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Larry Sanders, Bernie's Brother, to Fight for David Cameron's MP Seat


Larry Sanders, Bernie's Brother, to Fight for David Cameron's MP Seat

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Larry Sanders, the older brother of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who lives in the U.K., is taking a page from his brother's book and running for the parliamentary seat left empty by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

And in keeping with family tradition, he will campaign on a platform to end social inequality and neoliberalism. The elder Sanders, who was chosen by the Green Party, opposes privatization of healthcare and, as a retired social worker, wants to highlight the impacts of austerity on public services.


If I lived there and could vote, I guess you'd have to call me a Larry Bro! Oh hell, go ahead and call me that anyway. Go Larry!


Though Bernie's and Larry's stated politics are practically identical, Larry honestly runs as a Green while Bernie sheepdogs for a corrupt Democrat.

Bernie is the only revolutionary in history who is, at the same time, a counter-revolutionary. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.


It's not a 2-party system there, so he can do that. Bernie feels he can only make a difference within the confines of what we have. He didn't always feel that way. And certainly, this is the year he would have captured the vote for a third party. But they would never have let that happen. Never.


Now their parents should feel doubly proud, as both of their boys are running to make things better for common people. I support you, Larry!


Then why didn't he remain non-commital about supporting Hillary after losing to her? He could have just bowed out and kept silent on the subject of support.

That would have permitted him to retain his revolutionary credentials. His fervent support for her makes him look foolish.


If you look at how the Clinton's & DNC operate, you'd see that he didn't have an option. They put a (figurative? literal?) gun to his head and gave him his marching orders. At least that's what a lot of us think.


To sheepdog for the Democrats.
He told us from the start that he would do that.
We hoped he would change his mind, but he didn't.

The puzzling question is: if the Democrats had such a tight rein on him, why did they allow him to awaken so many to the benefits of democratic socialism?
That's dangerous to the duopoly's fascist government.


Personally, and not based on anything other than pure opinion looking at the man, I think it was his purpose not to let Hillary get by without any opposition at all. I believe he does care about the country and wanted to bring up the issues that are important and concern us all. I think neither he, nor they, EVER expected his campaign to resonate with so many people in the incredible manner it did. They, and he, NEVER thought it would go very far because it couldn't be funded (so they thought). So when it did, and they realized he was actually going to win the nomination, it was a scramble to corrupt the actual voting. It had to be done so quickly and so blatantly, that now they can't hide that it was done, and they are blaming the Russians, so that they can have Homeland Security come in and make sure she wins the election.


Although I supported him through all the primaries, I serially commented on how tepid Sanders' campaign was, as he never mentioned 80 plus percent of Clinton's vulnerabilities. Although I gave him the benefit of doubt that perhaps he was running a gentlemanly Vermont campaign on a national stage, anybody willing and able to connect the dots now realizes that Sanders was (and continues to be)100% sheepdog, herding progressives and cultists into the Democratic Party fold.

Blaming the Russians to cover up Democratic Party corruption also serves to scare Murkins into restarting the cold war to extort more taxpayers' money to fund the military industrial complex that funds the Democratic Party. Connect the dots, Murkins !


Bernie promised not to run on Third Party. He, as we all know, is a man of his word. He once said he would never tell anyone how to vote, and if he did, to ignore him. Bernie and his family have been threatened. What a travesty, to have the Democrats engage in fraud just to have HER elected. I'm switching to Independent in November.


How do you know that? Nothing I saw or participated in was arranged outside of the official campaign and even if that were true, what difference does it make? It was still Sanders' message that inspired them.

I think how his campaign resonated with the people surprised HRC and the DNC but I don think it surprised Bernie quite as much. He has even said it wouldn't have been so successful during previous election years. He knows how angry and frustrated people are and those feelings only continue to increase - Clinton does not care and she remains out of touch with normal people.

Maybe, because these elite members of the Democratic party are so out of touch, they are just too short- sighted/narrow-minded to comprehend that Bernie, knowing a third party wasn't viable at the beginning of this primary season, was playing them by running as a Democrat, making people aware and then telling/reminding them to "Never, ever lose your sense of outrage" - after he was reminded of his agreement to endorse if she won. Personally, I think Obama and Clinton's people had to "remind" him of his agreement in a coercive manner.


So will Larry have a chance? Sure would be great for Greens to be leading a major ally.


You can switch to Independent anytime. I did during the convention. Everyone can vote in the general.


Then I guess Jill Stein does not have high regard for Jeremy Corbyn and his rising left tendency within the equally compromised (as the US Democrats) UK Labour Party?


Maybe becasue your conspiracy theory of a cabal of people with godlike power over everything that goes on the Democratic Party is not correct.


If Larry had been in the Labour Party, he would have been able to run for the seat in the Labour Party ( a likely prospect considering the rise of the leftist Corbynists in the party) and would have donr much better than the few percent he will get running as a Green.