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Last Stop for Democracy


Last Stop for Democracy

Michael Winship

When I grow up, I want to be Charlie Pierce, who covers politics for Esquire magazine and has toiled in our scrivener’s trade, as far as I can tell, since the late ’70s.


I will never feel the same about America again. A year ago I thought that yes, sure, a handful of lunatics will vote for someone like Trump. Now I know that "handful" lives all around us. It's horrifying.


Good advice, but what are you going to do for your democracy tomorrow?


This election cycle has been like a magnifying glass examining the country with the sun's rays concentrating nearing the point of ignition.


You'll find me working to pass the We the People Amendment, and standing up with the water protectors, the movement for Black lives, the Dreamers, and other oppressed communities fighting for our inherent rights.


For me, Hillary is as bad as Trump.


People like you scare the hell out of me. Millennia of human evolution has not worked out as well as one would hope.


What has Michael Winship really done to help us?

Did he champion Bernie, really champion Bernie, when it would have made a difference?

Has he devoted his time and access to the Voting Public, via his writing, to constantly attempt to rally us to Jill's cause, as it is the only cause NOW capable of actually helping Us, and this Country, survive?

Did he carry the ball, alerting everyone he could, through his access to having his writing Published, that Hillary and the DNC were subverting our Democratic Process by robbing us, through dishonest, UnAmerican means, of the only Candidate actually capable of Implementing Change in this Country, with the Fervor of someone alerting People to a Raging Fire, through relentless repetition, until it was clear that everyone heard and understood?

A Candidate that could easily have swept into Power an entire Inspiring New Government, given these last few months of the Populace finally being able to unavoidably Hear and Understand that they were being given the Chance of a Lifetime to Save this Country?

Enough of these Trump Warnings.

We needed Really Positive Help and didn't get it.


Trump being more successful in the primary than any primary candidate in any primary has ever been was already testament to how distrustful of the US government MANY Murkins have become.

Many Trump supporters don't believe him any more than you or I do, however, they (incorrectly, in my opinion) see him as the way to remedy that distrust.

Until trust in government is restored, expect a steady stream of psychopaths like Trump, or worse to rise to power.


Trump makes sense to a lot of people because they have a different set of facts that they have gotten from Rush Limbaugh and other right wing sources. On the left these "facts" are known as lies but on the right these "facts" are taken as being true. These facts create paranoia about a so-called "elite class" that is running the country for its own benefit. Even climate scientists are supposedly fudging their data to create fear of global warming to get more grants. That is how far from reality this stuff gets.


"Do you want to live in a United States where anger, prejudice and fear rule, and dissent is viewed as treason, or in a country where we try to meet every issue from terrorism to education with clear eyes and a rational mind?"
Where is that country where we meet every issue ... with clear eyes and a rational mind???? I see more of the anger, prejudice and fear under the current administration and the one which is most likely to follow. Great choices, but we were deprived of our chance to have a better one, so let's hope the Greens will break the threshold of 5%!


George Monbiot in the United Kingdom has turned his attention to "human nature", coincidentally, or not, my passion recently. Perhaps looking in the mirror does that to people.

In any case, as regards this article and democracy, I found the following article very thought provoking:

What We Are

In fact, many of Monbiot's recent articles are worth a read, eg: (US election):

The Man in the Mirror


As a white man living in the South who hears a lot from Republicans before they know my politics, I could have told you this years ago. :wink:


manysummits, thanks for the links. I had not read any Monbiot for several years. I've been missing out.


I recall reading thoughtful Monbiot articles on CD a few years back.

In addition to the lunatics supporting Trump, many of his supporters are people with nothing left to lose. If freedom really is "just another word for nothing left to lose" (Kris K.) these folks feel free to vote against rather than for something.


I like Joplin's version of the song and got to see her in concert once. As Monbiot points out here, there is a strong group social interaction that tends to keep folks voting party line. Anxiety ridden white males are certainly heavily into Trump. I feel like I have become an anxiety ridden white male because of the horror I see in the huge divide in America.


I don't agree with George Monbiot on nuclear power, to which I am totally opposed.

Nevertheless, he is searching, as are we all, and I admire his ability to fight.


Heheheh. That was also my question. Also, is Trump’s demonization of all that he opposes worse than Hillary’s demonization of Putin and Russia and any other country or leader chosen for regime change? I think Winship’s article merely raises charges of hypocrisy on his part, which is sad as he apparently belongs to the team that involves someone I’ve always admired, Bill Moyers.


Good luck down that way. It my hope the Greens show strong and push it over 10 percent. WShomever takes the Presidency from either The Democratic or Republican side will be a disaster both for working Americans and for the world at large.

If it Hilary. Build a bomb shelter.
If it trump move to higher ground.


"democracy: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives."

Yep, we more or less have that. No problem. Still, ideally, we would work for a more legitimately representative form of government. There were several very brief periods in our history when we made progress toward that goal, but were always so easily pulled backwards again. At this point in our history, the rich have full representation, the middle class have quite a lot, and the poor have no representation whatsoever.