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Lashing Out, Israel Vows More Settlements, Reduces Diplomatic Ties


Lashing Out, Israel Vows More Settlements, Reduces Diplomatic Ties

Nika Knight, staff writer

Israel is lashing out in the wake of last week's United Nations resolution that demanded the country put an end to settlement activity on occupied Palestinian territory.


You have to love how Christians proclaim their love of Israel when they're acting as our henchman in Middle East foreign policy, but they still happily believe that all Jews are going to hell if they don't become Christians themselves (because the Bible says so).


Think of the peace that would have prevailed throughout the Levant had that misbegotten western imperialist project called "Israel" never existed!


I wish the u.s. govt would explain to me again, in language I can understand, how Israel has bought stability to the Middle East. It's just not sinking in.


"Netanyahu commented to his cabinet Sunday: "[A]s I told John Kerry on Thursday, friends don't take friends to the Security Council."

In what way is Israel our "friend"?


The racist, arrogant pathology of Israel, Netanyahu, and Zionist extremism to pursue their dream mythology of a "greater Israel", ignore world opinion, and a just peace in Palestine - to "double down" on their over 50 year illegal racist expansionism is clear for all with eyes to see. This mindset that holds only contempt for the lives of all others is a clear and present danger to all others.................


Trump and Bibi will get along well. Birds of a feather. Bibi brings shame on Israel by his radical decisions and the Israeli people suffer. He is isolating Israel from the world with his dreams of complete take over of Palestinian land. It will not end well for him. Trump will support him but his day is coming and the US is complicit.


Flagged for racism. Last I checked, the Rev. Barber and the Moral Monday activists are "Tar Heels" too.


You might want to re-read JuniusDaniel's post.


Sorry Yunzer, you are absolutely right - read in full before one reacts! This person joined 4 days ago and is clearly a delusional bigot.....my bad, thank you.


It would be wonderful if Israel would sever its diplomatic ties with the US. Then maybe we could send our own people to college, and give them health care, like we do theirs. Many of our 'budget issues' could be resolved if we just pulled our support for a racist, apartheid government.

Yeah, yeah. I know - daydreaming again.


All of which as an idiot you are so familiar with. Go away.


Unfortunately, for Netanyahu, truth is unacceptable.


The lawless, poisonous and criminal Israeli "state" in Occupied Palestine must be permanently shut down to put an end once and for all to its catastrophic disturbance of world peace. The destructive and poisonous effects of this warring tribe are out of all proportion to the tiny numbers of Israeli psychotics -- the 75% of Israelis identifying as Jewish hardly even add up to the population of a large city -- that illegal occupying Palestinian land in violation of international law and defiance of numerous UNSC resolutions over the years.

In the XXIst century it is no longer possible for murderous religious zealots to wipe out an existing population in order to colonize their stolen land and restore an ancient theocratic order that is is more fantasy in any case than an actual past reality.

It is time to put a permanent end to the horror and misery inflicted on Palestinians by anti-democratic, genocidal, anachronistic Israeli colonial thuggery in the name of the Bronze Age genocidal god of Hebrew goatherders, the whackjob Yahweh.


BDS, BDS, BDS! It is working in Israel.
* (I'll bet it would work here, too!)


Speaking of Israel "lashing out". Their nuclear arsenal and delivery systems, and their threats to use nukes against any nation that might "threaten" the Israeli state, is cause for all other nations to end the "conflict" in Palestine and rein-in Israeli ambitions and pathology.
Israel's "Samson Option" states they will take "enemy nations", and indeed the entire world, down with them if under threat - that likely includes any nation that tries to stop/end their racist expansionism and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories............clearly from this near psychotic response to a long-neglected UN demand to end illegal colonization/settlement of what is left of Palestine, and numerous examples of depraved indifference, the Israeli terrorist state is capable of anything!



Is this a joke? Or a guy brought out of a tomb and resuscitated, from a century ago?


On the whole, I don't find this at all alarming. It's an expected response from a state under siege, trying desperately to hold onto a worldview so skewed it makes American exceptionalism look reasonable. As such, it's a signpost on the road toward eventual normality there--the end, I'm afraid, of the state of Israel. But. With Trump coming in, and one of the deals he's already made obviously, is to allow Israel's Likud Party to dictate US policy toward Israel...hard to say how that will play out. Looks like Trump's team generally is trying to stir up civil war in the US...


Let 'em take care of themselves; pay for their own weapons and do without the generous welfare payments from the US. We will see how long they last.


I smell troll...