to apply themselves.


If that’s your idea of a general strike, you need to read up on some labor history—or even Mario Savio’s little talk about gears and levers.


More like “SuckUpToPower” and hope they even notice.


Thanks for your right on article. The Democratic Party has lost its soul at the most important time in our short history. 100 million voters did not vote in the last election. That is why Trump and his crime family are in the White House dismantling the government.


Workers in the US are overworked and underpaid – and have pretty much lost
all benefits which formerly existed: health care and pensions, vacation time
and personal days. And any feeling of security in their jobs.

Every year the Federal Reserve Bank is reducing national employment by at
least one digit – we’re now some where just a bit over 50% employment which
is of course far below full employment levels. This is a threat to every employee.

The answer to corporate/fascism is non-cooperation with Elites and Capitalism.

At the same time – much of what corporations “sell” to America are harming our
communities, our environment, the planet – and of course ultimately human health.

There are many actions which can be taken which are basic self-defense.

And still corporate actions against unionization of LABOR continue on which also
increase the threat of lower wages for all employees.

We are all LABOR – universally that is understood.

All LABOR has a right to act in its own interests with or without a union.


Insulting someone you disagree with?

That’s OK. I remember being 8, too.


"North Carolina is one of the worst in the country in the amount our elected leaders spend per student, more than $3,000 behind the national average. Imagine what $3,000 per student could mean for our children. However, we have the lowest corporate tax rate in the country for states that have one–and it’s set to go lower again.

North Carolina ranks 35th for teacher pay, about $9,000 behind the national average. When adjusting for inflation, educators are losing money(almost 12 percent)—the third worst rate in the country.

Our students deserve better. They deserve the resources to help make them successful. They deserve professionally paid educators. They deserve safe schools and schools that are not crumbling and in disrepair. We love our public schools and we demand better!

On May 16, we march for students, we rally for respect, and we advocate for public schools. As you know, we recognize #Red4Ed on Wednesdays. Let’s have a sea of #Red4Ed on Jones Street on May 16."

Can you deny that public education is not under attack and underfunded?

Can you deny that the teachers union – and all unions – are not under attack?


Fight –

Ok – so you’re on the record now – on a good number of issues –

You will deny that public education is under attack and underfunded –

And you will deny that all unions are under attack –

and you make clear that you don’t support unions.



Massive amounts of money go to the MIC and to Elites which taxpayers
pay for.

MIC now takes about 70 cents of every tax dollar – and likely more because
we don’t know what all of the intelligence costs, especially CIA “black bag jobs” …
and NSA spying on US citizens.

And most American citizens question the “effectiveness” of this warmongering
around the world by the US and its weapons running – and spying on its citizens.

Everywhere public schools are struggling to keep their standards high by raising
property taxes. In poorer areas where that cannot be done, state governments
with conscience try to make up the differences lost when corporations find loop
holes to avoid paying even their very meager tax bills now.

Typically with the rise of the right wing – which btw can only be done by violence,
theft of votes, and lying propaganda – we see renewed attacks on the Arts which
expand the intelligence of students. ART is SMART.

We also see the shameful effort by the right wing to try to continue the long
tradition of “segregated” schools in the US.

And with the rise of Trump, this racist and fascist outlook is increasingly visible.

It would only be expected that “you just don’t care about unions” . . .

Union membership has been dropping for years.
Not because of “attacks”. People just aren’t seeing the benefits.
Nowhere are unions outlawed. Nowhere are people prevented from joining unions.
All that’s happened is that fewer people can be forced to join so they aren’t.

Again, whomever has your ear has a willing victim …

The highest ever level that unions reached here because of strong and often
violent opposition from corporations/Elites was 39%.

Currently, we are at about 9% – possibly less.

Evidently you have no awareness or knowledge of the many ways that Elites/
corporations have destroyed unions – by placing Mafia figures in leadership,
by using Mafia thugs to threaten potential members and leaders – and by
using every other dark scheme that they can find to destroy unions – including
lying propaganda and violence.

Hit the library and face some truth.


Fight –

Again – those misinforming you have a ready and eager victim.

Social Security costs the government nothing – zip – and of course should not be in the budget.
It’s been put there to disguise the huge costs of our MIC.

“MILITARY SPENDING IS ABOUT 16%” … you say … !!!

It will probably take me a while to recover from that statement …

Fight: And yet a look at the actual U.S. budget shows SS, Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs taking around 2/3rds of the entire budget while military spending is around 16%.
The government actually publishes those figures. Try looking at them sometime.
That’s not a defense of the military spending, by the way. I’d shut down almost all of our foreign bases, etc.
Thew concept of a worldwide American empire would anathema to the founders.

Try, “Elites will never have enough money.” NEVER and proceed from there.

Parents make choices in governing their schools locally – and they understand the value
of the ARTS and seek schools where their children their children will receive an education
in the ARTS … a benefit to their children life-long and to all of society.

As I said, very often corrupt leadership is placed at the head of unions by Elites.

Americans have benefitted for more than 60-70 years from unions which were
at one time the floor under ALL wages, including benefits – pensions, medical
expenses – all of that pretty much now gone.

Disappearing as the Middle Class also disappears …

From the Home page here …

Sanders Slams US Inequality as Report Finds Nearly Half of Americans Can’t Afford Basic Necessities

"The three wealthiest people in America own more wealth than the bottom 50 percent — over 160 million people," says Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).


Fight –

It sure can …

In fiscal year 2015, military spending is projected to account for 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending, a total of $598.5 billion. Military spending includes: all regular activities of the Department of Defense; war spending; nuclear weapons spending; international military assistance; and other Pentagon-related spending.

That’s 2015 and it’s 54% of the budget –

Think 2019 is well over 800 billion and in one report it said that DOES NOT include the costs of US wars.

Scroll down to the pie chart –

it’s paid for by employees and the companies they work for.

In fact, the Social Security Trust Fund PAYS THE GOVERNMENT 3% to Administer the program.

ALSO NOTE INTEREST ON THE DEBT … that’s another whopping cost for taxpayers –

So … basically we’re over 70 cents of every tax dollar going to MIC –

Medicare is also paid for by Seniors and the price increases every year.

As you know – NONETHELESS – the government continues to BORROW from the Social
Security Trust Fund which runs a huge surplus every years because it has been engineered
that way by our corrupt government to provide this surplus for them to borrow from … for
tax cuts for the rich and wars.

In other words, our Government has been stealing Social Security Surplus every year.

And now, of course – they don’t want to pay it back.

Even worse, because Elites/wealthy are constantly stealing from government, they want
to cut social programs like Social Security, Medicare, etc.


The Public and private sector UNIONS are gonna be revived.
Thank you, public educators for leading the path forward.
Parents and students expect the best.:books: