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Last US Cluster Bomb Maker Shuts Down, But the Munitions Still in Use Worldwide


Last US Cluster Bomb Maker Shuts Down, But the Munitions Still in Use Worldwide

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The last remaining U.S. cluster bomb maker has closed up shop, citing "regulatory scrutiny and reduced orders for the internationally banned munition," Foreign Policy reports.


Guess which country manufactured, sold and used more cluster bombs then any other country on earth?
Guess which country continues to routinely use cluster bombs on its enemies?

If you answered the United States to the first question and Israel to the second question then you've been paying attention to what's been happening in our world.
Those who have been paying attention should be applauded. And if they've been personally involved in stopping this practice then they are owed a debt of gratitude.


Have you run across a list of companies still manufacturing these weapons and the U.S. banks that are funding them? I'd be interested in seeing that info. - Thanks.


I'm sure Nadia could supply us with that information.


Although cluster bomb manufacturing is ending we still need to endure more than two months of the cluster___k disguised as election 2016.


accidentally put comment here, but it was for another article.


The US has not signed on to the convention which prohibits for use, sale. or transfer of Cluster Bombs. Just like Land Mines, who the hell is preventing that from happening? Death Merchants? Come-on man!


Then NAFTA comes into play and the US buys them else where. I agree with planetearth release the names of CEO,CFO etc and all shareholders. Obama really loves his Tuesday morning meetings when he gets to play God and decide who lives and who dies. I hear tell he gets a tiny hard on doing this.


Got me there...who's "Nadia"


Nadia Purpis, staff writer, she wrote this piece didn't she?


"Textron...we blew children apart for fun and profit until the big, bad government saddled us with a bunch of regulation. Now we can't be the Patriotic Job Creators we once were."

Why wasn't their board of directors at The Hague long ago?


Remember our "weenie" president, Bill Clinton, who wouldn't sign the landmine ban? But I'm sure his warhawk wife will ban cluster bombs. NOT.


Ha! Thanks. Shows you how awake I am.


Remember the Dubya war criminals dropping yellow colored cluster bombs on the innocent people of Afghanistan, then dropping yellow colored meals-ready to eat rations soon after. What effing horror that was. Then the war criminals dropped leaflets in Farsi saying, be careful not to pick up a yellow colored cluster bomb that they are can shaped, and that the yellow colored meals are square shaped. Problem the Afghani people are mostly illiterate. They used to read and write, in fact Afghani women attended medical school in Kabul in the 1960's, but a few decades of war changed all that. You steal a steak at the supermarket your arrested, and quickly jailed, you commit mass murders ( War Criminals ) you play golf.