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Largest NFL Racial Justice Protest Yet as Cleveland Players Kneel During National Anthem


Largest NFL Racial Justice Protest Yet as Cleveland Players Kneel During National Anthem

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

About a dozen players from the Cleveland Browns team are receiving applause for taking a knee on Monday night, to pray about racial and social injustice, during the national anthem before their pre-season game against the New York Giants Monday night.

"We just felt like it was the right time and the need to do it," linebacker and prayer leader Christian Kirksey told ESPN.


As a 49ers Fan, having lived in the Bay Area for decades, I have to support Kaepernick.

And I was sad to see Montana carrying the NFL’s water.
Kaepernick has real Talent. And needs a Team to Step UP.

The real problem with Kaepernick is a Bad Coach who doesn’t know how to play him.

As far as the Silent Racism of America.

For those who know, it’s always been here, for those who don’t know, well I guess it’s not so Silent anymore.


These are intelligent men using that intelligence to end the use of SPORTS
as a distraction from reality and to make clear that our country is in need of
the intelligence of all of our citizens as we are in distress…

“There’s a lot of racial and social injustices in the world…
We just decided to take a knee and pray for the people who have been affected.”

Given the US/CIA warmongering all over the planet and their illegal wars of
aggression in the Middle East … our FLAG should be flown upside down everywhere.

It is the US government which is the “terrorist” throughout the world.

STOP the insanity of our MIC and Empirical agenda of “Regime Change.”


Kaepernick is better off not playing. At least he will still have a brain to think with, which he has obviously been doing.


Seth DeValve, please visit Scandinavia, then report back on your, " The U.S. is the greatest country in the world…" statement, or should I say jive.


White folk like to erase their history to put them in the RIGHT of history. They do not like to hear the other side of history.
Also happening in isreal… same story , erase others history, kill many of them, steal their land and move into their hoiuses…


I was happy to read this story. So far, the only things I’ve seen in MSM have been other players’ comments dissing Kaepernick and what he has done or otherwise defending the system. This was a refreshing counterpoint and it would be lovely to see it expand through the league and elsewhere. Kudos to the players with the guts to show solidarity.