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Last Year, Amazon Paid No Federal Income Taxes. Now, It's Trying to Kill a Local Tax That Aims to Help the Homeless


Last Year, Amazon Paid No Federal Income Taxes. Now, It's Trying to Kill a Local Tax That Aims to Help the Homeless

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After Amazon stocks soared last week—making founder Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, $12 billion richer—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted that the company paid no federal income tax last year, which was confirmed by independent analysis on Thursday, and comes as Amazon is trying to kill a proposed tax that aims to end Seattle's homelessness crisis.


From the article:

“…not only would the company not be paying anything in 2017 federal income taxes, but it would be getting a $137 million tax refund.”

So it’s not just oil companies that get that kind of a deal? How the hell can they get a refund of taxes they never paid to begin with???


This is Stealing, out right theft. Pig, oink oink!


Classic example of the wealth transfer model being applied ever since what Democrats continue to brag was “bipartisan 1986 tax reform” was foisted upon us. It was the most regressive tax reform in US history…until December 2017’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as “tax reform”.

The model is very simple…tax the working class and use the money to fund ever bigger corporate welfare programs (including tax rebates for corporations that pay no tax) while cutting “domestic” programs that benefit the 99%.


I stopped buying from Amazon a few years back because of their deliberate policies designed to ruin smaller, independent booksellers, and their abominable treatment of warehouse workers–forcing them to work very long hours with no overtime. This just adds to my determination never to shop Amazon. What a disgusting “person” Bezos is.


Bezos will go down in history as an exceeding ‘clever’ man - which is entirely separate from any notion of being truly intelligent. One thing about predatory capitalism is that it both appeals to and incentivizes broken psyches that have been drained of empathy. Technology intensive enterprises are already dangerously removed from the roots of the living planet - our ‘spaceship Earth’, as Buckminster Fuller called our planet.

It strikes me as unspeakably sad to hear that Bezos wants to use his $ for space shots when there is so much that could be done to maintain this one and only spaceship.


Sounds like Amazon needs to pay some back taxes.

Plus interest.


They claim cost of doing business, expanding their already bloated Empire, airline tickets, entertainment, R&D that never happens, prostitutes, wine caviar, car mileage blah, blah bull shit. Try to audit them with their team of most vicious tax liers oh I meant liar lawyers.


Tax policy is written by the corporations to benefit them at the expense of the working class. The politicians they own enact that policy. The IRS does not establish tax policy…just enforces it, making sure that working class taxpayers don’t get away with anything.


Mayor Durkan will cave. She preens as a faux progressive but she was the candidate of the Seattle corporate establishment and she will pay dividends on their investment.


I despise Bezos as he is the epitome of the kind of heartless, a-social bottom line that rules his view of the world. He is also the owner of the Washington Post which makes me wonder what has happened to the paper that was recently featured in the move “The Post” about the Pentagon Papers. I wonder if Bezos would have allowed his paper to engage in that or the subsequent Watergate investigations that helped bring down “Tricky Dick” Nixon.
Remember that Amazon is the kind of mega-corporation that was recently reported on with respect to one of its distribution centers. The huge building was too hot inside and workers were fainting from the heat. What did Bezo and Amazon decide to do? Instead of installing some kind of air conditioning they chose to have an ambulance outside to take the afflicted people to the hospital! No doubt it was a better “bottom line” solution for the managers at Amazon. They only changed this and installed some kind of air conditioners after this scandal appeared in the media.
For this, and many other reasons I will never be a patron of Amazon. I also try and spend my money in as many local businesses as I can. I’m not interested in my money ending up in corporate coffers and making some asshole corporatists like Bezos even more filthy rich. That is why I avoid Walmart and the other other big box stores. They have done a very effective job at ruining “mom and pop” businesses where your money stays in your community and the employees aren’t on food stamps and other social services because they only make minimum wage with little or no benefits. What I have described is the nightmare of corporatists who see the people as little more than consumers, a designation I have never accepted.


Bezos is a prime example of the spiraling entitlement, arrogance, and mean-spiritedness that infects individuals who have too damn much money and are catered to by the peons who serve them–and state legislatures who allow their constituencies to be abused and exploited by big corporations, so they can brag about the businesses that have moved their operations to that state.


Walmart is the onlyother option to over-priced Safeway in this small town. Both corporations have a stanglehold that will not allow intrusions by small businesses.


If I had that kind of $$$$$$$, I would gladly give a billion or two to help the homeless. Bezos can never spend that kind of money. Corporate greed; corporate insanity!


The people who run the city of Seattle are responsible for the “homelessness crisis”. Why should Amazon and others be singled out to fix it?


Oh cool, another corporate libertarian tool telling us that government is the problem, taxing wealth is evil, and corporations should rule the world.

The neoliberals – from Thatcher and Reagan thru Clinton and Blair to Obama and beyond – and the predatory financial oligarchs in the looting class they serve – have created the massive growth in homelessness, along with the entire hollowed-out bubble economy. This is your world pal. Live with it.


Amazon and Bezos and Greed Capitalism: What’s not to despise?!


err, no. Seattle, like most other large cities where there is a supposed “crisis” has strict zoning laws which limits new construction. If people are moving to said city shouldn’t “leaders” be figuring out how to build more housing?


JIMMY DORE once again on top of things in showing the Amazon/Bezos MONSTER!


Amazon also owns the Washington Post –
Whole Foods – and has a $6 million contract with CIA …
and probably other connections I’m not aware …