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'Last Ditch Effort' Seeks to Undermine Net Neutrality


'Last Ditch Effort' Seeks to Undermine Net Neutrality

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A U.S. House technology subcommittee is meeting Wednesday to make a final attempt to derail net neutrality ahead of the Federal Communications Commission's vote on February 26.

The Communications and Technology Subcommittee will discuss what they say are "legal, economic and policy uncertainties" of the sweeping reforms the FCC is expected to implement on Thursday—but what consumer rights advocates are calling a "last-ditch effort" to undermine crucial internet protections.


The GOP will say whatever their industry sponsors tell them to say no more no less…it will be a war of rhetoric…LIEs.


So the highest number of comments in the history of FCC, people who are functioning as people with perspectives on policy, direct experience with a service that has evolved from a public sphere with public monies, are just “consumers”. The monopolies will apply massive amounts of lobbying (is this not an attempt to “grab”) dollars from a utility that imposes the ‘private’ financial and political priorities and claim that subjugation of an entire nation is necessary in order for those corporations to meet their corporate priorities to profit the shareholders.

In true dehumanization form, twisted into focus on the office office of the president, regards this response to public desire to work with a now indispensable mode of communication as a utility is labeled a ‘grab’.

So a corporation, now despite not having any human attributes, is the only collective permitted personhood. Any collective entity of human beings simply voicing the will of the people but not a corporation, have no identity other than “consumer”, a label that corrals we the people into an identity defined by positioning to be at the receiving end of a totalized - or is it ‘totalitarian’ definition of society.

Is it any wonder things are such a mess and the “programming” subjected to ‘market share’ rather than INFORMED CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.


Although I try to treat the democratic party with the contempt that it so richly deserves, those among us who insist that there is no difference whatsoever between the two major parties have to deal with news such as this.
One is worse, but the other is much worser.


It doesn’t bother anyone here that the FCC refuses to make public its plan? There are very valid concerns that have nothing to do with one’s political leanings, but generally speaking progressives are the ones that are trying to shut down discussion, not Republicans. Even if you don’t agree with Republican and some industry perspectives (not all within industry are against this proposal), since when is it a good idea to throw transparency and public debate into the trash can? This proposal is being rammed through an Executive Branch agency, the FCC, without Congress even having the opportunity to read the governing document. Sheesh. I guess everyone here will scream, “Republican!” Sorry, but just as Obamacare was deeply flawed (Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”) but still rammed down Americans throats, this Net Neutrality regulations package has serious flaws.


Actually --and I was surprised(!!) to learn this-- the FCC is not an exec branch agency, it’s a creature of Congress.


What a bunch of BS. The only reason the Reps are running this op is for show to keep the Blue/Red Charade alive. Truth is, everybody on both “sides” already knows what will be in the FCC rules and the winners will be the Money, period. Take that sh*t to the bank. The wording will be sufficiently tailored for the Charade’s benefit so that both “sides” can pick out aspects that their base will buy into. But the fact is, net neutrality is dead, and this new set of rules is what will kill it.

The only true net neutrality is “packet neutrality”. Packet neutrality means that every bit of information on the Internet is treated identically, regardless of origin. And you can bet your life that the words “packet neutrality” will be found nowhere in these new rules. What will be found is technical exceptions for “efficient routing”, “load management” and “bandwidth bottlenecks.”

I cannot believe that some of you folks are falling for this. Look at who exactly it was that announced these new rules. Notice no huge response against anything in particular on Fox Noise or any of the Money’s less blatant mouthpieces. Come on people, pull your heads out.


Sorry “Mairead” but just because it was created by Congressional statute does NOT mean that the agency is independent. The heads of the FCC follow lock-step with the Executive Branch, Republican or Democrat at the time of the appointments.

In any event, that’s a total dodge of the FAR more IMPORTANT things I wrote. This regulatory package wasn’t even allowed to be seen by the public, nor even the Congress. If all you folks think that is “progressive” governing, you’re nuts.


Has anyone ever seen a republicans open his mouth without what they
say coming from their butt…
The only reason they get by with it , Is that they have driven a HUGE
wedge between the republicans and democrats and the elected democrats
are afraid to do a d… thing about it.
We have to remember when Obama took office in 2009 , he
have a democrat majority in the house & senate and republicans
still received or stop everything they wish for.