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'Last Gasp of the Open Internet' as Web Defenders Mobilize Against FCC's Final Move to Kill Net Neutrality


'Last Gasp of the Open Internet' as Web Defenders Mobilize Against FCC's Final Move to Kill Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Despite undeniable public opposition across the country, the political spectrum and every corner of the internet, Ajit Pai is rushing forward with a plan that threatens to destroy the internet's democratic, innovative, and liberating nature."


Here’s what I sent in to intervene;

Brief Comments:

Humanity has evolved to have an electronic internet. This started at the moment the first two quarks came into being and met each other. Cosmic powered biology manifest as human has roots as old as the oldest galaxies. Cosmic powered biology is expanding with Cosmos.

Attempting to regulate the unfolding bloom of Cosmos as expressed through human experiments with communication in the middle of the information-age is impossible. You are wasting your time. The bionet is as old as big bang and it is expanding at Big Bang’s increasing rate. Attempting to define and control Cosmos is a futile idea. You are wasting taxpayer money and a day of reckoning will come.

This is now, quite unexpectedly part of my newest novel.

Signed, Garrett Connelly


From the article:

“Free Press intends to sue the FCC on the basis of its broken process, deeply flawed legal reasoning, willful rejection of evidence that contradicts its preordained conclusions, and absolute disregard for public input. We have a very strong case in court.”

Good reasons all, to which I would add “blatant self-dealing,” in that former Verizon lawyer Pai will almost certainly be rewarded with a cushy new job with his old employer the minute his term at FCC ends.


Ajit Pai is like all the other flunkies put in charge of parts of our government to destroy them on behalf ot the corporate oppressors. That goes for the flunky in chief too.

Remember this day.


A question that might be salient to your scenario is the evolution of blockchain technology (and the Bitcoin model), particularly in that it has the potential to send bankers, the entire ‘constant growth’/deriviatives cancer and usurious banking structure the way of the dinosaur - this also implying a sort of immunological component.


How is it even possible that one industry shill - a tool for exploitation and the domination of big-money can be such a dictator? How can this one eejit so ignore so many, even our elected officials and reps when he is just a flunky with no goddamn mandate for anything??

R’Cons should take a lesson from the Alabama and other votes and realize the population is fast waking up to their astonishing self-interest and corruption…what goes around, comes around…eventually, and when that time comes there will be Hell to pay! MoFo’s!

This SB apparently has a cushy job offer from one of the beneficiary’s of his de-regulation and that is, or should be a crime! Can a lawsuit filed prior to the “vote” stop the deregulation? Pai’s actions may constitute a crime or should!


Pai may expect the public to be asleep, but Pai could not be more wrong!


I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to hire a 24/7 bodyguard after this day. He is going to be a national pariah that will be hounded for this decision till the day he dies.


And there are millions of us that will hound him!


I totally agree with you, Americans are all over the internet as net fanatics. Trump and the Republicans messing with their internet is going to cause a huge backlash against the GOP. The only way they could do this and not expect a huge backlash is to be living in a huge right wing propaganda bubble.

Net neutrality: 83% oppose plan to repeal rules, poll finds


Haven’t read the article as yet, but it reminded me of

what a large role the internet has played in informing the public –
that’s certainly something Elites want to end.
Info travels like wildfire over the internet.

But, it also reminded me of what a large role Bernie Sanders
campaign also played in informing the public and having Americans
understand that we are a liberal nation. And that a large majority
of Americans do not support Elitism. Nor do they support War.

They do support Medicare For All, Social Security, Medicaid.
And they are interested in the welfare of children here.
They are against homelessness in the US and children living in poverty here.

They are for socially responsible government –

and stand against Citizens United and corporate-fascism.

A little inconvenient for us as we’ve now been given a corporate-fascist Supreme Court.


Of course, Comcast and Verizon will profit from this … right?

If not immediately … somewhere down the road.

One reaction could be to pull the plug on cable.

What might the response be?

I’m ready to pull the plug on cable TV … that’s for sure.